Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 188

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World
Chapter 1: The Nature of Life and Death

Section 4: What is Heaven? 22
Chapter 2: The Nature fo the Spirit World
Section 1: Understanding the Reality of the Spirit World, 08


(22)  As the incorporeal subject partner, God longed for an object partner who could provide the universal stimulation of love in history, for which He had yearned since the beginning of time. How great that stimulation will be when He encounters men and women who have become perfect object partners, both corporeal and incorporeal! God created Adam and Eve on earth because the kingdom of heaven is to be established first on earth. After they live an ideal life on earth, their spirits are to dwell in the eternal kingdom of heaven in heaven.

(23)  At your home, please take care of nature so as to make a good environment. A person who has given his or her best for this will have a proportional right of ownership in the next world, the kingdom of heaven, which is hundreds of times bigger than this one. You attain this stature on earth. Do you want to be well off there? Or would you rather find yourself in a room in the spirit world just big enough for you to touch foreheads and look at each other's faces? You should live in such a way that you will be able to fly, dance, sing, and go wherever you please, seeking out hundreds and thousands of places. What is the most desolate place in the world? If you go to such a place and find that the soil is barren, you should want to make that place green by yourself, even if it means you have to invest precious resources from your own country. You should at least set a model standard, as does Manmul Peak on Mount Geumgang. The time has now come to make many things. Even after having done so, establishing a beautiful kingdom of heaven remains for us to fulfill in our lives. We need to become the owners, creating an environment where we can live in joy.


CHAPTER 2  The Nature of the Spirit World

Section 1.  Understanding the Reality of the Spirit World

(1)  It is important for you to understand the spirit world. What happens when you learn about what your ancestors from thousands of years ago are doing in the spirit world? By understanding clearly that you will inevitably face the same fate, you can transcend difficult problems on this earth. Because I know all this, I do not despair no matter what persecution I receive. Because I know much more than this, because I know where the highest value lies, I can ignore and overcome all difficulties.

World of the light of love

(2)  The spirit world is the original garden of God’s eternal ideal. How wonderful is the original garden? It is beyond description. Even if you were to gaze at just one of the secrets in the palace of the heavenly kingdom you would not tire of the sight even after ten thousand years. Your time on earth is a mere instant. The spirit world, on the other hand, is eternal. Compared to your life in the spirit world, your life on earth is shorter than a breath.

(3)  The spirit world exists for this world. And this world exists for the eternal world. It is wrong to say that the spirit world does not exist. I am doing this providential work because the spirit world does exist. You may say, "Where in this world is God, and where is the spirit world? I don't know." But the spirit world is the place where you find God. What does God exist as? God is true love. His hopes can only be realized through love.

(4)  In the spirit world, there are no shadows. It overflows with the sunlight of eternal morning. The white light is so bright that it changes to purple and takes on silver and golden hues. The light produced by electricity is similar to the light of love. An electric light illuminates when a positive charge interacts with a negative charge. In the same way, God's internal nature and external form come together and manifest as something similar to lightning. It is the light of eternal true love. That is the essence of eternal life. You need to arrive at that final destination.

(5)  The spirit world is an eternal place that seeks eternal elements. A spirit person who has experienced love on earth will unfailingly and automatically be drawn into that world. That person gravitates to the part of the spirit world that has as much love as he felt here on earth. Then what kind of place is the spirit world? It is a world of harmony brimming with love, where everything is imbued with love. It is not wrong to assert that this entire universe is put in motion by a single press of the button of love. Accordingly, the place where all light bulbs of love light up is the kingdom of heaven on earth. And the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world is where love light bulbs can fully light up with greater intensity. That is why, when you harbor love in your heart and pull on the rope of love, everything will be pulled toward you.

(6)  The spirit world is a world of intuition where within a week you can surpass the knowledge of any scholar, however distinguished or great. By seeing things through the light of your heart, you will automatically understand the world and all its related interconnections. This is because from the viewpoint of the heart they are in a certain relationship with you as your subject partner or counterpart.

(7)  Once we dwell in the spirit world, through the power of true love we can meet people, however distant, in the twinkling of an eye. And no matter how far away people are, if they are visiting for love, they can travel back to their hometown in an instant. The spirit world is a limitlessly expansive world, but it is also a world in which we are able to go back and forth instantaneously over infinite distances on account of love. Love travels at the highest speed. But if you do not have the foundation of unified love in your mind and body, you will have nothing to do with that world. Accordingly, the origin of unification is not something that just happens in the external world; it is something that you initiate.

(8)  In the spirit world, you will fly. You will fly around so fast you will not even be seen. Since true love has the highest speed, God, who possesses true love, can leap across the vast universe in one bound and work in different places at once. You will all be able to do the same. In the spirit world, the entire universe, no matter how vast, will be the stage for your activities. There are many dream mines in the spirit world, with an endless supply of gold, silver, and precious stones. And when it comes to flowers, when someone they like or someone they love approaches, even if the flowers have been sleeping, they will open their eyes and mouths wide and welcome that person.

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