Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 175

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 6: True Creation
Chapter 4: 
A Vision for Nature and the Ocean
Section 3: The Era of the Ocean, 06-17


(6)  The ocean is like a beautiful woman. Sometimes it resembles a dancing girl.  But once it gets upset, it can be more furious than a lion springing at you in the wilderness. Sometimes the waves are more than ten meters high, rising and falling.  The cries of the seagulls cannot compare with that sound. The waves seem to say to them, "No matter how well you sing, or how good a comic actor you may be, you cannot compare with the grand force of my fury." The waves are so audacious.

(7)  Nature's power is enormous. That is why people who love the ocean cannot be arrogant. The ocean has that kind of greatness. If you peek into the deep ocean, you will find all kinds of fish living there: fish that are gold in color, others that are yellow and blue, and even fish that are colorless. When you compare the land with the ocean, which is more beautiful? The land, with its variety of birds, flowers, and butterflies, is beautiful but limited. Flowers do not move. Land dwellers pale in comparison with the profusion of beautiful sea creatures that dance about in dazzling, brilliant colors. So which is more beautiful, the land or the ocean? The ocean is more beautiful. Why did God create water? We can say that He made it especially for His own enjoyment. He hid its depths away and did not open them to the public. God probably had more interest in the ocean than in the land.

(8)  In the world of love, you can go anywhere you want. Does the seawater say, "I am Pacific Ocean water; all water from Asia is polluted, so I don't like it"? Wherever the water comes from, the Pacific Ocean takes care of it all. Dirty water is quickly absorbed and goes the same way as clean water. Therefore, no matter how serious pollution may be, even if all humankind disappears, the Pacific Ocean will still be blue. No matter how much suffering and how many ordeals it must endure, the oceans blue color will never be altered. Likewise, the power, the content, and the authority of love will always be as constant as the oceans blue.

(9)  You cannot imagine how fearsome and horrifying the waves and the winds are during an ocean storm. But even the strongest wind is fulfilling its mission. If wind did not exist, there would be no waves in the ocean and the fish would not survive.  The wind blows to supply oxygen to the ocean. Waves supply oxygen to the water.  That is why even when the waves are roaring and the wind is blowing strongly, you should taste the ocean and say, "You haven't lost your taste!" The ocean is salty. If I can think that way, then the currents and rushing waves are not unpleasant. You don't realize how much philosophy can be found in the ocean. People who have lived only on land will face considerable obstacles when they try to engage in ideal activities in the spirit world.

(10)  When you visit the ocean, you can learn many things. It undergoes changes several times a day. There is a saying, "A persons mind changes between morning and evening," but the ocean does not change only morning and evening, it changes every hour. On a fine day, if you go to a certain area, the waves might be mild. Yet when you go to another area, the wind will be blowing. It might not be a strong wind, but different in mood. Just as peoples' faces are all different, so are water and mountains. Climate also differs depending on the height of a mountain. The ocean exhibits beauty in all sorts of forms and figures.

(11)  Whenever I had time, I would always go out to sea. I would go out to sea and be buffeted about. Despite the hardship, the purpose was to calm my spirit and prepare for trials and greater battles ahead. Though I was often exhausted from having gone without sleep, I would stay alert, set my own standard, and strive to maintain a horizontal balance in my daily life.

(12)  We can conclude that people who do not know the realm of the ocean are very limited in their sphere of happiness. If there were a Lord of creation, He would enjoy hearing praise from people who appreciate both the mystery of the sea and the beauty of the land, based on a correct knowledge of both the land and sea. We can imagine that He would not approve of praise for only one realm.

(13)  When you look at the ocean, you should not regard it simply as the ocean.  You have to consider it a gift from our Heavenly Father.  In the process of recreation, we review everything. A great revolution begins here. The value of a great victory can sprout from this point of view. So we may ask, to whom would all things of creation wish to belong? They want to be possessed by the one who receives God's love. That is the truth. They want to belong to the person whom God loves. Everything in the plant and animal worlds, even the microorganisms, all want to belong to such a person.

(14)  I like things that are stimulating. I can move forward and penetrate things where there is a lot of movement and change. For this, the ocean is better than the land. The ocean is constantly changing. The wind blows, there are sudden periods of calm, the waves rise and fall; there is constant change. Therefore, I prefer traveling by sea to traveling by land. On land, the thoughts of the morning can remain unchanged all day. The land remains as it is, no matter how much you move around. But the ocean is different. When I think I'm going in one direction, I could actually be going the other way. It keeps changing that much. This kind of constant change is very stimulating. When the ocean is calm, the land cannot compare with it. It is unbelievably, mysteriously still. Sometimes I feel it is like a pane of glass. It is so beautiful I cannot help wanting to touch it. Sometimes I have the mind to want to drink it. For this reason, I go to the ocean, with the thought that I am marching forward with one mind, even though the ocean keeps changing. If you don't have this kind of stimulating experience, you cannot do great work.

(15)  To this day I have been a pioneer. I have opened the way and taken the lead.  Just recently our company built a boat and I personally took people out to sea to train them to become captains. I would teach them to think, "The wind may blow and the waves run high, but could they block the path of this man? Here I am, going out to solve the global food problem for the sake of heaven and humanity and to carry on life to the future generations." Is that not the attitude of a great man? I like that kind of person. The prosperity created here will remain, and the whirlwind of history will subside here. The ocean is where young people should want to go, and aspire to go. It is a place where joy and sorrow are interwoven. It allows you to leap forward and go beyond the world. In this way, countless young people who go out to sea can find hope. The ocean can be the source, the wellspring that invigorates people’s dreams for the future. This comes in relation to the sea.

(16)  I go out to sea with a great deal of passion. If I lost this passion, problems would arise. Devotion has to be made continuously for thousands of years.  Indemnity conditions cannot be set while sitting comfortably, but they can be made by going out to the ocean and offering devotion. Today must be better than yesterday, and tomorrow must be better than today. If I continue offering devotion until the day I save all the people who are starving, even if I die in the process, I believe that the Will of God will be accomplished on earth.

(17)  Because of God’s absolute love, He made all the things of creation in a fascinating way. How amazing that creation fully provides for the needs of families in the future kingdom of heaven and ensures their well-being! Even the flow of water exists to assist in the functions of heaven and earth. On the sea's surface, water becomes vapor and circulates to revive all of creation. All things live within a realm of cooperation and help fulfill humanity's ideal by cooperating with one another rather than being in conflict. God, using earth as His stage, raises His children and uplifts them to the kingdom of heaven.


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