Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 200

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 3: Earthly Life Prepares Us for Eternal Life
Section 1: Eternal Life, 14
Section 2: Preparation for the Spirit World, 06


(14)  Eternal life becomes possible through true love. This is because the starting motive, the process, and the purpose of creation are all perfected through love.  Results come about through a process. The perfection of the mind and body is possible only through true love. Love is the only thing that can bring to fruition the ideal of the infinite origin, cause, and process. Only true love can do that. God exists eternally, not through money, power, or knowledge, but based on His intrinsic true love. He cannot experience joy alone. He needs a partner. Even the almighty God is lonely by Himself. He desires vertical, horizontal, and front-and-back object partners. That is why it is impossible to walk the path to eternal life without true love, the love that leads to God.

(15)  What is essential for eternal life? It is love, love! You cannot live eternally by yourself. Only love can be the basis of eternal life. At the same time, it is also the basis for the accomplishment of a purpose. Since heaven and earth were created through love, we begin with love, we live with love, and in the end, the full glory of love must unfold. We should know that glory comes from love.

(16)  When you live in the realm of true love you can go freely to God's dwelling place, the throne of the heavenly nation. You can become God's friend. God created humankind because of love. Since He is the eternal God, the absolute God, and the immortal God, human beings who live in accord with love have eternal life. This is only logical. Thus, true love is eternal. To attain eternal life you need to live in that realm of true love.

(17)  How do you live eternally? Christians say that you can attain eternal life and be saved by believing in Jesus, but that is far from the whole story. You can be saved only through love. From the viewpoint of God's Principle of Creation, only a true person can be God's partner in love; hence, if you have true love you can have eternal life. Once you enter that realm of love, even while on earth you can envision your future home in the spirit world.

(18)  We need to be conscious that we all live eternally. In addition, we are people who practice true love; we practice that love on earth. Everything we do on earth, even working in a factory, is connected to our eternal life. Therefore, we should think, "The work I am doing is training for eternal life and provides opportunities to cultivate eternal life." You will always need eternal life and true love. You will need them eternally.

(19)  All beings exist in pairs for the sake of love. This is to achieve the harmony of love. God first needs eternal life, then eternal love. From this perspective, if God is eternal, He needs an eternal partner. Where in the universe is that eternal partner? We naturally conclude that human beings live eternally based on the pair system. We need eternal life. Why do we need to live eternally? Since we are to perfect the ideal of love through the pair system, and since we need God's love and perfect love through mutual relationship with Him, thus, we inevitably live eternally.

(20)  When the sun rises, all buds turn toward it. Buds on plants, on shrubs, even on big trees, all turn toward the light of the sun. People are born from love, they grow up in love, they live in love and they die in love. However, they do not just disappear. Since God, the subject being, is eternal, unchanging, and unique, when we become His object partners of love, we also live eternally. The theory of eternal life originates from this point. It does not begin from life.

(21)  Your sons and daughters are the fruit who represent you. That is why you cannot help but love them. Since God loves us, as His sons and daughters we also represent Him. Eternal life is connected through love. Therefore, you need to live in an environment of love in order to create an environment conducive to eternal life. To attain the substantial realm of love, we need to have a substantial experience of love.

Section 2.  Preparation for the Spirit World

(1)  Though we live in this world, we know that the spirit world also exists. We also know that this world and the spirit world are not separate; they must be connected. Where will we go when we leave the physical world? We are on this earth while we live in the flesh, but we are proceeding toward the eternal world. People are born, go through the springtime of their life in their teens, twenties, and thirties, reach their prime, and go on to old age. Thus, their lives come to an end, like the setting sun. However, those who know the existence of the spirit world know that a lifetime on earth is but a fleeting moment, and the eternal world awaits them after death. Our lifetime is merely preparation for the world of eternity.

The importance and purpose of our physical life on earth

(2)  At one time or another, you will go before God. The path that leads to the presence of God, the path of your destiny, is one you walk alone. Have you ever considered what you would do if, after traversing that path, you were not welcomed by God? Would you wish to be born as an only child, or as the son or daughter of a person who owns nothing? Would you like to be born in such a pitiful situation? You would not. Everyone would prefer to be born into an affluent environment, into a rich family and a rich nation. You would prefer to have the nation welcome you and usher you in from the moment of your birth. In light of this, into what situation would you want to be born when you enter the spirit world? Your fate—whether you will be born into an affluent environment or welcomed anywhere in heaven or on earth—is determined by the short course of your life on earth.

(3)  In the future we will come face to face with the next world; that is our final destination. We must be born anew into that world. Whether you find yourself in the situation of a lonely, only child or in an affluent environment where you are welcomed, is determined by how you walk your current path.

(4)  Life on earth and eternal life in the spirit world are not separate; they are connected. They are both important, yet people who live on earth today are unaware of the concept of eternal life. They think that only life on earth is important. Even Unification Church members do not understand that the way we live on earth determines our eternal life. Eternal life begins in the present moment; thus, you need to be constantly aware of it, in relation to the kingdom of heaven. If you do not understand this, you will go astray. Everything you do now determines your value in the spirit world. The two worlds move facing each other. If the physical world ascends, so does the spirit world, and if the physical world descends, the spirit world goes down too. If one turns, the other does likewise. You have to realize this point during your life on earth and live in a way that enhances your eternal life.  Eternal life and the present world are not separate. You cannot grasp this if you do not clearly distinguish between heaven and hell. Therefore, you need to feel the importance of both eternal life and life on earth as you work.

(5)  You should know how precious your physical life is. Only during this period in your physical body can you resurrect the universe and unify all of heaven and earth. Not even God and all things combined could be exchanged for the physical world. God and the universe cannot be perfected without a human being in a physical body. Therefore, the entire cosmos could not be exchanged for a physical body.

(6)  Our time in this physical world is very short. Once you realize this, you will not want to waste time sleeping or eating. You will eat while you walk, sleep while you walk, and play while you walk. The more you do so, the more blessings you will receive—blessings that no one has ever received before. Inheriting all of God's blessings is a historical thing. When you do this for the sake of the nation, your name will be remembered by that nation.

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