Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 195

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 2: The Nature of the Spirit World
Section 3: Angels and the Angelic World, 04-13


(4)   The archangel seduced Eve. To fulfill the historical providential mission in the archangelic realm, it is, therefore, not enough for only the archangel's representative to be perfected. Because the archangel took Eve away and made her fall, that is, because he dragged her to the evil archangelic realm, the good archangelic realm must prepare to return Eve. Since Satan took Eve away and usurped the position of the first human ancestors, a person in the position of the archangel on Heaven's side must fulfill the mission of negating this process and prepare a bride. In place of Eve, who betrayed the Will of Heaven, a bride who can inherit Heavens Will must be prepared. When this bride is prepared and when the bridegroom also appears, everything within the archangelic realm must be returned together with the bride. By seducing Eve, Satan took everything away from Adam and God, so the archangelic realm on Heaven's side is in a position where it must return all that.

(5)  Originally Adam and Eve should have ruled over the angels with God as their center, but this was reversed and the angel came to control Adam and Eve. This is why indemnity is carried out through the second son, who represents the side of Adam or God, by having him win over Cain, who represents the side of the archangel or Satan. Because Abel stood in such a position, God accepted his sacrifice gladly. Knowing that Abel had returned joy to God, Cain should not have felt sorry that God did not accept his sacrifice. He should have loved Abel and approached the presence of God through Abel. If he had done so, the foothold for the providence of salvation would have been established right then and there. Cain, however, felt overwhelming resentment at Abel's receiving love from God and beat his brother to death. In the end, just as the archangel dominated Adam, so Cain, who stood in the position of the archangel on Satan's side, struck and killed Abel, who stood in the position of Adam on Heaven's side. Here we can see the fruits of both spiritual and physical sin manifested.

(6)  The innumerable Christian spirits, that is, the countless spirits connected with Jesus, should be in a position to fulfill the mission of the archangel before the coming Lord. What is this mission? It is to pave the way for Jesus to confront Satan spiritually and bring him to submission. Just as John the Baptist blessed Jesus in the Jordan River and thereby bequeathed everything to him, so the spirit world needs to bless the coming Lord. Otherwise, we will not see the beginning of the providence on earth. This is why the path that Christians have tended to follow has been to abandon the physical world and concern themselves only with spiritual matters. To Christians, the physical world has not so much importance.

(7)  There have been many people of faith until now. They all say they are the ones who move this world. It is the same as when John the Baptist and Jesus proclaimed, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." Then what do these words, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand," mean? What is different between the proclamation of John the Baptist and the proclamation of Jesus? One is external and one is internal. One is of the angel type and one is of the Adam type. Adam inevitably must appear with the assistance of the archangel. This is because when God created Adam, He did so with the assistance of the archangel. In addition, the archangel had the mission of protecting and raising Adam. The ones who are supposed to carry out this mission today are the Christians and the many people of faith who have become enlightened. Such people are spread out all over the world. Among them, there is one person who can carry out this global mission.  Jesus lost his body because of the archangel. He died because of the archangel. That is why the person who can complete the mission of the archangel on the global level has no choice but to go over the summit through which the death of Jesus can be indemnified. For such a person to be born, his family necessarily must go through a history of suffering.

(8)  For thousands of years since the time of Jesus, various religions in charge of the mission of the spirit world have continued to engage in the battle to create the substantial archangel who can serve Adam as their representative. To create this substantial archangel—a person like John the Baptist—the world was mobilized, in particular, Christian believers. It is said that in the Last Days the Holy Spirit will pour out on us like water. But this does not mean spirits will come to earth and alter people by pouring themselves into their bodies. Nor does it signify the appearance of an immature Adam, that is, a person like Adam before the Fall. The spirit world has been endeavoring to create a person like a restored John the Baptist.

(9)  At the Second Advent, the Cain-type spirits in the angelic world have the mission to expel Satan from this world. After that, the Abel-type spirits in the spirit world have the mission to carry out a movement to integrate the religions of goodness on earth. Because evil fortune will gradually disappear on earth as time goes by and because the good spirits have the responsibility to root out all the minions of the one who fell from the position of the archangel, the power of Satan on earth will disintegrate and decrease at a faster and faster rate.

(10)  If you wish to go to the kingdom of heaven, you must obtain a document of surrender from Satan. Without getting a document that proves you have loved even Satan, you cannot go to heaven. That is why the Unification Church works the way it does. Even though we could treat those who oppose us as enemies, we have to love them, which is an astonishing way of doing things. We have to love our enemies. We have to pray that they receive blessings. There is no other way. Unless Cain and Abel become one, there will be no restoration and we will not be able to return to our Parents.

(11)  Even if the fallen archangel accuses God because God is still God the archangel has no choice but to follow the laws He established. God is the Absolute Being. Therefore, although the archangel has fallen, God still has to govern all created things in accordance with the laws and rules He established. This means that however God intended to relate to the archangel before his fall, God has to continue to relate to him that way after his fall. That is why the archangel says to God, "You are supposed to love me until the perfection period and beyond."

(12)  Satan accuses God, grabs Him firmly, and holds on, saying, "I know You are God, the eternal and immortal subject being and the great supervisor of the Creation of heaven and earth. You are the original being of truth, the original being of love, and the original being of principle, so in accordance with Your laws and principles, You cannot change. For this reason, even though I have fallen, do You not have to practice the principles You established? So as a being of principle, You have no way to bring Your sons and daughters to the original ideal world without loving the fallen angel. The plan You made for me, the archangel before the Fall is that Your children cannot enter the heavenly kingdom unless they love me and You Yourself love me. Even though I have fallen, You still must follow that principle.  Therefore You should love me. If You do not, You cannot be the true God."

(13)  Satan is the enemy who violated God’s love. He is a thief who entered the house while the parents were asleep, murdered the father, and raped the mother.  So who is Satan? He is the enemy of love who violated God’s beloved Eve, God’s partner in substantial form. We need to have a heart that is able to offer the daughter we love to an adulterer such as that and still bless him. You cannot love the enemy merely by forgiving him. Would Satan thank you just for that? We must have such a heart that we are able to bless our enemy even after giving him the person we love most. This is the Last crucial condition we need to accomplish.


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