Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 184

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World
Chapter 1: The Nature of Life and Death

Section 2: The Dual Structure of Human Beings, 13
Section 3: The Meaning of Death, 08


(13)  The spirit mind is the union of mind and spirit, and it moves toward a single goal. As such, with our conscience centered upon God, it can motivate us to achieve ideal personhood based on the unity of our spirit and flesh. Our conclusion can only be that if we did not have a spirit mind, we would be unable to search for the origin that can connect us to the spirit world and true love. When the spirit mind comes into us, our body rejoices and everything follows it. The two become one automatically. Until now, our biggest problem has been the separation of our mind and body. When God’s spiritual power comes into us as the origin of our spirit mind, our mind and body become one naturally. Unless a revolution occurs at this fundamental level, unless we discover the origin that can govern everything that comes from the root, we have no path to the ideal. Only through a strong motivation can results come.

(14)  The mind is vertical and the body horizontal. The mind is the vertical "I" and the body is the horizontal "I.” There are the two. The vertical "1" is the mind and the horizontal "I" is the body. Their structure is the same. Everything in creation shares this. If one goes up, another comes down. Consider the example of a tree. The roots absorb nutrients and the leaves also produce nutrients. The leaves receive sunlight and their chlorophyll creates and supplies nutrients. The roots also absorb nutrients from the ground. These nutrients interact with each other. In Principle terms, they are the vitality element and the life element, ever giving and receiving in a relationship similar to that of mind and body.

(15)  We need to eat spiritual food. When you are hungry, which should taste better, physical food, or spiritual food? To survive and stand on God’s side, you should enjoy the taste of spiritual food more than physical food. The flavor of a life centered on spiritual power should far excel that of a life based on physical might.

Section 3.  The Meaning of Death

(1)  We wish to resemble God, and it is only natural that God would cherish the hope that we would resemble Him as His sons and daughters. For this, human beings must be born again, assuming a form that can resemble God. God and human beings are eagerly waiting for the day on which they can fly together forever. The day of our death when we discard our physical body is the day when we are reborn as people who can fly. That being so, should we welcome death, or grieve over it? Naturally, we should welcome it. And when we die, what are we dying for? We should declare that our death will be for God's true love, that is, love for the sake of others. If this is so for us, we will shed our physical body in order to participate in the realm of activity of God's infinite love and for the sake of the world of God's love.

(2)  If you fall sick and are about to die, you typically lapse into a coma. You are in a state in which you are not sure if you are dead or alive. While there in the spirit world, you see everything about the place where you will live. Your friends and relatives who are already there come and greet you. The vast kingdom of heaven that unfolds before your eyes is so dazzling and splendid that you exclaim, "I should hurry up and come here." Your life continues and eventually, you transition to that world. As you head toward different places, each better than the last, you pass through a first, a second, and a third gate and enter the next world, where you are welcomed. Death is not something that should dismay or dishearten you. You are not going down; instead, you are making a leap. In short, you ascend. Therefore, you should not fear death. Death comes in accordance with a natural cyclic law, as the process of moving you to a better world.

Beginning a new life

(3) People generally think that everything ends when we die, but that is not the case. Because there is a spirit world, life continues as it is. While on earth you need to prepare to enter the spirit world. Since you breathe love in the spirit world, in order to breathe freely there, you should keep love at the center of your life on earth. If you do not center on love during your physical life, you will be unable to breathe freely in the spirit world. Because the spirit world is a world where you breathe love, you can think of it as a world in which love is your air. Your second new beginning is referred to as death. Hence, there is nothing to fear. Death opens the door to a new beginning.

(4)  Between life and death, which is stronger? Is life stronger than death or is death stronger than life? In Satan's world, death is stronger than life. After coming to know God's Will, you should not dread having to die. Only by dying can you resurrect. So what is the death mentioned in the Bible referring to? It does not signify ending our eternal life that comes from God. Instead, it means ending the life we inherited through the fallen lineage of Satan's world. This is why those who seek to lose their life for God’s Will shall find it.

(5)  At the end of our physical life, we go through a second birth. This is death. The place where we experience our second birth, the place where we go after death, is the spirit world. As we enter that world, God, who is our third Parent, bestows upon us true love that represents the entire universe. We are supplied with the true love of God's ideal. That is why unity will surely be achieved in the spirit world. At the moment of death, we leave behind our second world, the world of air, and we need to connect with our third world, the new world where we are designed to breathe love. We leave behind the love of our parents and of our siblings, go to the spirit world, and ultimately enter the world of true love in harmony with God, the Original Being. Since the Original Being planted the seed, the fruit needs to return to the Original Being.

(6)  The reason we die is that our ability to love in our physical body is limited. If we want to possess the true authority of God’s boundless true love as His object partner, our limited physical body will not suffice. This is why we need to transform into an incorporeal spirit. We do so to share the ideal of love equally with all of heaven and earth. For this reason, the moment of our death is not the doorway to a path of pain; it opens the door to happiness through which we can possess universal true love. Death signifies a transition from the earthly world, where we can only crawl and walk, to a world where we can live and fly freely. To qualify as a traveler who can enjoy true love with the entire universe as his or her stage, and to enter that world, we are made to pass through death. Death is nothing less than being born anew.

(7)  Someday we will discard our physical body and go to the spirit world. As human beings born into this world, we need to be prepared for death. We need to endure hardships, through which we develop good character. That will become our true self in the eternal world. You will be born as a good and healthy baby only if you receive good prenatal care inside your mother's womb. Your life on earth is similar to your life in the womb. So you need to model yourself after God's external form and divine character in order to grow properly. And even when you are fully grown, you need to overcome obstacles at the risk of your life.

(8)  Because our death is a second birth, it is not something tragic. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have lived in a realm of resonance with God. Their body and mind would have been in resonance. When we live on earth centering on love, we achieve love that has the same standard wavelength as the love of the spirit world. As we do so, we can perceive the spirit world while living on earth. Just as we are born of our parents on earth, live together with them and learn from them and thus, perfect our life on earth, we are born again centering on God, the Parent of love in the heavenly world. We who have perfected the five spiritual senses live together with our Heavenly Parent in the eternal world of love as God's sons and daughters, His friends, and His body. That is why death is not the end. Death enables us to smash the boundaries between the limited world and the infinite world. By dying, we cross that summit, entering our second life.

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