Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 193

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 2: The Nature of the Spirit World
Section 2: Life in the Spirit World, 12-20


(12)  You cannot deceive your conscience. It records everything about you as if on a videotape. The detailed record of your life is assigned a number and stored in the spirit world. Someone will receive you and guide you when you go to the spirit world according to the brightness of your spirit. After you are ushered in, your number will be pressed and everything will be shown right away. Everything from the time of your birth to that moment will be revealed in an instant. It cannot be helped. Your conscience will weep bitterly. The ratio of your good versus evil thoughts, words, and deeds will determine whether you end up on this or that side of the boundary between heaven and hell. The spirit world does not move at random. It is a mathematical world. It moves according to logic. God is the King of scientists. Heaven is not operating arbitrarily.

(13)  Whether human beings like it or not, as fallen descendants of Adam and Eve we each have to surmount the steep pass of indemnity even at the risk of death. No one can avoid this. You must traverse this path. If you go to the spirit world without going through this in your lifetime, there is no way to know how many millions of years it will take you in the spirit world. There is no indemnity in the spirit world. Since it is a liberated realm of perfection, it is filled with the waves of love. There is no indemnity or re-creation. There is no reproduction either. Since there are no such opportunities, once you are fixed in a position, that is the end of it. Knowing these things, God sent the Messiah to the earth. There still remains the path of indemnity through the eight stages of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos, and God. You cannot, however, go through that path all at once. That is why God has led history through the era of indemnity on the individual level, the era of indemnity on the family level, and then, passing through the four-thousand-year history of Israel, all the way to the era of indemnity on the world level of the Christian cultural realm.

(14)  In the spirit world, love comes first. Our foremost wish is to go before God, the subject of love. Since I know this, even though I have had to go all my life bearing the cross and shedding blood and sweat, I never worry. I know very well where I will end up. My only concern is that the spirit world is such that once you go you can never come back here. Once you have gone there, you cannot return. In that world, if you come to know things about cleaning your spirit and then try to resolve your issues, it will take billions of years. In that place, there is no way to clean up such things. In this physical world, however, there are many difficulties and ups and downs, aren't there? Even in one day, you encounter a variety of troubles, and the more troubles you meet, the more skin you can shed, like a snake. On the other hand, in the next world, the spirit world, though there is the stimulus of love, there is no indemnity that can rid you of your sins, so it takes countless eons to do that.

(15)  Losing God is like losing the great supervisor of the entire universe and like losing our own father. That Father is not the one we call father only during the short period of a hundred years or so that we live in the flesh. He is the Father we will call Father eternally and endlessly. For all eternity, when He rejoices, we should rejoice with Him, and when He grieves, we should grieve with Him. This is determined on the earth. That is why the people who have lived their lives on earth in a place where God can rejoice and have upheld and followed the way of principle, the way of faith, can go to the kingdom of heaven, and the people who have lived in a place where God grieves go to hell. We, however, are living in a place where God grieves. These circumstances were brought about through the Fall.

(16)  People do not give birth to babies in the spirit world. It is a vertical world. It is a spherical world with God at the center. There is no need to give birth to babies there. Because God needed a horizontal foundation, He created physical human beings. The physical world is a field of reproduction. All citizens of the spirit world will come from this planet. Then why are people on earth practicing birth control at present? This is in accordance with Heaven's decree that the wrong lineage not be multiplied further. What about the blessed families of the Unification Church? For you, the question of how many citizens of heaven you can multiply will determine your wealth. Your own children are more valuable than spiritual children. Spiritual children are not related to your Blessing. Your position in heaven will be determined by how many children you leave behind.

(17)  When your heart stops, it is said you have died. The heart of a spirit self, however, never stops. The root of that heart is God. Because we have received the root of God, as a person resembling God we harvest the fruit of the heart when we enter the spirit world. Then what will it be like when you go to the spirit world? The spirit world is the same as the physical world. Your spirit self is a better and more divine version of yourself. Its senses are more multidimensional than your five sensory organs. On earth, we can feel the pulse of life through the horizontal or vertical elements or through the relationships of up and down and front and back, but in the spirit world that pulse of life will be cosmic. It will be that much greater.

(18)  What is the center of all value of life in the spirit world? Among those living in the spirit world, each individual belongs to a certain society. Just like on earth, the spirit world also has families, tribes, and nations and is connected to the world. The spirit world is the place where everyone now living on earth, whether they like it or not, will one day reside. From uncivilized to civilized, all sorts of people who came and went throughout history congregate there. However, people who lived on earth cannot suddenly change their nature in the spirit world. There is a saying, "What is learned in the cradle is carried to the grave." It is difficult to correct your personality problems. So would the spirits in the other world be noticeably different from people today? Would they suddenly change? That is not possible. You are harvested in exactly the same form in which you lived here on earth. All the spirits in the spirit world are, after all, just the spirit selves of those who lived on earth. In this regard, the spirit world is not very different from the world people live in today.

The life where husband and wife live as one in flesh and spirit

(19)  If a couple is truly one in heart when they go to the spirit world, the man can become the woman and the woman can become the man at any time. If you look into a woman, there is something of a man inside, and when you look into a man, there is something of a woman inside. It is very much the same as God’s dual characteristics. Since internal character and external form became divided, in order to return to the original being, they must ascend the ladder of love. As the standard of creation originated from love, one must ascend this ladder to return. In the end, our final destination is to be with God.

(20)  Mothers and fathers also go to the world of death. I myself must go there too.  For a being created through the organ of love, violating that organ leads straight to death. There is no way to forgive that. We should firmly implant this principle in ourselves. Based on that love, God harmonizes with human beings, and human beings become one with Him through love. In other words, they become God-like. When the divided dual characteristics of God are completely united as one through love, you will see when you go to the spirit world that two people are joined as one. At first glance, you will see that someone is certainly a man—but inside resides a woman in harmony with him. Everything is united when seen through the eyes of love. Even those who are superficially ugly look beautiful, and of course, those who are beautiful also look beautiful.

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