Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 198

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 2: The Nature fo the Spirit World
Section 4: The Path to the Kingdom of Heaven
, 18
Chapter 3: 
Earthly Life Prepares Us for Eternal Life
Section 1: Eternal Life, 03


(18)  Jesus inherited the heavenly kingdom, but he did not inherit the world. Then who inherited the world? Cain did; so the world is Cain's country. For this reason, Abel has to inherit the heavenly kingdom, and he should also receive a certificate issued and guaranteed by Cain's world. To go to the kingdom of heaven, you need to obtain a certificate from Satan, fallen people are bound by these two principles.  Since they have not been resolved, history has been prolonged and repeated through the past six thousand years. But now we have come to understand this. In the Bible it is written, "You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free" (John 8:32). As we now know the truth, we have to love, even if we have to clench our teeth. To what extent must we love? We have to love even Cain who is our enemy.

(19)  Christianity has passed through a history of seeking the true olive tree while pioneering a miserable destiny with countless people throughout the ages. The true olive tree refers to the Son of God. Once he comes, you need to receive his sap as well as a branch from him. You need to engraft yourself to that branch. When this takes place, all conditions tied up in history—all our ancestors throughout the ages who offered indemnity conditions but were caught by Satan—will be resolved. You must receive the graft on a foundation not of fertile soil or in a warm nest, but in a stony field. This is because you have to receive a certificate from Satan confirming that you have restored the original nature that has never before existed in Satan's world and also confirming that you can become God's child. This is not something God can do for you. If it had been up to God, He would have done everything six thousand years ago.

(20)  It is not the judge who authorizes a release from prison. Then who can do it? It is the prosecutor who gives permission. Without obtaining the endorsement of the prosecutor's office, you cannot be released. In this court, the prosecutor is Satan. Without Satan's approval, God cannot say, "You are my child, I will save you!" You have to get Satan's approval without fail. Have you received Satan's endorsement or not? You must get Satan's approval. What does the Unification Church teach? It teaches the way to obtain Satan's approval. This approval is not only spiritual. You need to receive it as a substantial being of both spirit and body.

(21)  Only when you do not go against heavenly law can you enter the kingdom of heaven. If you are barred from entry based on heavenly law, what will you do? Even members of the Unification Church cannot enter the kingdom of heaven if they have disobeyed heavenly law. All who do wrong are caught. You may dream you will go to the spirit world at the level of a divine spirit simply because you believe in the Unification Church, but that will come to nothing. Then what should you do? There is a secret method to be found here. You, the members of the Unification Church, should lay down a victorious foundation. Only then can you stand in the position of the parents.

(22)  Now the Unification Church will surmount the global peak. Now no one can destroy the Unification Church, and no one can send me to prison. You should not just be busy with married life and having children. Instead, you should be busy preparing a certificate that will let you enter the kingdom of heaven. You do not know when you will die. You may be involved in a car accident and go to the spirit world at any moment. All kinds of things occur. You never know when and at what moment you will go to the spirit world. If the blessed families neglect this matter and go to the spirit world after simply enjoying their lives by themselves, can they stand before Rev. Moon of the Unification Church? Since blessed families are at the completion stage of the growth period, they have not yet reached the global level. Since they are in the completion stage of the growth period, they need to go beyond the world. Since there is such a process, they have to go through it.

(23)  Are you busy getting married, busy managing your household, or busy making preparations to go to the spirit world? We should lead our lives so as to be in rhythm with the spirit world. All people need to live in rhythm with the spirit world. When you members of the Unification Church go to the spirit world, you will find that the conditions I have taught you are inscribed on the gates and you will be asked certain questions. Everything I have taught you to this day is written there as the conditions of entry. If you cannot answer correctly, you will not be able to go in. You will have to wait somewhere in the intermediate level of the spirit world. In that place, you will have to wait for me to arrive in the spirit world.

(24)  We need a nation. There are many nations, but the nation we are moving toward is a different one. It is God's nation. You cannot enter this heavenly nation without receiving a new certificate of citizenship in that nation. Satan cannot accuse those with such certified citizenship no matter how hard he tries, through east, west, north, and south or through the past, present, and future.


CHAPTER 3  Earthly Life Prepares Us for Eternal Life

Section 1.  Eternal Life

(1)  Throughout their lifetimes' people live in their own way, according to their own desires. "Living" refers to everyday life, whereas "lifetime" refers to one's entire life, that is, living one's whole life. Furthermore, religious people use the words "eternal life." Eternal life means not just living a lifetime on earth but a lifetime that continues forever. The way you connect your lifetime to eternal life is important. This is your lifelong responsibility. In addition, your lifetime is determined by linking together your everyday life from one day to the next.

(2)  Your lifetime consists of the connected, continuous days of your life. What determines the value of your entire life? It is not determined after you have lived your life to the end. Your daily life, day by day, determines it. Therefore, you have to live life well. Living life well entails living the days that make up the entire course of your life in a meaningful way. When you say that you have lived well today, it means that today is a memorable day in your life that you can be proud of. The day you can say you have lived well would surely be the most valuable day in your entire life. If you lived one day that was worthwhile, for your entire life that would remain an unforgettable day.

Where does the concept of eternal life come from?

(3)  God is the eternal subject being of love and the eternal root of love. It follows that the object partner of such a subject being would be eternal as well. Eternal love means you invest your whole life and forget that you have done so. On the path of true love, even when you have invested your life and know you are dying, you still rejoice and try to invest it again. Then who is the true owner, the true husband, the true teacher, and the true parent? The one who invests his life and forgets he has invested and who tries to live for the sake of others, again and again, is the true parent, the true teacher, and the true owner. Heaven and earth resonate with someone who reaches such a state. The words were spoken by Buddha, "Throughout all of heaven and earth, I alone am the honored one," refer to his having reached that state. When your mind and body are united and you enter heaven's vast and infinite realm of love, you see that the entire universe brightens up. In other words, the realm of resonance opens up. However, human beings, who were supposed to have eternal life, fell and lost their spiritual life. Had they been united with God in true love and connected to His life and lineage, they would have automatically attained eternal life. There would have been no need for a savior.  There would have been no need for religion. Our minds and bodies would have been united.

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