Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 197

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 2: The Nature of the Spirit World
Section 4: The Path to the Kingdom of Heaven
, 09-17


(9)  God, the Creator, is the plus and the creation is the minus. What is it that pulls them? They are pulled by love. Electricity flows between plus and minus on its own, doesn't it? Human beings are also brought together through love. What happens when you go to the spirit world? You return to God. In the end, you return to God. When you go to the spirit world and call out, "God!" then from the center of the spirit world the answer, "Yes! Here I am," will come. And when you ask, "Where are You?" from the center of your mind the answer, "I am here," will come. This is how the conscience and the spirit world form a relationship.

(10)  What began from God returns to God. If we say we have returned to God, will there be two bodies? There will be only one. One is the cause and one is the result. That which initiates and pushes something outward is love and that which pulls it back inward is also love. There is nothing else. This is why it is said that the heart of love flows through history. History pushes it outward. Love returns to the beginning. There is no power other than love that returns to the beginning. The life force comes about through the pulling power of love, the power that pulls in. Centrifugal force and centripetal force are also brought about through the power of love. A man becomes a complete divine spirit when his life force is connected to that of a woman through love. For a man and a woman to become completed, the two have to become one.

The secret to entering God's kingdom in heaven

(11)  What has to be done to return to the presence of God? Adam and Eve have to become one. Adam and Eve need to be restored. Unless the fallen Adam and Eve become one, there can be no liberation of sorrow and no salvation. Only when the two are united as one can the parents be restored. Therefore, we need to restore them. That is how the Principle works. Why do they need to become one? It is to liberate God. This is the conclusion. Brothers and sisters, you have to love one another and you also have to love your enemy. Without loving your enemy, you cannot liberate God. To liberate God and the parents, you need to love your enemy. You cannot become one without loving your enemy. Then what has to be done after we have loved our enemies? We have to restore the parents. After we restore the parents, we have to restore God. They have to be restored all together. The Fall meant that the siblings, the parents, and God were lost all at the same time through an unprincipled relationship of love with Satan. These also have to be restored all at the same time. That is why without setting the condition of having staked your life and devoted it to love for the sake of overcoming this situation you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.

(12)  What is the secret to going to the kingdom of heaven? It is to restore the four-position foundation. All sixty-six books of the Bible exist for this purpose. The hopes of six thousand years of history are also pinned on this. The liberation of humankind from sorrow depends on this. The four-position foundation is absolute. You will be in serious trouble if you cannot fulfill it. You will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. If you cannot enter the kingdom, what will you do? In that case, your sons and daughters who receive the Blessing will lament for tens of thousands of years. Will you let such a thing happen to them simply because you did not fulfill your responsibility? If that happens, they cannot be descendants who are completely restored. The spirit world we talk about in the Unification Church is like that. There is no getting around it.

(13) You can never enter the kingdom of heaven unless you establish the four-position foundation and pay indemnity. This is why Jesus has worked so hard to this day. This is why I too have labored to this moment. I have toiled to sort this out. There is no other reason for my labors. It was for the realization of the four-position foundation. At the time of Jesus, the three disciples, Peter, John, and James, were necessary as a foundation to establish that. This being the case, from what position can you enter the kingdom of heaven? Since the kingdom of heaven was lost in Adam's family, it must be restored from within the family. Did Adam and Eve not fall through illicit love? It was at that point that the kingdom of heaven was lost. To restore this, the lost positions of Cain, Abel, and Seth must be found and restored.  Without becoming the parents in place of Adam and Eve and establishing these three sons, the four-position foundation cannot be established. This is the formula.

(14)  This current day is the global era. The white, black, and yellow races are three brothers. When you think about this, you may wonder, "Can different races truly come together and live in happiness?" But there is no fighting in the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of heaven is a place where you go not according to your race but according to your achievements in love.  In chapter five of the Gospel of Matthew, it is written, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God" (Matt. 5:9). When you meet the son of God you feel joyful. But when you come face to face with the son of Satan, the longer your meeting lasts, the more fear and anxiety you feel. In this regard, your siblings are precious to you. People who live for the sake of their siblings automatically go to the kingdom of heaven. Wherever they go, they will be welcomed and recommended. Those who live for their siblings become central figures. How can you practice brotherly love that matches the standard of parents' love and the love of husband and wife? The answer to that question is the secret to realizing the kingdom of heaven on earth.  In the end, this joyful giving and receiving is the key to entering the kingdom of heaven.

(15)  How is the kingdom of heaven to be realized from now on? To realize the kingdom of heaven, we need to go beyond nationality and national boundaries and love the people of the world whom Jesus did not get a chance to love. We need to love the people of the world. Transcending barriers of nation, race, and tribe, we need to love anyone and everyone, be they people from the deserts of Asia or the wilds of Africa as if they were our own children. If people have the heart to love like Jesus from the position of an elder sister or younger brother, then they are equal to Jesus, the Son of God. And the world where such practice is universal is the kingdom of heaven on earth. Only when we go forward in such a way, again and again, and again, can we enter the kingdom of heaven. Otherwise, it will be impossible.

(16)  We need to enter the kingdom of heaven. You cannot enter the kingdom of heaven without going through the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, and cosmos. From the very beginning, there has been a path to the kingdom of heaven, but up to this point, not one person has entered. This is because there has not been one person who could subjugate Satan at every stage, going through the way of the cross from the individual level to the levels of the family, tribe, people, nation, and the world, thereby establishing the foundation of victory. Because Jesus could not establish such a victorious foundation when he came to earth, he too was unable to enter the kingdom of heaven and until now he has offered his prayers from paradise.

Preparing a certificate with which to enter the kingdom of heaven

(17)  Since the Fall took place not in God's presence but with Satan as the subject, we need to subjugate Satan in order to free ourselves from the fallen realm. We have to be able to say, "Satan, you rogue! Since I am where I am now because I united with you, I will subjugate you and return to God!" If you do not obtain the certificate that states that you subjugated Satan, you cannot receive God's love. Jesus too prevailed over the three great temptations. We cannot enter the kingdom of heaven without obtaining Satan's signature confirming that we were historically victorious. No matter what it takes, we must obtain Satan's signature. When Jesus overcame Satan's three great temptations and triumphed, Satan acknowledged it in tears, right then and there, and said, "You are eternally different from me."

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