Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 189

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 2: The Nature of the Spirit World
Section 1: Understanding the Reality of the Spirit World, 09-21


The hierarchy in the spirit world

(9)  When you consider the spirit world, what kind of structure does it have? It has the same structure as that of God and His object partner, humankind. The spirit world was created in the form of an object partner to God, similar to a human being. This is why all people, created with the same external form as God, become one person resembling Him. Up to this point, God has continued to create human beings, people of character representing the universe. They include yellow, white, and black people. But they are all in a sense one person. Each of you is like a cell that makes up a part of God. This design of God's is similar to the cells composing our bodies. To God, we are people who exist as the individual cells of His body. He is our Father, and we are like His flesh. This is why God wants to make people. The structure of the spirit world is also like this.

(10)  When you go to the spirit world, you will notice that it resembles a person. As such, it can become one with God, its subject partner. Then the boundary between the entire spirit world and the entire physical world becomes fuzzy. When God jumps, the earth will jump and when God laughs, so will the earth. That is how it is. Once you go to the spirit world, you will see that it is structured like a person.

(11)  What is the structure of the spirit world? Because the spirit world evolved not through True Parents, but through false parents after the Fall, it is not as it should be. Only a spirit world untouched by the Fall should exist. The spirit world will return to its original state only when God's providential Will for salvation is fulfilled. The coming Lord of the Second Advent must reorganize it after completing the Will on earth. The spirit world needs to be restored.

(12)  Paradise, the middle realms, and all the religious realms exist in the spirit world. Hell is connected to those realms of the spirit world. In the spirit world that is connected to hell, married life is not permitted. All such things are forbidden, although spirits may hide in corners of hell and perpetrate fallen acts. Even those who belong to the realm of paradise live by themselves.

(13)  The spirit world should be a world that is aligned with the vertical "noontime," without shadows, bathed in bright sunlight. Instead, it is a mixture of good and bad. It consists of the highest spirit world, the first spirit world, the second spirit world, and the third spirit world. Moreover, different animals live in each of these divisions. In the highest spirit world animals praise their masters. They are all friends.

(14)  You cannot enter the kingdom of heaven by yourself. Our original ancestors should first have grown to maturity, established the true ideal of God-centered love, lived as such people on earth, become parents, left behind the seeds of true love, and then entered the kingdom of heaven. To this day, however, there have been no God-centered parents who were able to leave the seeds of love on this earth. Because the foundation to leave such descendants could not be established, the kingdom of heaven remains empty to this day.

(15)  What is the structure of the spirit world where God dwells, of the kingdom of heaven where He resides? Its organizational structure is very simple. The people who can go to the kingdom of heaven and paradise are not those who lived only for themselves. Such people are not permitted to go there. The kingdom of heaven is a place where only those who were born for the whole and lived for the whole can go.

The kingdoms of heaven and hell in the spirit world

(16)  Through the Fall of Adam and Eve, this planet Earth came to be under the rule of Satan and hell was created in the spirit world. Therefore, the territory in which Satan can rule extends to the realm of hell on earth and the realm of hell in the spirit world. This is why they need to be liberated. If there had been no Fall, hell on earth and hell in the spirit world would never have existed and only the ideal kingdom of heaven would have been established on earth and in the spirit world as a single, continuous reality. However, because of the Fall, two worlds that could be ruled by Satan came into being. Satan's dominion over these worlds, therefore, needs to be nullified.

(17)  If the body and mind are not united, that realm of disunity becomes Satan's territory.  Neither hell nor heaven exists separately from you. They are both within you. Only when centered on love, you can work to discipline your body, transcend your own life and love and serve others beyond your individual lineage, can you bring a complete end to this evil, profane world. Through such heavenly teachings, when God's ethics are established in the family, the tribe, the people, the nation, and the world, this will become the kingdom of heaven on earth. The people who live in the kingdom of heaven on earth will transition, just as they are, to the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world.

(18)  The original palace of true love is the reproductive organs. True love is absolute. Because true love is unique and unchanging, it is absolute. That is why, when we study past generations, we can see that when love is in disorder it leads to the breakdown of the family, the society, and the nation. In the case of Sodom and Gomorrah, the family, the society and the nation broke down because the order of love was destroyed. The result is nothing but destruction. It is hell. Consequently, heaven and hell do not exist separately. That is why, even if you live in a hellish environment, it does not mean you will go to hell. Whether you go to heaven or hell depends on you. The basis for the corruption of true love is you and only you. The only place where true life and true lineage can be violated is the reproductive organs. By no means should they be defiled.

(19)  What kind of place is the kingdom of heaven on earth? If there is a place on earth where people do their best not to become indebted but instead try hard to help each other rid themselves of debt, that place is the kingdom of heaven on earth. Then what kind of place is the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world? The kingdom of heaven is not a place for people with debts. The kingdom of heaven I know does not have people like that. Those who, during their life on earth, worked to get rid of their nation's debts, humanity's debts, and all debts in front of God are the ones who can go to the kingdom of heaven. On the other hand, those who become indebted to their nation, to others and to God end up not in heaven but in hell. The position of a person who has striven to get rid of debts is always a victorious one. Such a person was victorious in the past, is victorious today, and will be victorious in the future. The kingdom of heaven is a place you can go with the authority of having triumphed in getting rid of debts.

(20)  If you are fifty years old, and you have lived more than twenty-five of those years for the sake of the universe in accordance with heavenly principle and heavenly law, then you will go to the kingdom of heaven. If you have lived in such a manner you can traverse the boundaries to dwell in the good spirit world. But if you have lived your life of fifty years putting yourself first more often than not, you should realize, even though it may be disappointing, you will go not to the original homeland of goodness but to the homeland of evil, that is, hell. If you have lived for yourself more often than not in the past, you should end that life and disavow it, endeavoring to make the rest of your life one in which you live for the nation, the world, heaven, earth, and God. If you do this, from this point on you will go toward the ideal world of heaven.

(21)  It is written in the Bible that "the kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17:21) This means the kingdom of heaven is the place that is in oneness with God's love, and that love should be in your heart. The words, "You are in me and I am in you," are also not an abstraction. (John 17:21) These words are possible when they are rooted in love. Fallen human beings are finding their way toward that day in which God's love can be manifested through their body and mind. The explosive love of God will shine forth. And the body, which has been twisted out of shape over thousands of years, will be able to become one with God. That day is a day of fear and revolution in Satan's world and a day of ecstasy and victory in Heaven's world. When you stand in that position, you will know God's love. It will be so wonderful that your cells will tingle. You will feel all your bones and flesh harmonize and bond together. You will feel as Though all your five senses have become one.


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