Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 203

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 3: Earthly Life Prepares Us for Eternal Life
Section 2: Preparation for the Spirit World, 30-40


(30)  Where is the support beam that can uphold the kingdom of heaven? It is in our environment, but more importantly, it is in our hearts. If you cannot describe the kingdom of heaven in your heart, you cannot be part of that kingdom, even if you are within its environment. Without determination, we cannot take perfect action.  Perfect action can arise only from perfect determination. The question is, therefore, how much does our mind yearn for goodness? Our yearning is connected to historical goodness; no matter how bloody or tearful a situation we face, we must overcome it through the way of goodness. Even if we must struggle in a lonely situation at the conclusion of history, we will not try to avoid it but will fight our way through it. The kingdom of heaven begins from our resolution and determination to pioneer an unchanging way and to create an environment in which our bodies unite with our minds. In the kingdom of heaven, the mind and body do not act separately. We can advance toward that kingdom only when our minds and bodies are united.

(31)  It is very difficult to break a habit. This means that since we have been living in Satan's world until now, we have cherished the self-centered habit of thinking, "I should be superior to others." This habit has become fixed. It is more deeply ingrained than your dietary habits. It is based on history. Since the day of the emergence of the devil, our habits have become deeply rooted. So how do we eradicate them? If you tried to dig a pit and bury them all, it would never be big enough. This is a serious problem. To get to heaven, you need to have God-centered habits.

(32)  If your insides were filled to the brim with water, would it be clean water or muddy water? It would contain dirt and rocks. If you look at water after a heavy rainfall, how dirty is the water? All kinds of filthy things are carried down rivers. The water in you would be dirtier than that. Think about whether you are any different.  Therefore, you need to be stirred up and filtered. You need to go through a filtration system. No matter how difficult it is, you need to look right and left and make your way out through the pieces of dirt. Will this work if you are egotistical? If you are, you will get clogged up. If the water contains clumps of dirt, it will get clogged up and will no longer flow.

Absolute obedience to True Parents

(33)  There is only one set of True Parents, on earth and in the spirit world. There cannot be two of something that is absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal; there is only one. They are the unique center of the entire universe. Everything is connected to that place. Therefore, they are the center. You need absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience with regard to that center, which is the True Parents. Had the family of Adam reached perfection under God, it would have been the first perfected ancestors of all humanity. Then when the spirit world and the physical world were united, with the family of Adam at the center, that would have been the starting point for the True Parents.

(34)  Why do you need to attend True Parents? It is because they represent the spirit world and God. Since the first parent, the second parent, and the third parent have formed bonds of heart and have been brought together in love, by attending True Parents you can gain the qualifications to take part in their victory in the realm of heart. Because of the Fall, everything was divided. We have not become filial children to the Creator of the universe, to the parents who gave birth to us, and to the spirit world. Yet by attending True Parents, we can be recognized as having the qualifications of filial children. That is why you need to follow with perseverance.

(35)   The only way to earn the privilege of inheriting everything from God is through the path of love. If a person of true love brushed past you, you would not be upset; instead, you would be delighted. Everyone welcomes such a person. The reason I am teaching you these things is to make you people who can go to the heavenly world, people who can breathe with and match the rhythm of the heavenly world. Thus, you need to receive this kind of training while you are on earth. Only then will you be able to dance in the place you are meant to dance. Otherwise, you will be offbeat. I too will have to go to the spirit world at some point, will I not? Satan will not be able to follow.

(36)  When you hear about the spirit world, you should pay immediate attention.  You need to attend God and follow in the footsteps of True Parents, who have paved the way to attend God. The path I have laid down was accomplished with great difficulty. I laid that foundation from the desperate position of a living offering. You have no idea how difficult it was for me to establish each foundation, one after another. That is why God and the entire spirit world are telling you to obey me absolutely. I am not someone with whom just anyone on earth can form a connection. You have met me through a special grace. I am doing this to save the world.

(37)  I have been consistent in everything I have done throughout my entire life of suffering. The words I spoke fifty years ago are the same as the words I am speaking today. What I am telling you about the spirit world today, I began speaking about fifty years ago. Since then I have continued to follow that formula. Therefore, those words will remain eternally in the next world. You need to focus on those words and pass over the summit of suffering. That is why I am telling you to practice absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. In Satan's world, where can you find such a thing as absolute faith? Absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience are the promises I made to God. You need to hold on to me. Abandoning your nations and everything else, you need to cling to me. You need to practice absolute faith.

(38)  God needs True Parents and you also need True Parents. We will enter the era of settlement at high noon only after establishing a global realm of unified families who have the lineage of true love, as the center of the blessed tribe of the spirit world and the physical world. We have to completely obliterate the place where Satan stands. We should live our lives without shadows twenty-four hours a day. If you live and die in such a manner for the ideal of creation, then even if you die somewhere far from home, a tower of God will be built in the place where you drop.

Living with knowledge of the reality of the spirit world

(39)  We need to know about God, and next, we need to know about the spirit world. Through the lineage of God, we have to negate everything of Satan's lineage that has lasted until now. We need to completely overturn it and create a different world. We need to live our lives with a clear understanding that, just as night and day are opposites, if the lineage of Satan's world is night, then the lineage of God is day. It is important that we are not ignorant of God and the spirit world. We need to understand that, as sons and daughters of God, we are all one, all part of one tree with one lineage. This is important. That is why we need to clearly know all the facts about the spirit world. We need to decide to which part of the spirit world we will go. If it is the higher part of the spirit world, we need to have expert knowledge about that part. Then we need to live our lives accordingly, matching the rhythm of that place.

(40)  We will all go to the spirit world in the future. Though life on earth lasts for only an instant, the spirit world is eternal and unchanging. Therefore, when you go to that unchanging world, you will not be proud of yourself if you are changeable.  Why is it that the Unification Church today teaches about the internal condition of all people from the viewpoint of a parental heart? It is because brotherly love or compatriots' love can change when the situation changes. Only the heart of a parent is unchanging. That is why the unchanging heart of a parent can remain as the heart of the object partner when you go to the next world and can match the rhythm of that eternal world. Moreover, if there is a natural environment that you have loved with such a heart, then that environment will also remain as an unchanging object of heart. If there were a place you could never forget in your life, it would not be a scenic spot, but rather a place that is connected to you in heart, with an unforgettable story behind it. You would miss that place all your life, and you would remember it all your life. This is because the unchanging heart of genuine love is connected to that place.


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