Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 190

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 2: The Nature fo the Spirit World
Section 1: Understanding the Reality of the Spirit World, 22-31


(22)  Blessed families should all be able to become sacrificial offerings for the nation. This is the starting point to determine whether you will go to heaven or hell.  Going to heaven or hell is not determined by how well you know the Bible or how well you can speak. What matters are your actual results for God and your heart. In the end, the boundary between heaven and hell is a boundary of heart and a boundary of actual results.

(23)  You should liberate your conscience. Your mind is the checkpoint of heaven and your body is the checkpoint of hell. Does your body drag your mind around or does your mind have true dominion over your body? For those who follow a religion, their minds give clear direction to their bodies, and for those who do not follow a religion—in ten cases out of ten—their bodies drag their minds around. The latter live consumed by themselves. That is the difference. Each of you is the starting point of hell, therefore, and also the starting point of heaven. If you live according to your mind you will go to heaven and if you live according to your body you will go to hell. If you live for the sake of others you will go to heaven and if you insist on living for your own sake you will go to hell.

(24)  There is no marriage in the spirit world. Think for a moment about how serious a problem that is. By comparison, missing an arm or a leg is really not a problem. That being the case, should you complain or not? You cannot complain. You should rejoice. Even while shedding tears, you should go forward, rejoicing, and happy. You yourself determine whether you go to heaven or hell. That decision does not lie with me and it does not lie with God; you are the one who decides that. When you habitually complain, you end up in hell; yet when you go forward with gratitude for situations you could easily be complaining about, you end up in heaven.

(25)  What about the spirit world? Since confused people go to the spirit world and gather there, that realm is certainly chaotic. People who develop the habit of stealing will always end up stealing something. Thus, people who stole on earth will naturally want to get something for nothing in the spirit world. Because it was difficult to handle such people in the spirit world, hell originated. God did not make hell; it came into being through people. Do people first prepare a trash can, and then start building their house? It is only after building and living in the house that one comes to need the trashcan. The existence of hell is similar to that.

(26)  To commit suicide is the worst of sins. Because suicide is an atrocity that actually destroys parts of the universe, such a person should go to the lowest level of hell. Once you know this fact, you cannot commit suicide. You are the being who connects your parents' lives. In other words, you are the union of the two lives of your father and mother. They are connected together in you. And you are also a participant in your parents' love. You are one in body with your parents' love. You are one in love.

(27)  Hell is such a place that, once you are trapped there, you can never get out by yourself. You do not truly realize the fact that your mother, father, and relatives are going to hell. You just say, "Things will work out somehow," and that is it. But try to realize that your beloved parents really are going to hell. Human affection is such that, if you found out that your parents were going to prison on earth, you would cry your heart out and try to liberate them by doing anything and everything. How much more, then, would the sons and daughters who are connected to their kin through heavenly love try to do if they learned that their parents, relatives, and brothers and sisters were going to a prison from which they would never be able to escape? You do not know anything yet. You do not know whether there is a hell or not, and even if you have an idea that hell exists you do not know what kind of place it is. It is undoubtedly a vague idea for you. However, you will know when you die. You will know all at once when you die, but then it will be too late.

(28)  When the Lord of the Second Advent arrives, he will create a new ideal realm in paradise, which is not heaven, and at the bottom of hell. Cain and Abel will be restored in the bottommost pit of hell and the new realm of God's family will be created. Through the realization of the new realm of God's tribe—the new realm of God's people, nation, and the world—everybody on earth has to be restored through indemnity. Cain and Abel need to be restored through indemnity. People have to absorb and digest everything and build a unified world, then organize the empty realms of the spirit world from the earthly world. Without a major upheaval in the spirit world, there will be no way for God to release His sorrow and realize His cherished Will to build the heavenly kingdom. That is why Jesus said, "Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven." (Matt. 18:18)  The kingdom of heaven will not be established in the spirit world without first being established on earth. The astonishing reality is that without establishing the sovereignty of the heavenly nation on earth, the good sovereignty cannot be recovered in the spirit world.

(29)  The path to the kingdom of heaven does not appear in the place where you are thinking only about yourself. When you realize that you are far away from Heaven, you need to smash that self to pieces. Only when you overthrow that self will a direct path to heaven, or even an indirect path, open up. However, those who promote themselves and try to make those in the object partners position adapt to them, or who place themselves in a subject partners position and try to push their way through the realm of the object partner's position, will be unable to relate to the kingdom of heaven. The realization of the kingdom of heaven begins with each person. Even if the kingdom of heaven was completely built if you have not become someone who can respond when the kingdom of heaven calls, you will have nothing to do with it. The kingdom of heaven is a place where we have overcome Satan, not only overcome ourselves. The kingdom of heaven cannot exist in the social environment of the fallen world or in the place where we pursue our own fallen habits and customs. As Satan persistently controls our habits and environment, the kingdom of heaven can arrive only after we have overcome the circumstances wherein Satan has taken up residence.

(30)  The kingdom of heaven is realized in the place that contradicts Satan's world. Otherwise, it could not be the kingdom of heaven. Even if a place in Satan's world bore the name of heaven, it would be nothing but a deception to fool people. The concept of heaven can be established from the position of subjugating Satan, of denying and indeed eliminating everything to which he can relate. Heaven is affirmed on the basis of having denied and removed Satan's negative historical legacy and all the contents of a satanic lifestyle. While these are still in place, we cannot introduce the contents of heaven.

(31)  What kind of people should you Unification Church members become? Ideally, they should become people who know how to enter the internal world, how to go out into the external world, how to come in after going out, and how to be able to travel north, south, east, and west. We are trying to create people who can establish the internal world as the subject and then take dominion over the external world. The external world was invaded by evil, so if you go to that world you are present in hell. But if you go to the internal world, you are present in the good spirit world, that is, the kingdom of heaven. If you can freely travel to and from the internal and external worlds you will have the freedom to go to hell as well as heaven. Since I know this fact, I am asserting that we should try to become people who will be welcomed wherever we go. That is also what God wants.


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