Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 176

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 6: True Creation
Chapter 4: 
A Vision for Nature and the Ocean
Section 3: The Era of the Ocean, 18-29


(18)  Although I am Korean, many Western people recognize that my work is not only for Korea but also for the entire world. There is no doubt that I am working for the sake of the world. For this reason, with courage and valor, I am building a global association, even in the face of persecution on land and sea. In that sense, I made a fearsome declaration when I came out with the title Ocean Church after building this project based on religion, as opposed to conventional thinking. This is a fearsome course I have laid out. From this point on, what am I going to do with Ocean Church? It is not simply about going out to the ocean for training. The purpose is to love the ocean and achieve dominion over it. To me, taking dominion over the ocean means I will nurture it in accordance with the original intention of the Creator and make it the center stage for bringing the world together.

The ocean has unlimited resources

(19)  We should love the ocean. We need to pioneer it. We cannot afford to ignore the ocean; it covers an area about three times the area of land. Who do you think is going to develop the resources that can be found at the bottom of the ocean? We can find oil—black gold—on land, but the ocean is three times larger, so we can expect to find perhaps three times more oil under the sea. So far, this has not been sufficiently developed, but from this point on we need to increase our ability to tap these ocean resources.

(20)  Water has no one expression. It takes on the exact form of its container and fills it completely, so it can have a myriad of shapes. In a small container, it is very small; in a big tank, it becomes huge. In a house, it can fill the whole house. The huge oceans are some of its faces. The Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean are faces of water. Water has so many shapes. Most of the treasures on planet Earth can be found at the bottom of the ocean. I am very interested in this part of the world. I don t want what others have already touched. All the treasures at the bottom of the sea can be mined. Their quantity is huge. We have developed technologies that permit tunneling even tens of kilometers under the ocean floor from an island, in any direction. Conquering the ocean is important work.

(21)  Where can we find a solution to the problem of world hunger? The oceans that cover about 75 percent of planet Earth are a treasure trove of natural resources.  The ocean has an abundance of valuable resources that promise a bright future for all human beings, who are suffering from a lack of resources and dying from various kinds of pollution.

(22)  The vast resources of the ocean are much greater than those on land. When we consider the issue of fuel, the time of using oil, gas, and electricity will soon pass. Electricity has its limits. Now the remaining source of energy supply is nothing other than the ocean. There will be no other path but to develop hydrogen power.

(23)  In the future, science will uncover the means to create an unlimited supply of food. The reason we cannot do so now is because the costs are very high. The cost of fuel is so high. However, when hydrogen power is developed, we will have an unlimited supply of energy. We will have an overabundance of energy. Then we can make as much food as we want, so much that we will not know what to do with it all. Since it will be boring for us to eat all that food alone, we will approach people on the street and say, "Come and share some of this food with me and let’s talk for a while." We don't know when that time will come, but I am saying we should start preparing now. We need to create those circumstances so that our descendants will be able to live comfortably.

(24)  When you look at the ocean it appears very monotonous; there is nothing to see but the horizon. But in reality, it is extremely complex. Moreover, its resources are far more abundant than those on land. In fact, the ocean is a place of unlimited treasures. All the precious things that people like can be found locked away in the ocean. So what do you think is necessary to tap the ocean? Think about how America was developed, and how many people undertook all kinds of adventures to find and mine precious minerals in the American West. At that time, adventurers and fearless, courageous men were given rights of ownership. Similarly, unless you undertake many adventures and challenge your limits, you cannot become the owner of a treasure. Up to this point, people have fought to gain control of the routes on which ships travel across the oceans, but they have not valued ownership of the resources that actually exist in the sea.

(25)  Who will be the owner of the oceans in the future? If a great cataclysm were to occur, land could rise up from the middle of the ocean while dry land could sink into the sea. If a landmass greater than that of the United States appeared in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, who would be its owner? No one can say this kind of thing is impossible. Nobody knows when such a thing could happen. There are also volcanoes at the bottom of the sea. Until now, it would have been no problem to say, "Everything outside two hundred nautical miles from any coast belongs to me." No such person appeared, but such a time will definitely come. The day will come when people will fight over the oceans. At that time, the people who want to be the owners of the ocean will need a dauntless pioneer spirit. There is no other way to become the owner of the sea.

(26)  The future leaders of the world will be those who can protect and preserve the oceans. The time is coming when humankind will invest and devote all its power, culture, traditions, and national resources into developing the riches and treasures that lie at the bottom of the sea. However, the key point is who will be in a position to command the oceans and pursue that development. When I am faced with this problem, I ask myself, as the founder of the Unification Church and True Parent responsible for human history, what base of operations am I going to leave for the future of the church? That base is located at the seaside. For the future, the fishery industry and aquatic industry in the oceans have unlimited potential.

(27)  The North Pole has snow more than eight hundred meters deep. There is freshwater that accumulated thousands of years ago. It is not polluted but clean, even after ten thousand years. It is similar at the South Pole. If we were to build a cultural city like New York City below the ice, do you think many people would come to see it or not? This could actually be done. Just thinking about it is exciting. If you built a tunnel through the ice, it could last for ten thousand years; it would not collapse. By spraying cold water on the inside surface once a year, the ice would stay frozen and remain solid.

(28)  The time has come when we can farm under the ice. We can even get flowers to bloom there. If you go to Alaska, the tall mountains are covered with glaciers, and grass grows in the central regions. South of there, flowers bloom and people go fishing. You have no idea what a beautiful and enchanted land it is. It is lovely, with clean water and clear air, a perfect, ecologically balanced environment. If you ever visit Alaska on vacation and enjoy it, you will want to live there and never leave. Because it is such a place, I am exerting myself and investing in all these projects.

(29)  Young people should develop an interest in the ocean. The reason I go out to the sea and stay there for twenty-four hours at a time is to establish a tradition of having loved the ocean. People who work as seamen and go to sea usually come back six months to a year later. Because of this, most women don't want to marry them. For this reason, the global trend has been toward a reduction in the number of mariners. Therefore, we should become strong in the ocean businesses and, in the future, we should become a leading force in the marine industry. The time will come when we will concentrate our efforts on the ocean more than on the land.  Please understand my purpose in taking an interest in the ocean, and why you should also take an interest in the ocean.


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