Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 181

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World
Chapter 1: The Nature of Life and Death

Section 1: The Three Stages of life, 10-20


(10)  Water symbolizes the age in the womb. Next, the earth is the age of air. We are born from our mother's womb and then we live in the age of air. Next, the spirit world is the age of the eyes. It is the age of the sun, the age of sunlight. Love can be said to be light, because it illuminates, and so it is the realm of light. Human life has three stages. A dragonfly first lives in water, emerges, and lives on land and then sheds its skin and flies around feeding on other insects. It passes through three distinct periods. This is also true for us as the lords of creation. When our time in our mother's womb concludes, do we come out embracing everything we used there, or do we separate from it, our connection to it destroyed? If we were to remain tied in any way when we came out, we would be in serious trouble.  Conversely, if the umbilical cord were severed while we still needed to eat and breathe through it, we would die. But when we come out of the womb, we need to sever that umbilical cord.  It must be cut off without hesitation. We come out destroying everything of the past.

(11)  When the time comes, we must all end our life in our mother's womb and begin our life on earth. Regardless of whether we desire it or not, the law of the universe operates this way. Then a new, vast, and boundless world unfolds before us, one which we had never dreamed of or imagined. Our life in water ends and our life on earth begins. A span of ten months in the womb transitions into a span of one hundred years of life on earth. People lead diverse lives and go through changes as they prepare for the spirit world, the world we go to after we die. That is why I tell you not to worry about dying. You are simply moving to a better place.

(12)  Just as we never imagined life in the world during our time in the womb, while we are living in the flesh we cannot imagine the very different, eternal, and infinite world that is waiting for us. It is not a world of despair. Our life of one hundred years in this limited earthly realm transitions into life in the eternal realm transcendent of time and space. While living in the womb, we are supplied with nutrients from our mother through the umbilical cord, and our earthly life depends on the three basic elements of the universe—water, air, and light—as well as nutritive elements. Once we enter the spirit world, however, we no longer need material nutrients; we live breathing love for all eternity. In the eternal world, we eat if we want to and we do not eat if we would rather not. No matter who we are, we live our life in three stages: ten months in water, one hundred years on earth, and eternity in the spirit world.

(13)  After the age of water come the age of land and the age of light. In this regard, a person lives through three successive ages. The solar system, with the sun at its center, is always in daylight. On the other hand, night follows day on planet Earth. The spirit world is always in light. There are the ages of water and of air leading to the age of love. Love must never be extinguished. Like the light of the sun, love must be there at all times, night and day; whether morning, afternoon or evening, whether at the North Pole, the tropics, the South Pole or anywhere else, love doesn't change. We will go to the spirit world to enter the age of love. The spirit world is like a storehouse for fruit grown and harvested during the four seasons. It is bathed in a light like that from the sun.

(14)  At first, we were nurtured through our mother's placenta. The womb is the vessel in which we grew. We kicked away everything completely as we broke away, emerged from that container, and were born. Similarly, our physical body is the container for our spirit self and we will break away from it too, and fly away. Accordingly, human beings pass through the world of water and of land and finally come to live in the eternal world of true love, which is a world of light in the sky. In the spirit world, because love is the life element, we carry out all instructions given through love immediately. Nothing is impossible. In that world, even if a billion people were to have dinner at the same time and place, the amount of food necessary for such a feast could be instantly prepared.

(15)  The light that illuminates the spirit world is that of true love. True love is like sunlight both in the earthly world and in the spirit world. That is why we leave behind the regime of living through our nose and come to live through our eyes. When you live through your eyes, you know everything with crystal clarity and nothing escapes you. After the world of the nose, we enter the world of the eyes, the world of light. The fact that it is the world of the eyes tells us that our eyes that see this world will also see the spirit world. Through them, we can see whatever we like. We can see the Heavenly Parent; we can see the earthly Parents; we can see the vastness of the heavenly kingdom and how it compares to the earthly kingdom. We come to know that the spirit world and the earth are one reality, not two separate realities. Our eyes are made to see both.

Preparing the respiratory organs of love while on earth

(16)  As soon as a baby is born and cries for the first time, it begins to breathe through its nostrils; thus it connects to the second world, the world of air. When it leaves the world within the womb and connects to the world of air, it must discard the umbilical cord and amniotic sac that has sustained its life in the womb. These are destroyed and simultaneously the baby is born into Mother Earth. Thereafter it feeds through the mouth and breathes through the nose. But the food we eat on earth is the nutrition necessary for the life of the flesh; it is not the original essential element of life. The essential life element is love. Therefore, while we live in this world, we also need to breathe the air of love provided by our mother and father.

(17)  Life is short. Ten years can pass almost without you knowing. Everything is decided in the thirty years after your marriage. The path of life does not wait for you forever. Life is busy. We all have to die at some point. Do you have confidence that you will not die? You will surely die, and then you will go to the spirit world. Life on earth is but an instant. It is like the months spent in your mother's womb.

(18)  Since air in the spirit world is composed of love, if your spirit self is not prepared, you will not be able to breathe when you enter the heavenly realms. The world here is a world of air, but the next world is the world of love. You have to prepare your spirit self to feel love. Otherwise, you will not be able to establish relationships in the spirit world. Then you will have bigger problems that will take millions of years to resolve.

(19)  After our earthly life, we must go on to the third stage, the world as it was originally meant to be, and live in that world of love. Therefore, we need to equip ourselves with respiratory organs suited to the world of love and we need to break out of this physical body, just as a baby bursts from the amniotic sac, destroying it in order to be born. That is why a woman experiences labor pains. In the same way, death is like a second ordeal of labor pains. What do we need to prepare during our life in this physical body? During our time in the womb, we grew the organs with which we would breathe air. Similarly, during our life in the flesh, we need to prepare a windpipe that breathes love when we go to the spirit world. When you break out of your body, you go beyond the limited environment of your past life, breathe through your love windpipe, and live with unlimited freedom.

(20)  Those who breathe love while on the earth do not die; rather, they live. While breathing inside the mother's womb, we are preparing a windpipe suitable for the future world of air. Though we are alive, when we disconnect from the placenta that connects by a cord to our stomach and comes out, we are transformed to exist on a new, higher dimension and we are supplied with higher dimensional elements. We emerge and receive an infusion of air. After you emerge from the womb, what are you preparing for? It is love. It is not only air which you are infused with but love; you receive elements of love. You are not living only to eat. Then what should you be filled with during your life on earth? You should form a new character of love during this time.

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