Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 182

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World
Chapter 1: The Nature of Life and Death

Section 1: The Three Stages of life, 21-29


(21)  Until now, no one noted that while you are in the womb, in the age of water, you prepare five physical sense organs that you do not need there. Those organs are not necessary in the womb. However, once you come out into the world of air and sever the umbilical cord, you need them. Similarly, while you are living in the age of air you need to prepare five internal, spiritual sense organs. These are not external, bodily organs. They are the five God-centered, internal organs you need in order to lead a carefree, unlimited life through which you harmonize with the world of love.

(22)  In your present life, you have a nose and eyes through which you can smell and see the natural world in a limited way for one hundred years. But there is an eternal being inside you, staying still and waiting, with its nose, mouth, and ears closed until the moment of its birth. In the same way, senses are inside you, waiting to see the eternal sights, hear the eternal sounds, smell the eternal fragrances, and taste the eternal flavors. They are like your earthly senses. When that moment comes, each of us will be able to go everywhere, listen to everything, smell everything, and eat everything.

(23)  When you go to the spirit world, you will sing songs of love and speak words of love. If someone speaks to you in song in the spirit world, you will want to respond likewise. If you are spoken to through a dance, you will want to reply with a dance. You will rejoice eternally and never tire of dancing. When dancing starts in one place, all of heaven will dance, and when singing starts somewhere, there will be singing everywhere. You will dance with your beloved spouse. When you end up dancing with another in the spirit world, you will say to yourself, "This dancing with you is so I can love my beloved spouse one hundred times more." When you dance with someone else and hold each other's hands, you will feel the impulse to find your beloved spouse and love him or her thousands and tens of thousands of times more than ever. When you go to the spirit world, there is no need for you to work and there is no nighttime. Your eyes are always open. Your organs are working all the time. And what work are they doing? What kind of work will you enjoy doing when your eyes are always open and you never need to sleep? It is love. When you possess such an ideal of love, if you say, "Let such-and-such a thing appear!" it will appear right away. You will live surrounded by original love.

The spirit world is where the fruit of love is harvested

(24)  Why were we born? We were born because of love. To bear the fruit of love, we are born through the love of our parents and we grow up within the embrace of love. After that, we raise sons and daughters whom we can love in place of God. Then what happens when we grow old? We feel everything that parents can feel in the world. Through everything we experience in our life on earth, we feel God's presence, and we become a fruit of oneness with Him. It is similar to the way trees bear fruit. Just as a fruit that has absorbed elements from all parts of a tree is harvested, we need to return to God's embrace, for such is the purpose of our birth. That is why God created us, so we can become one with Him through love.  Therefore, love is the standard of infinite value, unequaled in the entire universe. In the place we become one with love, there is nothing that cannot be found. There, everything has achieved perfection. That is the ideal world to which people alive today need to go. If we call that place the spirit world, it is the spirit world; if we call that place the kingdom of heaven, it is the kingdom of heaven. Such fruits can enter the kingdom of heaven. It is not a place that individuals can enter. Only those eligible as an object partner of equal value, who have borne fruit centering on love and who have inherited the right of ownership of God's love, can go in.

(25)  The first parent is the parents who gave birth to you, but the second parent is the earth. The earth is the second parent of your body. The earth supplies you with the elements that help your body grow. After passing through the second parent, you enter the third parent at the time of death. You cannot enter the third parent without being prepared. You need to resemble the form of God, our Original Parent. Why do we marry? It is to resemble God's form. God is a being of unified dual characteristics. God's characteristics divide into two separate entities, a man and a woman who need to come together in union. They are like the seeds and they return to the position of God's original nature. However, for those seeds to be perfected, they have to traverse the path of the duty of love. This means they need to be born and receive love, grow up with love as their goal, live their life centering on love and, even when they pass on, pass on in order to return to love. Unless you set out focused on the goal of living for others, your path will take you in the wrong direction.

(26)  You need to be stronger than your environment. You need to inherit all the elements so that you can bear fruit in the future, and your motivation to bear fruit has to be strong. Only then, after passing through the course to fruition, a course connected with history, can you remain as a fruit that is indispensable to human society. When a person is born, that person has to master the environment without fail. That does not mean that mastering the environment is an end in itself; you need to pass through a process by which you inherit new life and bear good fruit. After going through this process, you need to occupy a position that can show proper and practical results. For example, the owner sows seeds of grain. They sprout, grow, and bear fruit, and then the owner harvests and stores them in a barn. Just like that seed, you need to go through a process of being harvested, because you are needed for a certain purpose.

(27)  Life on this earth is but a fleeting moment. Therefore, a person who cries and weeps for a child who has gone to the spirit world has not yet broken free from ties with the fallen realm. When this person goes to the spirit world, he or she will be blocked by a wall. A person is born from love, lives through love, and returns to love. Since its origin is the seed, the fruit will produce new seed. When you ask the reason human beings are born, the answer is that we are born for ideal love. Since this is an eternal love, you will always have your mother and father, your husband or wife, and your sons and daughters. Hence, love is precious. Because love begins from God and God is absolute, love cannot change. And because love is eternal, people are born for God's love, live for the sake of love, and after living their life this way, stand in the position of the eternal object partner of God, living with God forever.

(28)  In the world of air, the spirit is attached to the body, which nourishes it like a fetus. When the body grows old, the spirit wants to kick it away and leave it behind. If God sees the physical body insisting that it will not die, what will He do? Will He laugh, pity it, or scold it? Just as a baby is born and becomes its parents' object partner of love, we can conclude, based on the principle, that we need to be born again in our spirit body and become an eternal object partner of God, our spiritual Parent. Just as a baby is born into this earthly world where it can share love with its mother and father, we need to be born into the spirit world where we can share love with God, our Parent, who moves through the eternal and infinite realms. Without taking the position of His object partner, we cannot possibly become His children.

(29)  The invisible God develops through the visible Adam. When Adam becomes the owner of love and has his own sons and daughters, he feels the realm of substance horizontally on God's behalf. The substantial fruit of the two nations appears, centering on the incorporeal God, Adam's realm of substance, and the grandchildren. This perfected fruit becomes the substance of the spirit world and the physical world and is able to go anywhere.

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