Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 192

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 2: The Nature of the Spirit World
Section 2: Life in the Spirit World, 01-11


Section 2.  Life in the Spirit World

(1) Just as God the Creator made all sorts of things based on His concept of true love, in the spirit world we too can create anything by exerting our original power based on love. Based on love, when you desire this or that, it will appear in its finished form. If you say, “Let such and such a tool appear!” it will be created at once. How wonderful is that? And when you have tens of thousands or millions of
people present at a banquet hall and you wishfully think, “I will prepare such and such kinds of food,” the meal will appear without a hitch. If you wish even for a suit of gold, one will appear instantly.

(2)  Because the spirit world transcends time and space, you can travel billions of miles in a second. That vast world exists beyond time and space. You can look back a thousand or even tens of thousands of years. What would you wish to see? Whom would you wish to meet? If you are a man, you would want to meet your wife, and if you are a woman, you would wish to meet your husband.

Life in which thoughts become reality

(3)  In the spirit world, when you think, "I want to do such and such a thing," it actually becomes a reality. That is why in the next world whenever you wish for something with an earnest heart of love, it is made possible. It is a place where if you desire to make ten million beautiful outfits and dress your loved ones in them all at once, you can actually do that. If you want to dress your beloved in clothes woven of gold thread, that clothing will appear just as you imagined it. It will appear right before your eyes. And when you think, "I want to wear the same thing!" you will already be wearing the same clothes. Then all spirits in the heavenly world will dance to the one-two-three, one-two-three rhythm of a waltz, and a banquet will be held in heaven. This spirit world of glory is where the people with the greatest love can go. It is an amazing world. All created things become our objects of harmony in that glorious place.

(4)  Everything sustains its life through cyclical movement. That which no longer circulates returns to the earth. What kind of being is God? God is like the mind of the existing universe. Now, you know who God is, do you not? In fact, He is the mind of the universe. Can you see your mind? The spirit world is a world of life where the mind manifests as form. It is a place that transcends time and space. In the spirit world, you can freely eat whatever you want. There is no need to worry about food or water. There is no need to worry about what to drink or what to wear. It transcends everything, be it food, clothing or shelter. Would you need a car there? Would there be car factories, food factories, or clothing factories? There would be no such things. In the spirit world, you can go back and forth covering billions of miles in an instant. You can do so with the power of love. If you wish to see someone you love, that person will appear immediately before you.

(5)  How is life in the next world? You will not worry about what to eat. You will not worry about where to live. You will not worry about what to wear. This is because, according to your spiritual state, everything you wish for will become possible. We will eat in the next world too. We will also be able to feel the flow of our blood and the beat of our pulse. It is the same. Though we will have spirit bodies, they will work the same way. When I say I want to eat something, it will appear at once. Whatever you want to eat, when you say you want such and such a thing, it will appear right away. Where do these things come from? The spirit world is the world where we will be able to mobilize the original world, the world where we can work actively on our own initiative. It is thus not power, knowledge, or money that gives us the authority to mobilize anything. It is love.

(6)  In the spirit world, food, clothing, and shelter are not a problem. You can do as you like with regard to them all. When you stand in the realm of oneness of love in the position of God’s object partner, you can do the things that God does. You can do anything. You can transcend billions of years in an instant. Love moves at an extraordinary speed. When you visit the place where your loved one is, it will take no time at all. You can come and go in a flash, so you can instantly meet your object partner of love. There are no obstacles in this absolute realm. It is a world that goes beyond limitations and transcends time and space. Such an infinite world has been prepared for humanity.

(7)  What will you do in the spirit world? Will you try to earn money there? Will you need clothes and a house? Everything you want will be instantly provided. The spirit world is a place in which you can resolve everything at your own level. If you desire something and order it to appear, it will appear right away. However, if you ask for something just for yourself, it will not appear even if you cause a huge commotion and uproar. Conversely, if you speak from the position of the heavenly prince who loves God and loves the world and say, "I need it to attend the King," everything will appear instantly. The spirit world is a world in which anything imaginable is possible.

(8)  Would Adam and Eve have paid for the food they ate in the garden of Eden? It was all free. Because God, who created the environment and everything in it, bestowed infinite value upon human beings, when we go to the spirit world we are naturally provided with things of infinite value. The spirit world where God dwells is our original homeland. We do not pay for the food we eat there. We will be provided with everything, beyond our imagination.

(9)  You have no idea how immense the spirit world is. It is an infinite world that transcends time and space. If you call out, "Whoever lived on earth with such and such a heart at such and such a time before coming here, show yourself!" that person will appear in the twinkling of an eye. It is a world in which intuitive feelings become real. If you say that you wish to host a banquet for a million people at once, it will not be a problem. Food and fruit will not pose a problem. They will appear instantaneously according to your wishes. There are no kitchens there. You do not need to worry about anything in that place. There are no food-processing plants or car factories. There are all kinds of flowers. You can create your own house in any way you like, corresponding to the level of your heart of love.

(10)  Nothing can stop our activity in the spirit world. Everything is connected. That world transcends time and space, so people who lived eons ago can be with you.  Everyone can appear young; they can appear any age they like. You can meet anyone freely as you wish, so explanations and excuses will not be necessary. You will know everything at a glance. You will know right away whether someone is ranked below, beside or above you in love. When you meet men who were grandfathers in past ages, you will know their rank of love right away. Those rankings are absolute. Highly ranked people naturally stand in a place that matches their rank; they do not act carelessly. It is different from the physical world.

Your earthly life determines your place in the spirit world

(11)  When you go to the spirit world you will find that your life has been recorded one hundred percent in a spirit world "computer." Everything that has been recorded will be revealed. The conscience is like a computer's hard drive, the contents of which will be exhibited in the eternal world. Everything is contained in it. With the click of a button, all the recorded details of your life, starting from when you were a baby being held and breastfed by your mother, will be known through the images of your mind. Every day, that computer is recording your life in order to carry out a complete appraisal of your being. The day this appraisal happens is the day you die. No one can tell a lie in the presence of that all-powerful computer that appraises people. The images in the spirit world appear as a world of shadows.  Everything is recorded.

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