Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 166

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 6: True Creation
Chapter 3: The Creation's Lament and True Stewardship
Section 2: The Creation's Lament and Our Response, 06-18

(6)  From a historical perspective, during the Old Testament Age, the providence of restoration was advanced through the offering of sacrifices. Initially, God led His providence to unite people and the creation by requiring sacrifices. Later He led the providence to unite people with Himself. This has been the history of the providence of restoration until the present. From now on, however, the providence will advance through your initiative. Thus, you need to be the one in the position of a sacrifice who unites with the creation. Then, upon that foundation, you should unite with God. Through this process, history, which has been flowing in a vertical line, will unfold horizontally in your family.

(7)  To have dominion over creation, man and woman must first unite in love. Only after this can they have dominion over all things of creation. This is the Principle.  When God created and blessed Adam and Eve, He said, "Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth, and have dominion over all things." This means that you can have dominion over the creation only after you have a family.

(8)  Human beings cannot have dominion over all creation until they become bride and bridegroom and have a true family. To have dominion over creation, they must wait until the original standard of Adam and Eve is restored. Creation was supposed to be governed by human beings who had attained original love. In order to grow properly, all of creation wants to receive love and respect from original human beings. That is the eternal place where all created things want to dwell.

(9)  The entire creation laments because the human Fall turned everything upside down. This is the reason all things of creation have been waiting for the sons of God who have the authority to overcome the realm of lamentation. The creation can finally be governed only through the families of the sons of God. The creation has been waiting for this time, and the mission of religion is to bring about this time.  Until then human beings have no authority to take dominion over the creation.

(10)  No one today has earned the privilege of taking dominion over the creation based on love. Until we mature enough to embrace all things with the original heart of love, we are not entitled to eat and digest the things of creation. All of creation should be governed by true families. If all things of creation lived with loving families, do you think they would lament? No, they would not. All things of the creation want to be governed in a place where love flourishes. Human beings have never been able to elevate their level of heart enough to create that kind of place. If we don t advance to that place of spiritual maturity, we will never have dominion over the creation. In order to be owners of that place of love, we must unite as bride and bridegroom. According to the original law, a bride and a bridegroom form a family and then govern all of creation based on true love in their family. To do that, we must restore the lost position of all humankind. Because we have not been able to restore our original position, we do not have the privilege of governing the creation.

(11)  All your basic necessities, even the clothes on your back, came from the creation, so you should not treat them merely as objects for your daily life. You should treat each item as a microcosm of the whole created world and recognize its value. Likewise, you need to make your life an offering and create an environment where God can dwell with you. Unless we live this way, we cannot establish the foundation to become true families who govern creation.

(12)  Since Satan's children have control over all of creation, all things belong to Satan. We must restore all things to God. According to the Principle of Restoration, all created things should first have belonged to the ancestors of humankind. Of course, all things should belong to God, but from the viewpoint of God's blessing to human beings, all created things should have belonged to the ancestors of humankind. First, they should belong to the parents of goodness, who have no relationship to the Fall. Afterward, they can belong to the children of goodness.

(13)  Restoring myself alone does not complete restoration. First I must be united with God, and then I must unite with all things of creation in order to be in a position to declare, "All creation belongs to God." After that, I can say, "These created things belong to me." Before something belongs to me, it should belong to God and to True Parents. Otherwise, it cannot be mine. Everything that belongs to me must first be offered to the public. In order to lay the foundation to restore Korea, I must consider all material things from a greater perspective, beyond my individual self. I must treat all material things as public.

The true owner who resolves the sorrow of all things

(14)  To capture God's heart, the heart that existed before the creation and will remain forever is the condition required for us to earn our value as lords of creation. Once you possess God's heart, you are ahead of everything. Our value is determined by our relationship with the center, the root, the heart. This has been God's heart from the very beginning. When you issue commands with this heart of God, all creation will respond, "Yes! You are right! Thank you!" That's the way it will be.  So why are God and all things of creation sorrowful? It is because this relationship of heart was cut off. The history of restoration and the history of resurrection have progressed to reestablish this severed relationship of heart. Once we own God's heart, no one can oppose us when we say, "You are our Father, and we are your sons and daughters." No one will deny it. There is no way to deny the relationship of heart between parent and child.

(15)  We need to learn what kind of people we must become in order to restore the lost original standard and live in the kingdom of heaven. We should understand that all created things have a love relationship with God. Furthermore, we should feel that all things of creation are a reflection of the Parent. All creation is a reflection of the heart of the Parent, whose entire heart and soul went into the creation of all things. All things expect to be loved, valued, and treated well as the representatives of the One whose hands created them. However, since the human Fall, no one has treated the creation in this way. How could all things of creation not lament? That is why the Bible says, "The whole creation has been groaning."

(16)  Since we are responsible to liberate creation, which is sighing and lamenting in sorrow, we should be able to touch a single tree or even a single blade of grass and experience the heart and care that God invested in its creation six thousand years ago. We must be able to shed tears at the sight of one solitary plant along the road, or while holding onto a tree, and say, "How lonely you must be, having lost your master!" I have wept profusely while grasping a rock. I have shed tears while feeling the blowing wind.

(17)  We need to love and be proud of all creation in heaven and earth that was created by God with His whole heart. God made all things of creation for the well-being of His children. Creation is our inheritance, which cannot be bought for any treasure, not for silver or gold. Yet this precious heritage has been neglected and treated with contempt. That is why all created beings are lamenting. When I look at the mountains, I can sense their sorrow. I can sense the grieving of the fields and the lamentation in the blowing wind.

(18)  You need to become sons and daughters who attend God. After earning the title of God’s sons and daughters, you should become lords of creation who can take responsibility for all created things. You should love the creation with your whole heart, just as God has loved us for six thousand years, without discarding us in our sinfulness. Regardless of whether or not somebody is watching, you should be able to hold a single blade of grass and say, "Father, how hopeful You must have been when You created this blade of grass! Isn't that right? How You must have longed to show this proudly to Your beloved children? How long this single blade of grass has been waiting for the moment You could proudly show it to Your beloved children! How sorrowful has this poor blade of grass been, not being able to experience that day?"
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