Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 183

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World
Chapter 1: The Nature of Life and Death

Section 1: The Three Stages of life, 30

Section 2: The Dual Structure of Human Beings, 12


(30)  Since our ancestors were raised in the bosom of God, we cannot but wish for God Himself to live in comfort and happiness forevermore. Would it do for God to feel unhappy? We wish for God always to be wonderfully happy. A baby in the womb wishes the same thing. After the absolute God created Adam and Eve, and while they were growing up, He was surely in a state of infinite hope and infinite happiness. He must have had dreams for them. This is true for us as well. It is similar to the fact that we live for a time in our mother's womb; then we are born and our lifetime of living in our physical body begins. How is our current life on earth different from life in the womb? In that we are growing in the embrace of our universe, it is the same.

(31)  We are born in love that represents God; we live in love, we reach the destination of love by having sons and daughters and we return to God to live with Him eternally. In other words, our life begins with love, matures with love, and is harvested as the fruit of love. Death is the point at which the fruit of love is harvested. We received our parents' love, shared the love of husband and wife, and loved our children. Therefore, we have to harvest the fruits of God's love that have ripened in the internal world of love, scattered throughout our lifetime, and take them with us to the spirit world. When I become completely one through love, I come to resemble God. If a husband and wife unite and realize completely those three stages of love, when they go to the spirit world they will become, for eternity, the object partner god in front of the eternal subject partner God. This takes place when a husband and wife pass away with true love as their center. Thus, we begin with God and end with God.


Section 2.  The Dual Structure of Human Beings

(1) Human beings were created with a dual structure. This dual structure consists of spirit and flesh, mind, and body. When do they become one? You cannot fully unite the two as one merely by cultivating your mind and offering prayers, no matter how spiritually awakened you become  The body has five major senses. The mind, including the spirit and the conscience, also has five senses. There is only one power that can bring the cells of these five external, physical senses and five internal, spiritual senses into oneness so that they resonate completely and arc filled to the point of exploding. That is God's love, which is the common denominator of everything in the universe. Without that love, unity between the mind and body is impossible.

(2)  In the relationship between our spirit and body, the spirit is the more important. The physical body continues for about a hundred years and then it dies, but the spirit lives eternally, transcending time and space. Regardless of how well people dress and how luxuriously they live on earth, in the end, everyone dies. Accordingly, before passing into the spirit world we need to successfully harmonize the spiritual and physical standards and achieve, through our lifestyle, a perfect union of the spirit and the flesh. That is, during our life in the limited earthly world, we have the responsibility to perfect our spirit within our bodies.

(3)  Each of us has a spiritual self and a physical self. In the Unification Church, we refer to these as the spirit and the body. Originally, the spirit and the body are supposed to become one. Ultimately they have to become one. And at what place do they become one? At a place of resonance. This is like the vibration of a tuning fork. When you strike one prong, it produces a tone that resonates perfectly with the other. Like a tuning fork, our spirit and body also achieve unity through resonance.

(4)  When do the spirit self and the physical body become one? This is the question. When God’s love comes into our heart, our body automatically and actively reacts. It is not God’s wisdom, ability, or power but only His love that can bring us into a realm where our body and mind resonate in complete unity. What is the one focus, the ideal standard, desired by your five physical sensory organs, such as your eyes and nose, as well as by your five spiritual sensory organs? It is neither God’s power nor His wisdom. It is His love, the center, and the standard point of everything!

(5)  When our spiritual and physical selves harmonize and resonate with each other in God's love, the spiritual cells and physical cells interact perfectly. When we open our eyes and they are working perfectly, we can see everything throughout heaven and earth for the first time. When we use a highly efficient microphone, our voice will ring out fully everywhere. Similarly, once our physical and spiritual selves become one and attain an explosive state through the power of love, that complete union emits a light on the same wavelength as the heavenly world, the earthly world, and even God Himself.

(6)  All created beings in this world exist in pairs based on the ideal of reciprocity. That is why the number two is so necessary, from the smallest being to the greatest. In human beings, an individual's mind and body must become one. Then husband and wife have to become one, and then the spirit world and the physical world have to become one. From the beginning, these entities were meant to be united.

(7)  Between the body and the spirit, the more important is the spirit. Our flesh lives for one hundred years within the limited realm of time and space before disappearing into nothing, but our spiritual body has the power to transcend both time and space. Accordingly, our essential purpose is to recognize our historic responsibility and fulfill it. Regardless of how well you may live physically, in the end, you will die. Then which is more important, spiritual standards or physical standards? We do not live based on physical standards. The flesh exists for the spirit and not vice versa.  ou should not cling to the lifestyle that secular people follow. You should find a more worthwhile basis for existence, with your physical body and spiritual body united substantially. This will serve to strengthen your physical body also.

(8)  From God's viewpoint, is there any difference between a young person, a middle-aged person, and an elderly person? God looks only at the spirit self. He can see if a spirit self is young and active and has a self-disciplined character. He does not see the outer shell. He sees what will be left from inside after the outer shell has been cast off.

(9)  What happens when we go to the spirit world? We become God's body.  A person becomes the body of God. It is recorded in the Gospel of John and in 1 Corinthians, "Do you not know that you are the temple of God?" (1 Cor 3:16; cf.  John 17:21) Human beings are thus the temple, the house where God can dwell.  Then how can you come to resemble God? When you reach the completion stage of your portion of responsibility, God dwells within you. Oneness is created between you and God and through that love, unity of life is achieved. Your life is assimilated into God's. When a man and a woman become husband and wife and have a family, their love brings them into unity.  In the same way, the power of that love brings them into God.

(10)  Human beings have both a mind and a body. Above our mind is our spirit and above our spirit is God. This is why we can become perfect when we become completely one with God. Though a person is only one small entity, because he or she represents all of history as well as all future relationships, he or she possesses cosmic value.

(11)  Would you like to live eternally on earth, or would you prefer to live eternally in a substantial world of incorporeal love? You would say that you prefer to live eternally in the world that has become the substance of incorporeal love. So when God tells you that He wants to show you the spirit world, would you be able to follow Him with your physical body? That is why you need a spirit. This is not a delusion but a fact. If we assume that God exists as the center of the invisible mind and that He requires an object partner, wouldn't He wish to take human beings with Him, show them every part of the eternal ideal realm He created, and give them all of it?

(12)  We can see the incorporeal body through our spiritual eyes. In the center of that incorporeal body is the spirit, and that part corresponds to the human mind. That is the place where you can meet with God happily, without other people learning about what you are doing. If God and you love each other in such a place, no one can take that love away from you. That place is the final destination of vertical love and the starting point of horizontal love.


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