Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 202

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 3: Earthly Life Prepares Us for Eternal Life
Section 2: Preparation for the Spirit World, 19-29


(19)  If your mind and body are not united, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. Since you have come to know this principle, you need to subjugate your body, even if it means sitting on it and forcing it to do what the mind wants to do. You must attain perfect dominion over yourself before attempting dominion over the universe. You have no idea how difficult that is. The body is strong, and so is Satan's world. I have fought this difficult battle. In that battle, you have to give up everything—your nation and your clan, your mother and father, your husband or wife, even your own body. You must fall down into the hell of imprisonment. If God tells you to go out and pioneer, you should go all the way to hell and start pioneering your way back up. Only then can you become a person needed by God.

(20)  When you work hard witnessing and raising funds, why do people persecute and accuse you? It is to help you find the heart that you are lacking. It is to help you find love. It is to help you become people who can love others. Without undergoing such a course of training, you cannot become heavenly people, no matter how much you try. In other words, you should find love greater than that in Satan's world. Otherwise, you cannot go to the heavenly kingdom. Only those who become people of love can go to the kingdom of heaven. At that time, God will be the Lord of Judgment, Jesus will be the Lord of Judgment, and I will be the Lord of Judgment. Therefore, you need to practice love. This is the task we face. It is the task and command issued in accordance with God's law.

(21)  You are subject to judgment by the Word. If you do not listen, you will be held accountable. So you need to actualize the Word. If you fail to take action to substantiate the Word, you will face the judgment of substance. There is judgment of the Word, of substance and of heart. You must face these three great processes. First, you will be judged by the Word of the Principle.

We must clear away our sins

(22)  The Unification Church says that the providence of salvation is the providence of restoration, but is there any way we can avoid that path? We cannot avoid it. We carry the burden of the fate of the Fall on our shoulders. How big is that burden? It is as big as the world and the universe. Therefore, as you live your everyday life you should think, "After all, I will die one day." When you were born you did not think, "I will be born," but you were born anyway. Even when it comes to dying, whether you think about it or not, whether you want to die or not if you try to die you may not die, and if you try not to die you may still die. It is not something you can do as you please. That time will inevitably come—the final, fateful moment. That cannot be changed. Therefore, if you have anything to indemnify you need to do it before you die. This is the challenge. Because the Fall happened on earth, it must be cleared on earth. This issue needs to be restored on earth before we go to the spirit world. It will be impossible once we go to the spirit world.

(23)  If God's purpose is our complete salvation, He should be able to cut off our rotten parts. Only then could He be a great God. What kind of God do you wish for? Do you wish for a God who would pat you on the back and say, "Poor body, born into this sinful world, you have suffered so much to remain here this long. You have done well"? Or do you wish for a God who would deal with your body without pity? Which God would you prefer? In His heart, God wants to do away with our fallen bodies all at once. The body is an antenna through which we communicate with the fallen world. Original sin entered the human world through the body. When you hear this, you may be offended. However, those who feel offended must atone for their sins. When the work of atonement takes place on earth, unity will be achieved automatically. Therefore, unity is not such a difficult thing. All that needs to be done is to chastise the body.

(24)  Everything will be completely revealed in the spirit world. The bad things are revealed first. Only after you have cleared all that up can you enter heaven in the spirit world. Otherwise, you cannot enter. Even if your eyes are closed, such things will be revealed and punishment required. Consequently, until you have cleared up all the bad things, you must continue to be educated. You need to be trained. You need to undergo intense training.

(25)  To triumph over your body, you must completely uproot and overcome Satan. You can go to the kingdom of heaven only after you have overcome Satan. You cannot defeat Satan after casting off your physical body. Since the physical Fall occurred on earth, you must correct it on earth, while you still have your physical body. If you fail to fulfill all that you need to do while on earth, you will go to hell for all eternity. Thus, when you triumph on earth and stand in the position of goodness on Heaven's side, you will go to the kingdom of heaven for all eternity.

(26)  The twisted, sinful result brought about when our human ancestors failed to become true parents—the twisted sin committed through the failure to form a true people, a true nation, and a true world—still remains before God and humanity. Who can take responsibility for this sin? People who have gone to the spirit world cannot resolve the sins they committed on earth. Therefore, unless someone on earth takes responsibility, the people in the spirit world cannot be liberated. All people living on earth must clear up the sins they have committed before they can go to the heavenly kingdom. Then who on earth, as a representative of history, can clear up the sin that corrupted everything? This must be done by some person, some religion or organization, but the religions and people living on this earth today do not know about this mission. Since only the Unification Church knows about this, we who know should take responsibility.

(27)  The history of sin should be cleared up starting with ourselves. If you stand in a position that brings a minus to history, you will end up in hell, but if you stand in a position that brings a plus to history, you will end up in heaven. When you compare the standards of this era to your own, if this era is greater than you, you will go to hell, but if you surpass this era, you will go to heaven. That is how it is. We who have merely followed the fortune of heaven and earth to this day should recover the day on which we take control of the fortune of heaven and earth. God has continued to carry out His work for six thousand long years, yearning for that one day. Throughout the six-thousand-year course of the providence of restoration, God has wandered around in search of one hero, who can shake off the historical grief that has followed the fortune of heaven and earth, and take dominion over this fortune.

(28)  Hell came about because of me, and the kingdom of heaven also exists because of me. The two are divided. Originally, if we had not fallen, such a state of separation would not exist. The mind is on the right and the body is on the left. The people who follow the body go to hell and the people who follow the mind go to heaven. There are two paths. All our five senses have two tendencies. Then what do we need to do? We need to cut off one completely. Our bodies contain Satan's blood, Satan's life, and Satan's love. How can we remove them? We need to extract all of them, which have been sown throughout history. Thereupon, we need to implant God's love, God's life, and God's lineage in ourselves once again. Then our eternal life of hope and eternal happiness begin. There is no other way. These are not my words; this is how the Principle works. That is why we need True Parents. True Parents are the root. From them spring the true trunk, true branches, and true leaves, and from these, a forest is formed. There is no other way, and it is not easy.

(29)  The kingdom of heaven begins in the heart. What kind of heart? It begins with the heart that has triumphed over the world. Even if the kingdom of heaven were all around me, if my heart were evil and I could not picture the kingdom of heaven or be moved by it, then that kingdom would be useless to me. The capacity to welcome the kingdom of heaven is not derived from my environment. Rather, it is within me. I, myself, am the problem.

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