Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 165

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 6: True Creation
Chapter 3: The Creation's Lament and True Stewardship
Section 1: Our Relationship with the Creation, 10
Section 2: The Creation's Lament and Our Response, 05


(10)   The fundamental order of the universe is based on the principle of existing for the sake of the other. The creations ideal, as well as the hope of human beings, is a world of true ideals, true love, and true peace. Therefore, the principle of living for the sake of others is the starting point of God’s ideal, and for all happiness and love. When looking at the universe, we can see that nothing exists for its own sake. The animal world exists for the plant world; the mineral world and plant world exist for the animal world; and all of these together exist for human beings. Then for whom do human beings exist? We exist for God. Yet, God, too, exists for all things, since He made them and is the source of their growth and development.

(11)  Human beings are the most advanced beings and contain within themselves all the building blocks of the mineral, plant, and animal worlds. Thus, human beings are the fruit, microcosm, and model for everything in the existing world.  Nevertheless, since humans are resultant beings, we can deduce that we came to exist because of a first causal being and that we resemble that being. This means there must be an absolute subject being who created human beings as His object partners. If we are beings of character, then the subject being must also be a being of character. The field of philosophy defines this subject partner as the First Cause and Absolute Being. Religion refers to this absolute being as God.

(12)  All things in creation have dual purposes, an individual purpose, and a higher purpose that serves the greater whole. Therefore, the universe is like one massive organic entity with dual purposes. Within the universe, an entity that has completed its individual purpose by uniting with a subject or object partner cannot exist in isolation or in a fixed state. Every individual entity assumes either a subject or object position in relation to a partner and moves toward a higher direction and purpose. The universe is an entity that unites everything within itself as subject-object partners, with shared interests and a common purpose, and contains within itself an energy and universal power that serves the common purpose of the whole. Then what is the nature of the strongest, most perfect mutual relationship that creates eternal harmony and unity between a subject partner and an object partner? It is the relationship of giving and receiving grounded in love. The motivation of love, however, does not originate from human beings. The fundamental origin of love is the absolute, unchanging, causal subject being. In religion, this first causal being is called God.

(13)  When we examine the process of God’s creation, we see that first God made all things of creation as the foundation upon which to create human beings. We were God’s final masterpiece. Everything began from God. Culminating with the creation of human beings, God wanted to experience unity and equilibrium with human beings and all things of the natural world. Human beings' mission is to stand as mediators, connecting God, the spirit world, and the physical world.

(14)  God made all things as a foundation upon which to create His sons and daughters. On this foundation, everything is related and connected. This is true from the animal kingdom to the mineral kingdom. Plus and minus exist in the mineral world, just as stamen and pistil are found in the plant kingdom and male and female in the animal kingdom. The greatest masterpiece of all, created by amalgamating all things of creation, is human beings, with internal nature and external form. All entities appear in symbol, image, and substance so they can connect and relate with all of creation.

(15)  The world functions harmoniously through various systems and relationships.  In this complicated and diverse world, we need an ideology that can teach us how to become true owners. This ideology should apply not only to human relationships but also to our relationship with all things of creation. What kind of person is a true owner? A true owner is one who considers the welfare of others before his or her own, practicing a life of service and devotion to others. He or she leads a life of true love. A true person is a true owner who loves, protects, and nurtures all things with true love.

(16)  Things that are woven together through love become one. This is the phenomenon of connection. A single strand of my hair and I resemble each other.  When you look at a strand of your hair, it looks like nothing special. You may think it has no relationship with you, but it does. All things of creation are like that strand of hair. Love functions in mysterious ways. All things of creation have their own capacity to respond to emotions, such as love. If you raise flowers in a caring environment, with music, they will grow well. The buds will not fade before they bloom; they will blossom fully. If you let chickens listen to music, they too will grow well. Everything grows well when in harmony with its surroundings, but if there is discord, it wilts.

(17)  Why did God create the environment? He created the environment as a place for plants and all things of creation to grow so they could provide nutrition for human beings. The fish in the ocean, the plants in the fields and mountains, the grass and trees, all provide us with nutrition. For example, many things can be used as medicine when we are sick. There is nothing that is not useful. In fact, the most distasteful thing could prove to be highly medicinal. In some instances, the poison of venomous snakes is considered to be the best medicine.

Section 2.  The Creation's Lament and Our Response

(1)  In Satan's world, all things of creation are under his dominion in the name of his children. The nations in Satan's world are also under his dominion. This is why God and the creation are lamenting. This is why we need to restore the creation to God through indemnity and liberation. In order to do this, God’s son and daughter need to establish dominion over the creation. Adam and Eve together should govern the creation, which desires to be ruled by God. In turn, Adam and Eve's descendants need to unite and take dominion over all things.

All of creation is lamenting

(2)  The Fall of human beings caused the fall of the created world, causing all created entities to lament. There are two realms of lamentation, that of the human world and that of the creation. In the created world, the state of the world is determined by the state of the people. It is because of the human Fall that the creation entered the realm of lamentation, consequently bringing human beings into that realm also. Thus, we need to liberate the creation first. The process of recreation needs to be done in this order because God created the natural world first. We must first liberate creation from its lamentation. Then, upon that foundation, we can return to the original state in which God created us.

(3)  In the creation, we have the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, and the animal kingdom. Lamentation begins from the mineral kingdom. Because Satan's lineage permeated the creation, all things are trapped and cannot relate to God as their master. Everything is blocked. That is why all creation and all human beings are in distress. In the spirit world, God laments, as do the angels.

(4)  Because of the human Fall, God has never experienced a single day of the ideal for which our ancestors longed. God has not had a single day of joy based on His original ideal. The creation was lost and could not receive God's love. We can only restore the world and recover the world of God's love by correcting this. In the Bible, Chapter 8 of Romans says that because of the human Fall, God, humanity and all of creation came to lament. How did all this lamentation come about? As a result of the Fall, God lost His loving sons and daughters, human beings lost their loving Parent, and all creation lost the master from whom it was meant to receive love.  In this way, lamentation befell the universe.

(5)  It is true that the creation is lamenting. It laments not because of its own pain, but because God is lamenting. In all directions, all things of creation grieve. People should realize that they too are in a position to grieve. But who among humankind understands this? Who can resolve this agonizing situation? God cannot do it alone. The things of creation also cannot resolve it. Satan certainly cannot do it. Only human beings can resolve this painful situation. At the very least, we should share the sorrow of the creation.

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