Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 194

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 2: The Nature of the Spirit World
Section 2: Life in the Spirit World, 21
Section 3: Angels and the Angelic World, 03


(21)  When you go to the heavenly kingdom you must go through a wedding ceremony. Dressed in ceremonial garments, you enter, stand before God, and greet Him with love. Husband and wife have a love relationship in front of God. When they make love, God Himself rejoices. At the same time, He envelops them from the vertical position. Not only the feelings of the horizontal couple but those of the entire universe flow and intoxicate them. They thus enter an unimaginable world that is like a kaleidoscope. When they love, something amazing happens: two invisible streams of energy come together and unite completely as one and are assimilated in the world of light. This way of life is brought about with true love.

(22)  When you go to the spirit world, you will see that there is not only the Heavenly Father but the Heavenly Mother. Can a living being come to exist without both a mother and a father? Just like that mother and father, behind Adam and Eve, you can find God, who has been divided and then united as one. That is why the way to heaven comes through the mother as well as the father. If this ideal had come to pass, who would have been the central figure in the spirit world, the kingdom of heaven in heaven? When your mother and father, who lived here in substantial form, went to the next world, they would have become the king and queen of the eternal kingdom of heaven.

The coexistence of good and evil spirits

(23)  The spirit world can be divided into two: the good spirit world and the evil spirit world. Spirit world really exists, even though people living on earth do not know it. Even in the spirit world, good and evil spirits are fighting each other. There are battles even in the spirit world. Evil spirits are connected to Satan, and people living on earth today are living in the realm of their rule. Why is that? Regardless of whether they were good or evil, all our ancestors passed away to the spirit world. Good spirits stand on the good side only because they have set the condition while living on the earth of having separated themselves from the fallen world. But from God’s point of view, they cannot stand in the position of perfect goodness. On the way toward God’s original ideal world—an ideal realm of goodness to which original humankind can go—good spirits are trying to advance and evil spirits are blocking the way. The evil spirit world and evil earthly world are connected at all times. They are in constant communication. Good spirits are those who on earth were confronted by the evil world and who faced opposition in their lives but surmounted it before passing on. They are the spirits who passed away as religious believers.

(24)  Since all kinds of people are gathered together in the spirit world, including those who killed and those who were killed, sometimes such things as knife fights and vendettas break out there. This is why there are so many divisions and barriers blocking the way to the ideal. Evil spirits sometimes go to their enemies' descendants on earth and cause them to have fatal accidents. All such resentment must be resolved. In order for this to happen, they must first be resolved on earth. To do so, you need to provide a better option. Unless you give such spirits a better way than that which brought about the enmity—something nobler than killing in retaliation—they cannot be appeased.

(25)  The spirit world is the storehouse where our numerous ancestors from throughout history reside. It is where the countless people on earth today and the myriads to come in the future will all go and live. In the spirit world, there are good and evil realms. If everyone died and went into oblivion, then that would be the end of the story. However, if the spirit world gathers all of humankind with at least some ability to relate with God, then the spirit world is inevitably divided into two parts: that of goodness and that of evil. The question arises as to what the evil part is and what the good part is. God would wish for the good and evil to harmonize in both the spirit world and the human world. Therefore, He will pursue the way for both sides to reach the fulfillment of their purposes, and at the same time fulfill the purpose of the whole.

(26)  If the fruit of love had been harvested and stored in God’s warehouse, heaven would have been secured. We would have become the family, nation, and citizens of heaven. But instead, this fruit went bad midway and fell to the ground. Thus, we became the family and citizens of hell. This tragedy is called the Fall. In other words, we fell.  We have to acknowledge the fact that the place we are living in is the hell we have fallen into; this cannot be logically denied. Even if we hate to do so, we need to acknowledge these two facts: that we are fallen and that we are living in hell. We were supposed to bear the fruit of love and go to the storehouse of the kingdom of heaven, but instead, we are rotting in the warehouse of hell because of the Fall.

Section 3.  Angels and the Angelic World

(1)  We know that God created the angelic world as well as the human world. Then what kind of world is the angelic world? Only when people become like fragrant, beautiful flowers, and bear fruit will the sweet home of love finally be completed. All life force starts from there and all living beings will be able to harmonize there. People are the origin of this harmony. If, centered on such people, the angels of the heavenly host had formed an internal realm of harmony where they, like butterflies and bees, could interact with human beings, then the world would have become a flower garden of harmony. There, God, people, and angels all would have rejoiced. All created things would have been immersed in love and a spring feast of love would have begun.

(2)  Adam and Eve, the archangel, and God were in the garden of Eden. The archangel was supposed to take responsibility for and nurture Adam and Eve until they received the Blessing. That was his mission, but he fell. This means his thoughts became consumed with himself. God's creation, however, is built on His ideal; it has nothing to do with the archangel. Because all things were created in accordance with God's Will, they were created based on God's own thoughts. The values, contents, and purpose of all things lie in bringing joy to God. Their purpose was not to bring joy to the archangel; the center of their purpose was God. However, God alone could not complete His purpose. God wished to perfect the purpose of creation revolving around Adam and Eve. In His own heart, therefore, God could not help but incline toward Adam and Eve rather than the archangel.  Look at a baby. If it sees its mother embracing any other child, it wants to push that child away. This is the case even for an infant who knows hardly anything at all. Similarly, it stands to reason that the archangel felt a similar jealousy. In summary, Adam and Eve must become perfected and complete God's purpose, the purpose that will bring Him joy. This has nothing to do with the archangel. The sole mission of the archangel was to protect and raise Adam and Eve, to help them receive the Blessing and form a family.

(3)  In Eden, the archangel fell and became Satan, so it came to be that there no longer was an archangel in Heaven. Therefore, Heaven has endeavored to find and establish a being that can take the place of the archangel and be equal to his mission. This being must be stronger than anything in Satan's world, which extends from the spirit world to the physical world. First, a person representing the archangel must be found. This replacement for the archangel should not be a person who is less capable of fulfilling the archangel's mission than the being that became Satan. A being similar to the central archangel must be put in place, someone who can defeat and subjugate the fallen Satan and pledge greater loyalty before Heaven. This global representative of the archangel—that is, the central representative who can overthrow Satan—must be established on the foundation of a certain connection with Heaven. This is not something that can emerge all at once. This authoritative power must be gained through a path of much suffering that separates that power from the evil environment and all evil influences. Going beyond the realm of the individual to the family, tribe, people, and nation, Heaven has no choice but to carry out the providence of attaining the victorious realm of the archangel on the foundation of at least one nation.


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