Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 164

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 6: True Creation
Chapter 3: The Creation's Lament and True Stewardship
Section 1: Our Relationship with the Creation, 01-09


CHAPTER 3  The Creation's Lament and True Stewardship

Section 1.  Our Relationship with the Creation

(1)  It is a misunderstanding to think we belong to ourselves, even though we proclaim ourselves to be the lords of creation with dominion over all things in the visible world. Our body is not our own. Our mind is not our own either. If we were asked on what grounds we claim these as ours, we would not be able to answer. If the question of our ownership were resolved, it would mark a historical starting point for the resolution of all problems. However, today people live on earth without even thinking about this matter. Seeing that people today have become so disconnected from their origin, God's sorrow now is greater than the sorrow He felt at the loss of the whole universe through the Fall. If there were anyone who felt this sorrowful heart of Heavenly Father and shared His heart, the providence centered on religion could begin from that person. The way to rediscover God is to pioneer from that point of connection to His Heart. All beings have the earth as their parent, the universe as their parent, and the Creator as their parent. Therefore, you are not just one individual existing on your own.

The earth is our second mother

(2)  It is the earth that nurtures our bodies. The earth is our parent, providing all the essential elements that the body needs. However, no one on earth recognizes this.  In addition to the earth, we also have parents who gave us birth, the parents of our mind and body. However, humankind doesn't have only two kinds of parents. Beyond these, we have our absolute, eternal Parent, from whom we derive our innermost value. But if we are unable to recognize and understand that we have an eternal Parent, humanity will remain in a lamentable state. Therefore, if we do not have one moment, one period of time during the course of history in which we can understand the eternal, absolute Parent, we will not be able to take our place in the garden of rest. We need to understand that we have an eternal Parent with a deep heart. This is not our earthly parents, who will fade back into the earth, but the Parent who can shake up and guide earth's history and the history of all humankind. This is our Parent in heaven, in other words, the One who created us.  Thus, we have three great parents.

(3)  We think it is only our parents who gave birth to us, but that is not the case.  The origin of the body is the earth. We are born from our parents but we resemble not only them. Therefore, we seek something beyond our parents, something new and greater. It is a fundamental principle that reason and motive are behind a divine outcome; therefore our longing for absolute values must derive from such a parent. A true person should be able to communicate in heart with the earth. If the earth, as our parent, gave birth to us, then we should become people of heart who live on the earth for its sake. Furthermore, a true person is one who knows Heaven and is concerned with our Heavenly Parent's Will. Such a person will work hard today and tomorrow to reach the destination of goodness. A true person endeavors to understand absolute relationships.

(4)  The body is made entirely of elements borrowed from the universe. Therefore, if all things in the universe demanded to recover what was theirs from the human body, everything would be taken away from us. From this, we can deduce, "I am made from the universe; the universe gave birth to me." Thus, the universe is the parent of your body. What follows is, "I am the substantial form, the encapsulation of all the elements of the universe." Then we can all say, "I am the universe in motion" or "I am the universe in action." Given that we are the living manifestations of the universe, we must love the universe.

(5)  When we sit in nature and gaze upon our surroundings, we feel something mystical. If your heart flows with love for nature, loving people will come naturally.  Gazing at flowers, butterflies and all created things in nature gives us hope. You should think, "I am begotten from nature. You too are begotten from nature.  Therefore the whole universe exists for you and me." How wonderful it would be if you could feel this!

(6 )  The earth is the field in which we can sow and harvest the seeds of love. We grow by absorbing life elements from the earth. A mother's body is like that field.  Just as we absorb life elements from the earth, a baby is born after growing in its mother's body and absorbing nutrition from her flesh and blood. On earth, the child grows, becomes a perfected individual through life in a family, and is harvested when he or she passes into the spirit world. The spirit world is like a storehouse for things harvested in autumn, while the earth is like a field from which the harvest comes. To become a good fruit, you must fully mature in the field. Only when you have experienced the realm of ideal love through loving relationships of all kinds—up and down, right and left, and front and back—can you go into the storehouse of God's kingdom. There, immersed in God's love, you live with God eternally as His ideal object partner of love. This great universe, the cosmos, is our home. The great universe is our home, and being able to govern it as we wish, living eternally with God in His love, is the greatest happiness, the greatest liberation, and the greatest freedom.

(7)  The human body is about three-fourths water. The earth sustains its children with invisible air and visible water. This is why we say the earth is our second mother. Because the earth provides all the elements for our life, we must love the earth more than we love our own mother. After growing up this way, we fly into the spirit world. First, we pass through our mother’s womb, then through the world of air. At last, we enter the spirit world and are liberated there. This is our final destination. This is the kingdom of heaven centered on God.

Human beings are the center of creation

(8)  God created the beautiful and intricate natural world of creation to provide a safe environment for Adam and Eve and to serve as a foundation for their external biological development. Within this safe environment, human beings were to grow and develop. God’s deepest interest, however, is that human beings develop their inner nature and loving character. Human beings are meant to resemble God’s true love and become fully spiritually mature through experiencing true love. Therefore, God created the power of love as the strongest among all inner, intangible forms of energy.

(9) The Korean expression, "In all creation, human beings are the most precious," is indeed correct. Like us, God also needs an object partner of His love. That is why He created human beings. Because of His ideal of love, which places human beings at the center, God created all things in the universe to resemble us so that they could harmonize and be absorbed by us. When we look at the created world, we can see that everything exists in pairs. The mineral, plant, animal, and human worlds all exist in pairs. In the mineral world, positive and negative ions interact.  Among the elements, there are none that combine randomly. If the reciprocal conditions do not match, even if God Himself commands it, they will not unite.  Conversely, if the reciprocal conditions are right, even God cannot stop them from coming together. On a minute level, even in the mineral kingdom, everything is designed to correspond to God’s model of ideal love, combining, and functioning within this model.

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