Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 174

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 6: True Creation
Chapter 4: 
A Vision for Nature and the Ocean
Section 2: The Original Museum of Creation, 14
Section 3: The Era of the Ocean, 05


(14)  You cannot imagine how many fish live in the Pantanal. If you throw something in the water, it quickly vanishes, eaten by the fish. It disappears in a lightning-fast instant. The fish instantly eat up even dirty things. There are many species of fish all mixed together, and each species feeds on different things. When they eat, they are in effect tirelessly cleaning up the water. They are not living for their own sake.  They are cleaning up their surroundings as they live together and help one another, and thereby they bring order to the environment. This is nature’s cooperative system.

(15)  From the day I first understood God's Will, I loved the spirit world and humanity. In loving humanity, you have to love people more than your own family and nation. You need to love humanity and then love creation. You have to love everything on the land and all created things in the water. Doing so is a process of re-creation. Through God's love, we need to connect with humanity. Through human love, we need to connect with the earth, including the realm of water. For this reason, I am offering my utmost devotion in the Pantanal.

(16)  Human beings are responsible to prevent the extinction of the species created by God. How many species have human beings brought to extinction? There are 3,600 species of fish in the Pantanal. I have built a fish farm and I can multiply them at any time in places around the world that have a similar environment, so they never will become extinct. My work is focused on these things, and I am now going to begin this vast project.

(17)  In the future, a fish farm taller than a city building needs to be created, in which to raise 3,600 kinds of fish. Imagine controlling the temperature for each type of fish with a computer—those from the sea, those living in freshwater, those living in the Arctic regions, and those living in tropical areas. We can raise 3,600 species of fish from the entire world in one building. Using a city building would not be a problem.

(18)  Do you want to follow the life of True Parents who, with God's love, have been trying to liberate the realm of nature that has been in distress? Or do you want to live a closed life in the city, polluting the air, destroying the environment, and blocking your children's emotional growth? Since I love nature so much, and all Unification Church members love to follow me, it is possible for us to build an ideal kingdom in harmony with nature. So I am going to build a museum and have every type of creation exhibited there. I will prepare specimens and put them on display. I will create a farm for the fruits of the sea, where you feel you are in nature just by looking at it. I will begin a movement to create museums in each town as a symbol of love for animals. Then the town with the most species can become a world-renowned tourist spot. I will also gather many species of plants and trees to put on display.

(19)  If fish were constantly being caught, they would all disappear. That is why we need to breed and raise fish. I am thinking of building a zoo with the animals from the Pantanal and the Amazon River valley in South America. There should be a city in which insects are raised. Then whenever someone strikes a bell, the birds that want to eat the insects will come to eat. A city needs to appear in which insects can be raised to feed the birds. The birds are dying because there are not enough insects. We need to build towns in which to raise insects, birds, and animals.

(20)  In South America, there are rivers that flow north-south and rivers that flow east-west. Unification Church members should live along the Paraguay River and the Amazon River and become their owners. How wonderful it would be to educate people who visit and let them experience living with nature! To connect this area to modern civilization and city life, I will build a town with a museum displaying the millions of species of insects in this vast area. All those who research insects should come to the Pantanal. I will also build a fish farm to raise 3,600 types of fish. I will build an aviary and a botanical garden.

(21)  In order to form a harmonious society, all members of the community should share the same standard of living. Mutual prosperity can come about on the foundation of shared responsibility that is voluntary and based on love. In an ideal world, there would be no corruption or inequality and no Fall. Such a world comes about only when true love is practiced. The practice of true love is a prerequisite.  Our movement is historic in building a community of true love among people of different races and traditions. The world is facing a serious environmental crisis.  Environmental pollution and the destruction of nature are insults to the beautiful holy world created by God. People without true love use the natural world for their own selfish purposes. One of the serious results of the Fall is that, because Adam and Eve failed to inherit God’s true love, people have been unable to love one another, love animals, and love the land. All of creation is longing for people’s true love.

Section 3.  The Era of the Ocean

(1)  Water is like the progenitor of life. So we need to love water, which also represents God. We need to love the ocean. In every scenic spot, there are beautiful forests and bodies of water. Water creates harmony. Water has an absolute character but no form. It fits the shape of whatever contains it. If you understand the philosophy of water, it is like perfecting the sixty-six books of the Bible and being able to become a son or daughter of God.

(2)  The Christian ceremony of baptism involves going into the water and being born again. Since every living thing starts from water, which is the origin of life, you can go into the water and come out clean and reborn. If you observe water every day and let your mind move with it, the blood of your body will be refined. While gazing at flowing water, have you ever felt that your mind is being washed clean? We need to love water. I am saying that loving water is the same as loving all of creation.  This is a fundamental idea. When loving water, should you love lake water or seawater? Should you go out to the sea every day or not? If you are on a boat with the winds blowing and the waves running high, your blood swirls around and never goes bad. Your blood is purified.

Learning from the sea

(3)  No matter how numerous they are, how large or small, all rivers flow toward the vast oceans. Once they reach them, all their waters are mixed together. The Black Current flows in the Pacific and is one of the currents that circulate through thousands of miles among the five great oceans. This is possible because of the moons gravitational pull. Because these currents circulate in this way, the five great oceans can all be in motion. They act as the supporting pillars of the entire ocean system. When filth and other things come into the ocean waters, they are all mixed up and move toward becoming one. This is the purpose of the ocean. Even if a large river were to constantly supply fresh water for tens of thousands of years, the ocean has the ability to absorb it all and still have room to spare. The ocean is great because it remains unchanged, no matter what enters it.

(4)  There is no deception in nature. If a place is high, it is high, and if it is low, it is low. Nature will equally supply the higher place and the lower place without objection. I have learned from nature to give everything freely without objection.  When I go to a foreign land and find people who have less than I have, I open my storehouses and share all my rice even though I might have none left for myself. I do this to make things even. I learned that from water. For this reason, I like water.  God’s judgment did not touch the fish living in the water. I always prepare offerings in front of God. I always release the first fish I catch, whether it is big or small. You have no idea how wonderful it is to release at least the first fish!

(5)  The ocean, when calm, is mystical. It has the power to draw people in like a captivating, beautiful woman, a queen of mystery. The ocean may look silver, but it can also take on a jade color. At other times the sea assumes other hues. No matter how well a girl may dance, her beauty cannot compare with that of the ripples stirred by the passing of a gentle breeze on the water. Imagine the seagulls at the ocean. Some are sitting and floating on the water, others are flying. All of them are calling; whether their cries are sad or joyful, they all sound beautiful. How wonderful it is when the waves rise up and swoosh down. They are tipped with gold as they sparkle in the sunshine. When we see this, we are amazed by the sea's unending changes.

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