Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 205

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 3: Earthly Life Prepares Us for Eternal Life
Section 2: Preparation for the Spirit World, 51
Section 3. Developing Our Spirituality, 07


(51)  Your life of faith will be easier if you understand that God's providence is alive, moving along with the history of the earth to pave the path to eternity. Otherwise, it is not easy to bring the providence down to earth and make a foundation of faith in our lives. By clearly understanding the limits of our time, we can bring down and settle our foundation of faith on earth. Since I am cooperating with God in this work on earth, the spirit world, where God's Will awaits fulfillment, can interact with us today, enabling us to grasp the concept of living eternally with God. In our earthly lives, we are preparing for our eternal lives. They are directly connected. Unless they are connected, you cannot maintain your life of faith.

(52)  What kind of people are those who can enter the kingdom of heaven? First of all, we should be people whose hearts are aligned with God's heart. If God yearns for the eternal ideal centered on His eternal purpose, our hearts must be one with His for eternity. It is not enough if our hearts are aligned with Him for ten years but then lose that alignment. Our hearts must be eternally aligned with the eternal God. To achieve that, what must we do? We must become children God can be fond of for all eternity. As such children, we should not appear as objects of sadness. Next, we must be in accord with God's body. Here, body means the direction we are heading. While our thoughts represent the central point of the four directions, our body is the expression of the direction we are heading.

(53)  Before desiring heaven, we should desire God's heart, and before desiring God's heart, we should think about how we should conduct our lives. We first need a heart of attendance. Our original nature reveres and yearns for the sublime and the precious. Even though we are fallen human beings, we were created with the original heart to attend the sublime and precious heart of God. If we have not led a life of attendance based on heart, we have nothing to do with heaven. To live a life of attendance we need to make preparations. After passing through a process of preparation, we need to practice a life of attendance. The place we go, after preparing for and practicing a life of attendance, is the kingdom of heaven. The destination of people who have attended God in their hearts is the kingdom of heaven. Heaven is where one's life of attendance is praised and highly esteemed. It is our destiny to go there.

Section 3.  Developing Our Spirituality

(1)  You do not know what great grace and blessing it is that I have revealed in detail the root of the spirit world. At present, not everyone believes in the spirit world. Since there are many disbelievers, those who do believe will receive blessings. They can become the trunk and the first branches that grow out from the trunk. Once the central trunk and first branches of a tree develop, even if that tree lasts for a thousand years, it will grow and develop on the basis of that trunk and those branches.

Experiencing the spirit world through prayer and offering devotions

(2)  There is something called the gate of the mind. You will know this when you pray. You get a different feeling depending on the time of your prayer. Praying at one o'clock in the morning is very different from praying at three o'clock. You will see for yourself when you experience this. When you go into a deep, mystical state and pray, you will see that you feel differently depending on the time of your prayer. What you feel in the morning, at noon, in the evening, and at night are all different. The feeling within our mind differs in the same way that our physical senses respond differently to the changes of the four seasons. Therefore, in offering prayers, you should know at which time you can pray well. The time when you can pray well is the time when your degree of correspondence with God is the highest. At that time you will discover the gate of the mind. Once the gate of your mind is in perfect accord with that of God, they revolve around each other and reach a certain level. At that time the path opens up so that you can experience what God feels. To reach such a position, you need to cultivate your mind.

(3)  In general, people who are spiritually adept may not have clear perception with regard to the truth. They start out strong on one side, but they are weak on the other side. Since they are not consistent throughout, they cannot make their way forward. At one time or another, they will roll over and fall down. Conversely, if the side of truth is big but the spiritual side is small, that person cannot keep going. Therefore, you need to make an effort to balance these two aspects in your daily life. The Bible says to worship "in spirit and truth"; that is, with prayer and with truth. This means you need to reach a level where you can balance the two aspects and harmonize them. Human beings are meant to mediate between the spirit world and the physical world. You, therefore, need to become people who can mediate by standing at the center of the spirit world and at the center of the world of truth.  Unless you become such people, you cannot attain the position of perfection.

(4)  When you offer devotions, God's grace will come to you. Those who have practiced a life of prayer will know this. When you pray, a great and mighty power will come to you. Thus, through that power, the eyes of a person who prays can see in both the physical world and the spirit world. God has carried out His providence through the religious foundation to make a connection between the supernatural realm of substantial ideology and humankind. By stimulating people's core emotions, He causes them to desire to go to such a realm. By so doing, God is trying to connect us to the transcendental plane.

(5)  What Saint Paul saw and experienced in the third heaven of the spirit world became the driving force that enabled him to carry out his mission tirelessly for fourteen years. You need to have such an experience. This also holds true for me. I too have a standard that I aspire to. Though I have not told you about it, I have a non-negotiable standard that dictates, "I will do such and such." With such a conviction, I plow my way through to the end. With this unyielding conviction, I will plow my way forward no matter what hardships and troubles I face.

(6)  We speak of God's heart. If you wonder where His heart is and you listen while praying, you will hear His voice say, "Listen closely to what Reverend Moon is telling you. Do not make him sad. Make him happy instead." That is what you will hear, and this is what He will teach you to do. And if you stay awake because you miss me so much, you will find that the spirit world opens before you. The spirit world will open so that you can sit where you are and see what I am doing in America. Such things will take place. This means you have reached a realm in which you can experience a higher level of faith, where what was previously obscure becomes real and substantial on the physical plane. This fact will usher in a great revolution in the religious world. That is why you need to have such experiences.

(7)  You have continued to work from the time you joined the Unification Church until now, but you should think about the position in which you are working. You should think about your direction and your location at all times, and consider whether you are leading a self-centered life or working to harmonize the world centered on Heaven. Thus, through your prayer you will come to know that God is with you. You will know this as soon as you close your eyes. You will know even if you do not pray. When you go somewhere and speak, you will find yourself talking eloquently. If you meet a conscientious person, you will be drawn to that person right away. Everything is reciprocal. If someone becomes your subject partner or your object partner, one of you will attract the other. Even if you are meeting someone for the first time, that person could become your object partner. The essence of this principle is eternal and unchanging. Likewise, if you go to a place with receptive people, you will feel pleased and will be compelled to speak. Even if you had not intended to speak, your mouth will open up.


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