Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 201

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 3: Earthly Life Prepares Us for Eternal Life
Section 2: Preparation for the Spirit World, 07-18


(7)  People on earth have bodies, but they face limitations in their physical lives. Spirits, on the other hand, do not have physical bodies, but they live in a world without limits. People have bodies on earth, but the earth is not their eternal dwelling place. Spirits do not have bodies, but they reside in their eternal dwelling place. If you were to list the points of contrast between earthly people and spirits, it could go on and on. And if we were to look at the aspects that earthly people and spirits have in common, we would see that life on earth and life in the spirit world each constitute one half of a whole, and only one half. Then what do the body and spirit need to do to bear perfect fruit? You can bear perfect fruit only when you conclude your life on earth successfully before your physical and spiritual selves separate. On the other hand, when an unripe spirit goes to the spirit world, problems arise.

(8)  How important is your life on earth? You live only once. It is a short moment and it comes only once. Compared with eternal life, earthly life is but a point in time. It is a mere instant. You need to rise above your life in the flesh and prepare for the spirit world. Keeping this key point in mind at all times, you need to stand in the center and guide everything and conquer everything in your life. Otherwise, you cannot achieve the perfection of your individual self.

(9)  If something had gone wrong during your time in your mother's womb, your life on earth could have been completely ruined. Similarly, if something were to go wrong in the physical world, your life in the spirit world, the world of love in which you live with the eternal Parent, would be ruined. Therefore, you need to know how precious the earthly world is. This is where you need to love; you need to love during your life on earth by serving your parents, your siblings, and your nation. What kind of person can lead others and bring them into harmony in the earthly world? The one who steps forward on behalf of the parents to care for others, and volunteers to do the difficult tasks, is the one who can become the central figure. Those who have fulfilled the responsibility of an older son or daughter go to a higher heaven in the spirit world.

(10)  Things do not happen by chance. In preparing for the future, there is no easy way. However, in considering how to spend his or her life, the person who knows that youth is the time to prepare for adulthood has a bright future. The prime of life is the time to prepare for old age and old age is the time to prepare to go to the spirit world. Our lifetime is a period of training and preparation, a course that disciplines us to acquire a great universal character.

(11)  Your eternal life does not begin when you die. It begins the moment you learn about the Will of God. If there were a gap in your life or you were stuck in one place, even for one instant, your path to eternity would stop. Therefore, when you walk the path of faith in your life, you should not delay going that way and put it off until next year, or the following year. If you live in such a manner, you will die without having lived even one day in oneness with the Will. If you live like that you cannot go to the kingdom of heaven. No matter how good your nation, if you have not lived even one day victoriously, how can you go to the heavenly kingdom? If you have not had even one victorious year, how can you enter the eternal world? These are the questions we must address.

Training for the kingdom of heaven

(12)  Life on earth is training to adjust yourself to your eternal homeland. This life on earth is not eternal. It is merely a period you pass through, like your school days. If you fail during this period, you are in serious trouble. Do not become a failure.  Instead, achieve success in your family, in the nation and in the world. Once you gain success in the world, you can enter the kingdom of heaven on earth. Someone who has lived in heaven on earth, and was appreciated by everything there, will also be welcomed by everything in the kingdom of heaven in heaven. Someone who has repeatedly invested for the sake of others with love, and has forgotten that investment, will be close to the throne of God on high. Since that person's nature is like God's, he or she will stand in the position of His child and will automatically be close to Him. The spirit world is the world of the original homeland, the original home, where God dwells eternally. Since we began from that place, we will return there.

(13)  At the time of creation, God's mind was at peace in the heavenly kingdom because He had provided human beings with the formula for achieving equality in love. Therefore, God cannot be accused. The same formula still applies. Who is the textbook of love? You yourselves should be model fathers, husbands, sons, and leaders. Therefore, I am training the mothers and fathers, then the family members, and then the nation. You are being trained to live in the kingdom of heaven. This training connects the individual, family, society, nation, and world.

(14)  You need to be trained to qualify to enter heaven in the next world, the spirit world, which is the original homeland. To qualify, an individual, a family, and a tribe must become a model of complete oneness, which seven generations of descendants can follow. There should be no fighting among them. They should not struggle with one another over personal possessions.

(15)  If there is a family, it should be a happy family and the nation should also be a happy one. There should be no concept of struggle, only harmony. In the heavenly kingdom in the spirit world, harmony reaches the highest standard and you have to measure up to it. The spirit world transcends time and space; as quickly as you think of it, you can travel from one end of the world to the other and back. You can't imagine how fast it is. Light travels 300 million meters in a second. If in your life on earth you cannot keep up with the rhythm of that world, you will fall behind when you go there. From now on, those who do not know about the spirit world cannot become citizens of the heavenly kingdom when they go there.

(16)  If you want to go to heaven, you need to qualify. You need a ticket to enter the kingdom of heaven. You cannot go in freely. In the spirit world, everything about your life is known immediately. There is a computer in the spirit world. Man-made computers are amazing, but the computers in the spirit world can show your entire life in a minute with the touch of a button. You cannot lie. Every detail of how you were born as someone's son or daughter and how you lived your life is revealed.

(17)  Just as your conscience knows everything about your life, every detail of your life is recorded in a computer in the spirit world. When you go to the spirit world, just by entering your name in the computer your whole life is revealed in an instant. Since the spirit world transcends time and space, you can instantly see the record of every detail of your life, right then and there. Thus, the conscience is the start button of the computer in the eternal world. Entries are made on the basis of what it knows. All the deeds that have caused you pangs of conscience are entered just as they are. A life that has no such misgivings is recorded as a clean life. Therefore, you cannot make excuses when you go to the spirit world. You will see clearly how you have lived your whole life. The earthly world is the training center where, with the knowledge that the spirit world exists, you prepare to go to that world and be ushered in.

(18)  To go to the kingdom of heaven you should be able to say, "I am the representative of the Old Testament Age in which Adam failed; the representative of the era of Jesus, who is the center of the New Testament Age; and the representative of the Completed Testament Age, representing the era of completion." Once the realm of parents has been completed for each of these three ages, Satan can no longer remain. In such a place there will be no more obstacles. When these three ages are complete, the world will have no problems. Satan will disappear and the gates to hell will be opened. A highway to the kingdom of heaven will be laid down. Then, families will automatically be connected to the eternal kingdom of heaven. That will be a land of freedom.


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