Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 191

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 2: The Nature fo the Spirit World
Section 1: Understanding the Reality of the Spirit World, 32-44


The spirit world and physical world are one and are perfected on earth

(32)  Knowledge of the spirit world and God includes knowing about the environment. That environment is actually similar to the environment of human life on earth. Even when you die and go to the spirit world, you may not know you have died. You may simply think you have come to a different place. For instance, if you had been living at the North Pole, in the middle of an ice field and then traveled to a tropical place, you would suddenly find that it is hot all year round; the trees are always green and their leaves and other things differ from what you have known. In the same way, when you die, you may feel just like that; you may not realize you have died. You may think like this because the two worlds are so closely interwoven.

(33)  We all ultimately have to go to the spirit world. We call that place the world after death, but actually it is not just that. Why is it not just the world after death? Because it is a world connected to true love. Since it was begun based on true love, when you stand in the position of true love, you are directly connected to the spirit world. That is why true love is so great. Then what is the spirit world? It is the place where, once you have filled in all the gaps between the heavenly world and the earthly world, you can experience a realm of life where the two worlds share the same values. From this place, you can tour the world after death.

(34)  If the substantial spirit world is the sun, then our relationship to it is like the moon, a reflector. Our individual selves are like mirrors. The truth is the spirit world is connected to the earth both internally and externally. Thus, the spirit world and the physical world are one. If you do not know this, you cannot pass the test in the next world. This is important. The Completed Testament Age is not about the individual; it is the age in which you need to realize the God-centered family.

(35)  The Blessing in the Unification Church turns the spirit world and the physical world upside down. By overturning them, we bring about the turning point from which the unification of the spirit world and the physical world can take place. This is the age of transition through which the spirit world and the physical world are connected and transformed. When these two are turned upside down, Satan is exiled, all evil ways on earth are brought to an end and we cross over into the age in which God can have direct dominion over us. We, therefore, need to have a clear understanding of the nature of the spirit world. If you do not understand the spirit world, you cannot fulfill the foundation of the family. Only when you know about the spirit world can you bring everything into its fullest realization.

(36)  The spirit world and the physical world are united through true love. Because of the Fall, there was no true love, and so the spirit world and the physical world could not be united. Because there was no true love, the minds and bodies of individuals became divided and religion and politics branched off. Everything should be united under true love. Only then can the individual, family, society, nation, world, and cosmos all be interconnected. We need to bring this about with our own hands. Otherwise, we cannot inherit the original kingdom of heaven in the spirit world and the kingdom of heaven on earth.

(37)  In the spirit world, you cannot eat if you do not have God's love. You do not have the right to eat. Hell is a place where you cannot eat even though you can see the food and you cannot act even though you know what to do. Unless you have found the precious center where the spirit world and physical world are united based on God's love, and you have united your spirit and body to live your life in the kingdom of heaven on earth, you cannot possess the eternal ideal world and own the heavenly kingdom.

(38)  The spirit world is the internal world and the physical world is the external world. The world of the mind is the internal world and the world of the body is the external world. That is where the boundary is. It is so deep it appears black. The distance between your mind and body is equal to the distance between God and this world. The providence of restoration has been carried out for six thousand years to unite the worlds of your body and mind. The more the body and mind are united, the more the boundary can be eliminated on earth and what has been sown on earth can be reaped. In this way, a cosmos in which the spirit world and the physical world are united centered on God is brought about. That is why the arena where God seeks us out and we seek God is not in the world; it is within us. Our body and mind are the base for that.

(39)  It is a principle that a perfect minus automatically gives rise to a perfect plus and that a perfect plus automatically generates a perfect minus. This is a principle of the creation of the universe and a law of existence. If we live properly on earth according to this principle, then the spirit world becomes connected. The problem is that this is the first time in history that this has happened. Spiritual problems are only resolved when they are dealt with on earth. However, each time this happens, indemnity must be paid. You do not understand what this historical time is or how to deal with this global era, but I know and I have taken responsibility for the way of indemnity alone, in front of history and the universe and before the spirit world and the physical world. Because I know when indemnity is required, I also know clearly what happens in the spirit world and on earth when the indemnification process breaks down.

(40)  One hundred years on earth is just a moment. The fallen people living in this world live their lives believing that this world is the best there is. They do not know anything. They are like an unborn baby in the womb. When you come to know God, you should live your life in such a way that when you go from the earthly world to the spirit world you will become a cell of love and one with the activity of love.

(41)  Life on earth is for the sake of the perfection of the spirit world. The spirit world is the place where our spirit selves will eventually live. If our spirit self fails to accomplish a model standard in the flesh on earth, and if our spirit and flesh cannot experience love on earth, we will not be able to breathe when we go to that world. On this earth, our mother breastfeeds us and we receive love from her. We are loved by our parents and our siblings. It is similar in the spirit world. Our spirit selves are meant to go there and be embraced in the bosom of God, our original Parent, receive love from Him, and live at the center of His love. To do so, we first need to be able to experience love through the five sensory organs of our physical body during our life on earth. We live our life on earth for the sake of our complete maturation and so that we can enjoy total fulfillment in the spirit world.

(42)  The spirit world is our homeland. It is our original homeland. This earth is the original homeland of our bodies and the spirit world is the original homeland of our minds. The place we will go after this is the spirit world. That is why we need to train ourselves to be able to live there while we are still on earth. Only then will we encounter no difficulties when we go there to live.

(43)  The earth, not the spirit world, is the place to achieve perfection. It is possible to reach perfection on the earth, with true love as the center. It is not possible in the spirit world. This is why you need to have children. They are the ones who will become the citizens of the kingdom of heaven. They will become the citizens of the ideal heavenly kingdom. So you need to have many sons and daughters. The original ideal necessitated twelve directions.  Therefore, I want the ideal of twelve directions.

(44)  Love is something you cannot forget. As the very root of life, love is always with you, even when you are working and whether you are asleep or awake. In living your life, you need to think about God and True Parents. By doing so, your mind and body can stand in a realm of peace, stability, and satisfaction. A person who has led such a life will continue to do so even after going to the spirit world.  On earth, you expand your internal life. That expanded internal life comes to the surface when you go to the spirit world. Because love is internalized, it is as if we and God are cells of the same body. The spirit world is a world in which you yourself become one of those cells. When you attain such a level, God will definitely come into your mind. It is a world where you live together with God.

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