Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 199

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 3: Earthly Life Prepares Us for Eternal Life
Section 1: Eternal Life, 04-13


(4)  We were created to be the objects of God's love, the object partners of God, the absolute subject. God deems true love more precious than even His own being. He is the absolute and eternal center of life. His ideal, based on true love, is even more eternal. We are the objects of that love. What are the attributes of love? Love is the unity of a subject partner and an object partner. It can unify a nation. It allows you to share any place with God and follow Him anywhere. You can inherit all of His wealth, His eternal life, and even His heart of love. You can inherit God's heart of love, which is with all created things and dwells in the hearts of all people. How precious you are! I went through a miserable course to discover this and I have come to stand on that foundation. What a joyous thing this is. It is a sublime and noble position that cannot be exchanged for anything. It is an amazing grace, whereby I can stand in the same position as God and share the position of eternal true love. This concept of eternal life cannot be found in Korea or in the world outside. I was born with eternal life and am destined to go and enjoy eternal life in the spirit world.  It is an instant leap.

(5)  We, the object partners of true love of the Eternal Being, exist on a different level from other living things on earth. We live within a restricted space on earth and cannot move so freely, but the spirit world exists on a higher dimension and we can do anything there. We can transcend time. If we have a desire for something based on love, we can obtain it anytime, anywhere. There are no limits or bounds. The place where God resides is the original hometown; it is the original hometown of the parents. It is a place where we can do anything. When we go to the spirit world we will be free. We will become completely one with that world. We will enter it as easily as winking.

(6)  When people have completed a masterwork with devotion, they keenly desire to preserve it and leave it to their descendants for many generations to come. What about God? Would He love humankind, born as His beloved sons and daughters, for a little while and then stop? No, He would desire to love them eternally. This is why if we could become perfect and receive God's love eternally, then God would wish to keep us by His side for all eternity. Because this is the way the Absolute Being receives joy, people must exist eternally, as He does. It is not enough unless they remain with Him for all eternity. If our ancestors Adam and Eve had become such people, they would have attained perfection and all of God’s wishes would have been fulfilled. The perfection of Adam and Eve would have been the complete fulfillment of all God's cherished hopes for human beings, whom He created as the center of all things.

(7)  How can we grasp the concept of eternal life? It is through love. The path of faith is not preparation for one's life on earth but rather for one's life in the eternal spirit world. When people pass the age of forty or fifty and the day of their death draws near, they become serious about eternal life. The older people become, the more serious they are. Our ideology fades as we grow older, but when we hold the concept of eternal life, we become more serious as we grow older. Thus, in the future, only religious doctrine can manage the world. No matter how often our environment changes, no matter what comic or tragic circumstances come our way, we will be able to handle any problem if we have a firm concept of eternal life.  God created Adam and Eve as His object partners of love. That is why we need to become objects of love and live as such. It is not enough to just talk about it; we need to actually feel it and experience it.

(8)  Before anything else, you need to know God. You need to know without a doubt that God exists. Next, you need to know clearly what kind of place the spirit world is. If you do not know about the spirit world, you cannot know about God. Because Adam and Eve lost true love when they fell, we lost eternal life. That is why God, the spirit world, and eternal life are the key issues. The fact is, only when people know God and the spirit world and form an eternal relationship with both can they have eternal life. Since God lives eternally, it naturally follows that His sons and daughters should also live eternally.

(9)  The most important thing is eternal life. However, people do not know whether the spirit world exists or not. If you came to understand that you would inevitably live for eternity, you would not just live for yourself or commit sin under any circumstances. If you do not know about this you can never go to heaven, regardless of what religion you believe in. You cannot go to God's ideal world. Therefore, you must invest in true love and true life.

(10)  If there is a being who eternally lives for the sake of others in the eternal world, that being will become the eternal owner. Who is such a being? It is God. Since God is our Father, the entire universe is drawn to us. Eternal life can be found here.  Eternal life does not exist in a place that is not like that. This is why the Bible says, "Those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake will find it" (Matt. 16:25). This means that you have to overcome death, for without overcoming death, you cannot truly live.

Our eternal life is determined through the practice of true love

(11)  When God seeks an absolute object of love, that object can only be human beings. Thus, in Korea, we have the saying: "Among all creation, the most precious is human beings." If we conclude that we are the Creator's objects of eternal love, we can logically say that, as object partners united with that love, we also live eternally. Thus, eternal life is the automatic result. An important religious question is how to establish the logic of eternal life based on the relationship of love. Eternal life is not within a man or a woman, nor is it within God. Eternal life is in the love of God.

(12)  No matter who they are, all people desire the best. When you reach the highest position, God belongs to you and you belong to Him. Then you become God's child and you also become God Himself, and the universe belongs to you. If there were something that God created to be loved and treasured, would He throw it away after one day, ten years, or a hundred years, or would He want to keep it for eternity? God would want it to be with Him eternally. So it is with humankind. Would it be good if we were born and then died and that was it, or should we live eternally? People should live eternally. This is because we are the object partners whom the absolute God can appreciate and love absolutely. If God liked us for only one or two days, ten years, or a hundred years and then threw us away, it would not be love. Love is such that the more you love the more you wish to be together.

(13)  What must we do? We have to live eternally. Isn't that good news? We live some eighty years in this evil world. While you may say that there is no difference between the death of an ant and that of a human being, there is a difference. We are different because we are spiritual beings. How is it that we can become the lords of all creation? It is because our spirits do not age. All things can change. Even pure gold can change. The effects of weathering gradually wear it away. The only thing that is not like that is the mind. When it comes to remaining unchanged, the mind holds the highest authority.

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