Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 204

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 3: Earthly Life Prepares Us for Eternal Life
Section 2: Preparation for the Spirit World, 41-50


(41) You must not be ignorant of the spirit world. Only when you know about the spirit world can you swim through the troubled waters of this world and survive. Heung-jin is in the position of elder brother to all members of the Unification Church, as well as to everyone in heaven and on earth. Everything Heung-jin has given to the spirit world and the physical world as the mediator was made possible by Heung-jin and True Parents. Only when you adopt the words of True Parents and Heung-jin as the absolute standard by which to lead your lives can you become participants in the liberation of the heavenly world and the earthly world and thus become owners of Cheon II Guk. If you do not believe the facts about the next world even after they have all been laid out before you, you have no excuse. Heung-jin sacrificed himself and went to the spirit world to take responsibility for fully mobilizing it to complete Cheon II Guk in the liberated kingdom of heaven on earth. Therefore, you should attend him as your elder brother and follow him in place of the parents, the king, and even God. Thus, you can come to know about the organization of the spirit world. If you do not believe it, you will encounter serious problems.

(42)  The spirit world is our homeland. While on earth, you need to live in accordance with the standard by which you can return to the homeland and live eternally. You cannot live your lives on earth as you please, the way people have done until now, in ignorance of the spirit world. By knowing about the spirit world and living accordingly, when you leave this world you can stand before God and connect to the kingdom of heaven. Otherwise, it will be impossible to do so. That is why you need to clearly know all the facts about the spirit world.

(43)  What will you do in your life? You should leave a legacy of love behind when you go. This is the conclusion. Even if you lived in the center of a tomb of love, you would have no regrets. No matter how dreary your life in that tomb, you would have no regrets if you had lived in love. If we say, "Let us leave a legacy of love behind when we go!" our way of life will remain for eternity. If you die having lived this way, God will bless you, and in the spirit world, God will bring His sons and daughters to welcome you. At that time, if there are no rings on your hand, God will put a diamond ring of the heavenly kingdom on your finger and if you are not well dressed, God will dress you in the richest apparel worn by the royal family of the heavenly kingdom.

(44)  If you live with your spirit self and physical self as clear as crystal, you will have no problems when you go to the spirit world. You cannot enter heaven if there is any kind of flaw. Therefore, your life on earth is important. When you go to the spirit world you will be just as you were when you lived on this earth. There are no exceptions. Your entire being will be transparent. That is why you have to do well during your earthly life. You should offer devotions and engage in self-reflection many times a day, according to a principled standard, living twenty-four hours a day, from morning to evening, in accordance with heavenly law.

(45)  The higher spirit world is a place where the people who have lived for the sake of God and the entire world can go. That place is the kingdom of heaven. The heretics of spirit world are people who think only about themselves. For such people, there is no future. This is also true in this world. If you think only about yourself today, can you find happiness tomorrow? To be successful, you need to overcome the pain in this hour of this day and prepare for tomorrow. Only those who practice and go through preparatory training today can seize tomorrow. Those who are satisfied with living only for today have no future. From the perspective of the future, it is clear that those who will be honored tomorrow are not the ones who are merely enjoying themselves today. They are those who give of themselves here and now.

(46)  The heavenly realms are where one lives in love for the sake of others; where one lives not selfishly, but for the greater good. One who pursues only personal gains regards everyone else as an enemy; this is true even in the spirit world. One who lives for a greater cause, for the sake of the greater good, can naturally go anywhere. One who lives for the sake of the world does not need to live for America. America is included in the world, as is Korea. All nations are included. On our path, what direction can families go to be welcomed by everyone? It can only be the way of love walked for the sake of others. Our way cannot be blocked even in Satan's world on earth; even that world has to accommodate us along the way.

(47)  Why do we need to marry? It is to experience the love of a parent, the love of a couple, and the love of children. Why is this important? The spirit world is a place abundant with such types of love. You need to marry and form a family in order to train yourselves to be in sync with the spirit world. What you have is not yours. It belongs to God. You need to raise your children thinking of them as the children of God and the children of the universe. A husband and wife do not exist only as two selves. They represent heaven and earth. In that state, wherever you go, your sons and daughters will follow you, all things will follow you, and even God follows you.  When you can say, "I have become a victorious person with nothing to be ashamed of before this universe," God will reply, "Yes! Since you have triumphed, I will give you the gift of My love."

(48)  How can we go to heaven? We need to live immersed in the love of God. We need to love Him more than Adam and Eve did, and we need to love Jesus more than Peter, James, and John did. Otherwise, we cannot restore the object realm of true love in which God can love us. Only when this is restored will all go well. Do not worry about not having money, and do not concern yourself about not having sons and daughters. Just continue to follow this path for ten or twenty years. On the way, you will scale high and steep mountains. You may feel that you are gradually descending, going through nothing but hardships, but actually you are gradually ascending. The Unification Church grows by receiving blows. If there are ten people living in a household, the one who endures again and again despite opposition from the others, and who lives for the sake of the public purpose, becomes the master of that family. In other words, that person will soon become the master of the heavenly nation.

(49)   When you go out into today's world, you will find people who are like your grandfather and grandmother, your father and mother, and your brothers and sisters. So love all the people of the world with the same love you have for your own family. They are not strangers. Become people who can feed others when they are hungry and help them when they face difficulties. You are born into this world, and you need to prepare to live in accordance with the rhythm of love in the next world.

(50)  Heaven is the place where unfallen people who have received the Blessing on earth in God's bosom of love, had sons and daughters that God is fond of and grandchildren in whom God can rejoice, and have received His love, enter all together as a family. The kingdom of heaven is not a place you can enter without your children. Paradise, on the other hand, is a place where everyone enters separately, regardless of the affection they shared as a couple or even if they are parents and children. Paradise has nothing to do with the family. Would such a place be heaven? Heaven is the place where the family attends the parents and where all interaction is centered on God. Could parents live happily in heaven if their children were making an uproar in hell and screaming that they were about to die? Is such a place the kingdom of heaven? This is not what the Unification Church teaches. It teaches the way to liberate hell.

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