Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 187

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World
Chapter 1: The Nature of Life and Death

Section 4: What is Heaven? 11-21


We are the mediators between the kingdom on earth and the kingdom in heaven

(11)  In the process of creation, God made all things and made humankind. Everything began with God at the center. God's Will was for oneness between Himself and all people, and for equilibrium for all things in the creation. We human beings stand in the middle, between God and the created world. Thus, we can function as the mediators between the spiritual and physical worlds.

(12)  There is no doubt that God's creation of heaven and earth was glorious. First He created the substantial spirit world. He then created the substantial physical world as a representation of the spirit world. Finally, He created Adam and Eve as the central embodiment of the physical world and spirit world. Adam and Eve were destined to move together in rhythm with heaven and earth. The necessary implication was that if Adam and Eve changed, heaven and earth also would change, and if Adam and Eve's center were broken up, the center of the entire universe would break up, and if the center of the entire universe were to break up, the center of the Creator also would break apart.

(13)  There is a reason God created human beings as two separate entities, man and woman. First, God exists as the subject partner with harmonized dual characteristics, but because He has no external form, He needed a form through which He could relate to the substantial world. Since the creation includes a physical world, God absolutely needed a body that would enable Him to communicate with and act freely in that world.

It could not just be the body of the man or the body of the woman. It had to be the bodies of both Adam and Eve together reflecting the image of God. Without form, God is limited in His ability to relate with the corporeal substantial world.  Accordingly, if Adam and Eve had become one while attending God and if, after becoming perfect, they had married and given birth to children, they would have become the external, horizontal, substantial True Parents, while God would have become the internal, vertical, substantial True Parent. If this had happened, Adam and Eve would have stood in God's position and resembled God one hundred percent, both internally and externally. And if Adam and Eve, resembling God completely, had become the True Parents of humanity, all humanity would have come to recognize them as God's substantial form. Second, God created human beings as separate entities, man and woman, for the perfection of love. When Adam and Eve became the perfected substantial forms of love and achieved complete oneness, God intended to dwell within them and become the Parent of true love for all humankind. Adam and Eve, who thus would have stood in the position of God's external form, then would have been able to reproduce children and form an ideal family and an ideal world. Once this happened, the spirit world and the earthly realm would have been connected through humankind.

(14)  God has no external form; He is invisible. Even in the spirit world, God cannot be seen. Nonetheless, God needs a body. God created all things because He needs an object partner. Through it, He can assume a physical form. Perfected Adam and Eve were to have become God’s body. So originally, when they went to the spirit world, Adam and Eve were to have become the king and queen of the family, tribe, people, nation and world, and of the cosmos. Thus, in the spirit world, they would have represented God.

(15)  God's vision of the ideal of creation included the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world, but He created all things because He wished for a concrete kingdom of heaven in the physical world where He personally could reside. In other words, God created the world and everything in it to experience the glory of both the spiritual and the physical kingdom of heaven, with Himself and Adam and Eve as the center. He did not plan on establishing the kingdom of heaven in heaven and on earth just for Himself; He created them for humankind as well. God's purpose for creating heaven and earth was so that human beings could live in the kingdom of heaven on earth and afterward in the eternal world of the kingdom of heaven in heaven, centering on Adam and Eve.

(16)  What kind of people can live in the kingdom of heaven on earth? What kind of spirits can live in the infinite spirit world, the kingdom of heaven in heaven? People that have received the love of Jesus and the Holy Spirit on earth and, going beyond that, received the love of the Father directly, lived together with Him, and become the victors of harmony based on the ideal of love—only they can live in that kingdom.

The kingdom of heaven is to be established first on the earth

(17)  According to God's Principle of Creation, the kingdom of heaven must be perfected first in this earthly world. Originally God created us such that, after living in the kingdom of heaven on earth while in the flesh, we naturally would discard our physical body, move to the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world, and live eternally. Then what should the kingdom of heaven, which we need to construct on earth, look like? The original family and the kingdom of heaven have the same structure. Basically, in a family, there are the original parents, the original husband and wife, the original children, and the original brothers and sisters. When this family becomes one centered on true love, harmony and unity come about automatically.  On that foundation, with true love, true life, and true lineage woven together, they can take on an even higher purpose.

(18)  If human beings had not fallen, they would have become the perfected true children of God, with God as their Parent and His true love at the center of their lives. Perfected human beings were to form the bond of true husband and wife surrounded by God’s love, give birth to, and raise true children. Together they were to establish the kingdom of heaven on earth and live together there and then with their entire family, they would one day live in the kingdom of heaven in heaven. If your father went to hell and your mother went to heaven, how could she feel it was the kingdom of heaven? If the parents went to hell and only the children entered heaven, how could anyone call that the kingdom of heaven? The kingdom of heaven is a place where the family enters together and lives in an eternal realm of peace. Accordingly, God can settle His ideal of creation only where heaven has been made real in a family on earth. This is where God longs to dwell.

(19)  You must realize that you absolutely need your grandfather and grandmother, father and mother, husband or wife, and children. Those four stages encompass all of humanity. Then you have to love your nation more than you love your family and love the world more than your nation. To live in the spirit world, which brings together the past, present, and future, you need to practice such love. The kingdom of heaven on earth is established here on earth, and the kingdom of heaven on earth creates the kingdom of heaven in heaven automatically. It is the place where people who have practiced the four stages of love can go.

(20)  If the first ancestors had not fallen or sinned but instead had conformed to the Will of God, God could have rejoiced when they died. Would they have had any regrets? If you have lived without bitter anguish if you have been able to rejoice and offer praise before God, and if God Himself is happy with you, then upon your death you will be in the kingdom of heaven He created. That is the kingdom of heaven of God's original intention. People with deep bitterness are not meant to go to that kingdom of heaven. You cannot enter the kingdom of heaven while in torment.

(21)  The kingdom of heaven that God desires is not established only in the spirit world. The kingdom of heaven God desires is established first on earth, and then in the spirit world. The spirit world is populated by the spirits of people who have passed on. That world and this earthly world cannot remain separated. To possess a victorious substantial self and to embody heaven's ideology, you need to uphold both heavenly ethics and human ethics. You need to live the ideology of the kingdom of heaven in your daily life. Then you will be in accord with both heavenly and human ethics. That should be the ideology of the kingdom of heaven for individuals and, at the same time, for the family, society, nation, world, and cosmos. Your very being should manifest the ideology of the kingdom of heaven.


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