Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 196

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 2: The Nature of the Spirit World
Section 4: The Path to the Kingdom of Heaven
, 01-08


Section 4.  The Path to the Kingdom of Heaven

(1)  You represent the history of the resurrection of your ancestors. In a sense, you are their bodies and you wear their faces. How long is this history? Some say it is hundreds of thousands of years. In the end, the purpose of the long, arduous course of history has been to give birth to one person, which is each of us. To create one such person from, say, the Kim family, countless ancestors came and went. Thus, we are the fruits of human history. Do you think a fertile seed will come out of you? Do you think that your next generation will surely become a heavenly fruit? Do you think that a well-ripened Unification Church will come out of your heart? Would it be acceptable for this fruit of six thousand years to fall to the ground without ripening, and become a fallen fruit? Should you say, "Oh no, it looks as though I might fall from the branch. If the wind blows a bit more, I am going to fall. Father, please do not shake me; leave me be"?  There may be some people who are like that. On the other hand, there may be others who say, "Even if Father strikes me with an ax and shakes the branches as much as he pleases unless the branches are torn off, this fruit will never fall down." Which group do you belong to?

The fruits of our earthly life

(2)   As human beings, we are caught between the good God and His opposite, the evil Satan. That is why when you live your life in pursuit of goodness, the God of goodness is with you, and when you stand on the opposite side, the evil Satan is with you. This is the fate of humanity at present. Therefore, what people need more than anything else is to live yearning for God and seeking for goodness, leaving behind only goodness. By doing so, we can stand on the side of the God of goodness. Otherwise, we will end up on the side of evil. Only when human beings absolutely believe in God, who exists centered on absolute goodness and try to find the way by which we can become one with Him, can our life's journey begin from goodness, go through the process of goodness and bear the fruit of goodness. After we have lived our lives to the end and weighed every good deed against every evil deed, if there are more evil deeds than good deeds, we will end up under the dominion of evil. But if there remains even one more good deed than evil deed, we will end up under the dominion of goodness.

(3)   If we were to take away one good deed for every evil deed in our lives, each of us would hope that, in the end, what would remain would be good deeds. But our life's journey is such that it is more likely that rather than good deeds, evil deeds would remain. What if we were to add up all the people living in the same era, and we eliminated one good deed for every evil deed for each individual? If we found that evil deeds remained rather than good deeds, then the conclusion we would reach is that the people living on earth during that period were on balance not good people but evil ones, and furthermore that this society was not a good society but an evil one.

(4)  Good and evil are not determined in your thoughts. Rather, good and evil are determined through your life. Heaven and hell are determined not through the world of your thoughts but on the stage of your life. This is important. When you get on a streetcar and take a look at the people around you, you should be able to tell at a glance which of them is in a bad mood and which in a good mood. Those in a bad mood have less spiritual power than others. But those in a good mood are elevated above the others. If there is a person who has spiritual experiences, you should be able to discern that immediately. You should be able to know at a glance who such people are. Even animals know whether they will live or die. How then can people, who are the lords of all creation, live without knowing about their own lives? We become ignorant because we are engrossed in self-interest and selfish desire and turn our backs away from God, but once we come to live together with God, we will know and understand.

(5)  Can you go to the spirit world with confidence or not? If you can go there with confidence, heaven will be waiting for you, but if you go there without confidence, hell will be waiting for you. In any case, you will go there. A well-ripened fruit will go to the storehouse of the kingdom of heaven, and an unripe fruit will go into a stinking trash can. Therefore, no matter how difficult it is, you need to reach perfection on earth before you go to the spirit world. Thus, you need to bear good fruit. You should say, "I will go to the hell of the eyes. I will go to the hell of the mouth. I will go to the hell of the ears." You need to go through the hell of the five sensory organs to be able to go to the kingdom of heaven. That is why, while you are on earth, you have to see what you do not want to see; you have to smell what you do not want to smell; you have to hear what you do not want to hear, and you have to say what you do not want to say. Even though I know everything there is to know about this vast world and even though I know everything clearly about the spirit world, the path I am walking is the path of hell. I am pioneering a path no one has ever walked before.

(6)  When God created all things, He did so through the Word. When He seeks us out, He does so through the Word. If you claim you come from God, then since He sowed the Word, you have the responsibility to reap that Word and reclaim it as our Father's. The Last Days are a time when we must harvest the ideal and prepare for it to be substantialized. The substance is realized through the Word. Throughout history, God has been seeking the substance thus molded through the Word. That was the purpose of the coming of Jesus Christ to this earth. God first showed fallen people the Word, not the substance, because these two must be restored in reverse order. They need to be reclaimed in the order they were lost. Though He desires the substance, He first has to sow the seeds of the Word in the heart of each and every fallen person. Then, based on the Word, we come to complete the substance and form it into a body of life.

(7)  When Adam and Eve lost their faith, their substance, and their love, their lineage was also lost. Therefore, this process needs to be reversed.  When Nicodemus came before Jesus and asked what he should do to enter the kingdom of heaven, Jesus answered, "No one can see the kingdom of God without being born anew." Then Nicodemus asked, "How can these things be?" and Jesus replied, "Are you a teacher of Israel, and yet you do not understand these things?" (John 3:3-11). Because Nicodemus was a teacher of the Jewish nation, Jesus spoke about the most important thing as simple fact rather than speaking through symbols or analogies. He essentially said, "You cannot enter the kingdom of God unless you are reborn." And in being reborn, if you are inferior to Adam and Eve, you cannot enter the kingdom. When you are reborn, you need to be better than Adam and Eve. This is the Principle. Otherwise, you cannot ascend to the restored, original position.

(8)  The Fall is the breaking of the connection between the Word, the substance, and the heart. You, therefore, need to know the Word and practice it. In practicing the Word, you need to move forward with the heart of the parents. Only those who have taken substantial action to accomplish restoration through indemnity can be blessed. This should not be done in word only. Speaking, by itself, is not enough.  Only by actually carrying out the Word will you become members of the tribe of heaven—in other words, the life spirits of the nation. Then you need to become divine spirits. You must do so and then be registered, thereby finding your way to your own position. This is the course of restoration. Therefore, you need to be registered. Once you are connected and registered as a divine spirit, you will not commit wrongs. You are adhering to a law more demanding than that of Satan's world. Isn't that true in today's world as well? Can the citizens of one nation be punished according to the laws of another nation? That cannot happen, because they are of a different nationality. When you enter such a realm, the laws of that realm apply to you. This being the case, once you have risen above Satan's world, you are following a more stringent law. Since you have fulfilled the laws of Satan's world, the laws of this earth are no problem. This is because you have paid the necessary indemnity conditions. Thus, you will not go to hell.

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