Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 163

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 6: True Creation
Chapter 2: The Essence and Order of the Universe
Section 4: Creation and Evolution, 07-20


(7)  If the interaction of subject and object partners diminished them, they would not engage in it.  It is a principle that they interact only when it serves a shared higher purpose. From this point of view, evolution would not bring about development if it were not guided by a higher purpose. Development requires an increase of horizontal energy; otherwise, there is no development. Yet this energy can absolutely not arise except through interaction that has a purpose and an object partner.

(8)  We must solve the problem of the theory of evolution. Communism adopted the concepts of the theory of evolution as if they were true. Yet it is invisible things that are truly valuable. Can you see God? Can you see your conscience? Can you see love? These are the three most precious things to human beings. God, the conscience, and love are the three most precious things, yet they are invisible. Everyone knows that the conscience exists. Is there anyone who denies the existence of the conscience? Is there anyone who denies the existence of love? It is invisible to the eye. Yet because it is invisible, it can go anywhere and become one with anything. Can visible things enter in this way? Since love is invisible, it can even enter our cells. There is nothing it cannot go through. Herein lies the origin of this logic: No one can restrain love. The universe cannot stop or block true love.

(9)  How did the universe originate? Neither the theory of evolution nor the theory of creation can explain it. Before either the concept of creation or the concept of evolution, there was male and female. Male and female came into being because of love. This is the formula. Because of love, there is man and woman. Men cannot find love in a world of men. Women cannot find love centered on other women.  When a man finds a woman, and when a woman finds a man, that is when they find love.

The unity of religion and science

(10)  Because God gave us the responsibility to complete His comprehensive unified thought, we research and develop natural science as Unified Science, and we draw together the world of the mind through religion. From the end of the sixteenth century, religion and science were divided, but today, in the Last Days, we have one unified focus that brings the two into one to achieve a single purpose.

(11)  Today the development of science, and the modern civilization based on science, has succeeded in unifying the realm of external thought. We have a realm of unified thought on the world level. But internally, it is not science but religion that reveals the original human nature and character. Religion has to complete the mission of building an internally unified world, in which all people are one united body. Today science and religion are in conflict with each other, but it shouldn't be like that. God created the body of Adam and breathed the spirit into it so that Adam could stand as God's representative. Phenomena similar to this must take place in the Last Days.

(12)  Science studies the resultant world, while religion studies the world of heart. Until today, ideology has set forth the logic of cultural history. These three systems developed independently and separately, meaning religion according to religion, science according to science, and ideology according to ideology. Since God is one, He could not have been the one to divide them. In the Last Days, we should unite these three centered on God.

(13)  Only the Unification Church can connect the highest points of religion, science, and ideology. The Unification Church is the only place on earth that bases one unified ideological system in a religious ideal. Therefore, it is a logical conclusion that God is working through the Unification Church. This is not due to the work of human beings. In our time, God rapidly developed science, notably space science, because we are entering the age of ideological change by which to unify the entire universe. This scientific development can serve to expand and unite religions to embrace the entire universe. There was no other way for religion, science, and ideology to unite.

(14)  God is the origin of religious truth as well as scientific truth. God is the very first preacher and at the same time the very first scientist. I have a firm belief that these are fundamental truths of the universe. This is the cornerstone of my life's work. As a disciple of the living God, I have tried to present God, who can be seen substantially through this physical world and who appears so clearly through the spirit world, in a deeper, wider and clearer context, and to explain the fundamental aspects of God's existence in one unified theory.

(15)  The purpose of science is to realize humanity's dreams. However, in the past, because of the barriers among people and nations, the amazing inventions wrought through science could not contribute immediately to the well-being of all people. Some people are interested in restricting the benefits of science to their own nation. However, the civilization made possible by science should benefit all humankind. Specific nations or factions should not possess It exclusively.

(16)  In the past several centuries, science has been divided. Through the analytic method, scientists have specialized in many narrow fields. Recently, through the synthetic method, a new and hopeful trend is appearing to consolidate and unify this divided knowledge. The emergence of Unified Science is the most conspicuous example of this tendency. Beneath its many divisions, science has worked toward one goal, one direction up to the present time. That is, each specialized field has sought, in its own particular way, the realization of a world of well-being. There is no doubt that it will continue toward the same goal in the future.

(17)  In human life, science can only be a means; it cannot be an end. The purpose of human life is to realize God's purpose of creation. A human being is a unified being of both physical and spiritual bodies. Hence, on the foundation of physical life, he or she is to lead a life of value, a life of love, truth, goodness, and beauty. To put it simply, we need science and technology for our physical life, but we have to apply them in the framework of spiritual life. Science that disregards or fails to emphasize that life is based on values actually destroys human value systems. This contributes to today's reality of fear and insecurity. We can deliver humanity from this unfortunate situation only by searching for and discovering the authentic value perspective. Science in its turn has to align with this value perspective that, needless to say, has to be based on absolute values.

(18)  Where can we find absolute values? They can be found only in God's love.  Beauty, truth, and goodness based on God's love are absolute values in themselves. It is, therefore, reasonable to conclude that we can liberate humanity from the harm caused by the misuse of scientific technology only when science itself recognizes God and applies technology in the same direction as God's love.

(19)  God has two important tasks that He needs someone to accomplish before He sends the Messiah again. One of them is the creation of a highly developed material civilization. To say that God's Will is accomplished is to say that God's kingdom of heaven on earth is realized. This doesn't mean only a spiritual kingdom of heaven but also an earthly or material kingdom of heaven. It is necessary for God to prepare a vessel to contain the highly developed spiritual culture that will come into being with the Second Advent of the Messiah. This vessel is a highly developed material civilization. Moreover, in God's ideal the world is one nation, in which people will live in close contact through advanced means of transportation and communication made possible by the development of science. This development is a very important element for the construction of the kingdom of heaven on earth. It is a necessary and indispensable condition for the creation of the culture of a unified world.

(20)  The main mission of science is to improve humanity's material existence, and Unified Science will contribute to our effectiveness in that work. However, just as the original human being is a unified being of spirit and body, true social life involves harmonizing the spiritual and material, and the ideal world is a unity of love and creative action. The improvement of material life alone does not make for the realization of a world of true happiness. This leads us to the conclusion that in order to accomplish our mission, we need to integrate Unified Science and Unified Thought. Accomplishing this integration, resolving the long-standing problem of the relationship between science and religion, will help us establish the unified world of prosperity, happiness, and goodness.


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