Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 162

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 6: True Creation
Chapter 2: The Essence and Order of the Universe
Section 3: Order and law in the Universe, 11
Section 4: Creation and Evolution, 06


(11)  Where does joy come from? It comes when the body responds to the desire of the mind. When the mind and body become perfect subject and object partners and form a perfect four-position foundation, the body moves according to the desire of the mind. This produces joy. Heavenly fortune, the principle of the universe, protects you so that you can come closer to a meeting point with God. This is why you feel happy. On the other hand, if you act against your conscience, the elements of your heart that are in relation to God will disappear, and in the end, God will no longer be your subject partner. This is because, according to the principles of the universe, if the subject partner exists alone, even though the object partner does not oppose it, an energy of repulsion inevitably arises. This repelling force manifests in sorrow. I am the cause of my own joy and sorrow.

(12)  Sometimes we are so sorrowful that our hearts break. Why is that? What force acts to make us sorrowful? Emotions arise because a universal law within the great fortune of the universe directs the life force. If you do not live in accordance with universal law, if you oppose it, it will repel you. The universal energy sometimes pushes and sometimes pulls, but when it becomes a strong repelling energy, you cannot be happy. When one spouse in a married couple that is living together dies, the other cries. This is because the remaining partner cannot fit with the standard of the universal law, and so it repels him or her. The depth of sorrow only increases. Then what produces happiness? When you harmonize with the universal law, the power of the universe embraces you. The greater the harmony, the stronger it comes to embrace you. And the stronger It embraces you, the closer you will come to the internal center. That brings joy. So sorrow and joy do not arise from within you. They arise based on these principles of power, that is, the universal law.

(13)  In the universe, we can see two forces at work: attraction and repulsion.  Attraction arises from seeking to transform into a larger reality; our mind, too, is attracted to merge with the larger reality. Attraction does not occur randomly. It is generated by interaction. What attracts and unites two small things to each other? It is the surplus energy that enables the subject partner to go beyond itself and embrace its object partner. I have to go beyond myself to embrace my object partner with a greater energy. Thus, it is possible for two to unite as one. If your motive to embrace is to make something smaller, then unity will never occur. Only when you try to go beyond yourself, embracing something greater, will universal power protect you. This is the relationship between subject and object partners.

(14)  What is illness? When one of our organs is out of balance and damaged, if we don't quickly correct it, the universe will repel us, saying, "You have not met the standard of the principle of coexistence." Because of that repelling force, we feel pain. Why do we feel sad? It is the same. If I am in a peaceful state, with mind and body united, harmonized with the environment, and moving forward toward something greater, the universe will protect me. If I stand in a position of loving and being loved by everything around me, in this environment in which everything is connected and coexists in a correlated realm of interaction, the universe will protect me. However, if I go against this, universal energy will repel me, and I will feel sad.  

(15)  We cannot explain existence in this universe apart from the idea of partnership. The universe protects those who realize this idea. It protects them without fail. Thus, when a man and woman strive to unite and live together as one, based on eternal love, the whole universe will protect them. No one can invade from any direction. Within our body, there are paths of giving and receiving. Being ill means one of these paths is blocked. If the plus or minus path is blocked, we do not meet the universe's standard. The universe protects us when we realize the ideal of partnership, but the universal force will repel us to whatever degree we fail to match that ideal. Repelling force appears as pain. If I poke you, it hurts, doesn't it? Pain is not caused by illness but by universal energy. It is a warning: "You feel this way because you did not succeed in giving and receiving, or in creating a harmonious relationship between subject and object partners. Unless you release that which is blocked and create harmony, you will have no place in the universe." The universe protects that which is in harmony.

Section 4.  Creation and Evolution

(1)  For scholars, the problem is whether the theory of evolution is correct or the idea that God created everything is correct. Which concept is logically prior: the concept of evolution or the concept of love? Which comes first? The concept of evolution does not come first, for its existence presupposes the prior existence of love. Evolution presupposes a pair system as the basis of the universe. The theory of evolution explains only the apparent structure of the universe, but the essence is not like that.

The idea of love preceded evolution

(2)  Although all birds are similar in shape, there are many different species. Can a sparrow and a bunting mate and reproduce? They cannot. Between an amoeba and a human being, there are countless species. Could an amoeba mutate into a human being all at once, disregarding these stages? Between an amoeba and a human being, there are numerous connecting stages. The process that led to human beings could not happen randomly on its own; that is utterly unreasonable. The differentiation of species is absolute. In considering whether concept or existence comes first, materialism emerged among those who think existence came first. Nevertheless, true love is the only thing that can connect everything.

(3)  A big question these days is whether the theory of evolution is true or the theory of creation is true. Who determines the direction of evolution? Can a being do so by itself? Can a developing being make this decision on its own? Another question is this: How can such a being gather, cultivate, and increase power in order to form a relationship with the realm of the ideal? Such things become possible only with God. The question cannot be answered by science. The desire for union with God exists within all matter, just as it does within human beings. It is the very purpose of material existence. In this sense, human beings are the representatives of the material world and the synthesis of all the elements in the universe.

(4)  God is the subject partner to human beings. He is the subject partner of the world of created things. This being we call God is the center of all action. Scientists today say that this universe is made up of energy, but they do not realize that before energy can exist, first there must be interaction. Confusion arises from not knowing that interaction between subject and object partners is the source of energy.

(5)  Within any environment, all things exist in relationships between subject and object partners. These relationships are a necessary condition for existence. If relationships are absent, the force of the universe, a natural force, will repel them. All existing beings, no matter how small, from the mineral kingdom to the animal kingdom, want to become object partners—beings with substantial form that can receive God’s love. All atoms are essentially elements of love, which makes them want to be absorbed by minerals. Minerals, having absorbed these elements of love, want to be absorbed by plants. This process continues on to higher levels until it reaches the human level, the level of beings in the position of God’s object partners of love. Even human beings have the goal to go through the human love organs. If there were no such process, no living things could maintain their existence. Lower beings are to be absorbed by higher beings. By being absorbed, they attain a higher value and become higher beings.

(6)  According to the formulae and principles that govern energy, can the output be equal to the input? Can the energy produced through an action equal the energy that generated that action? When there is action, energy is consumed. Action entails consumption. So it is impossible that the output of energy can equal the input. When action takes place, the energy is always reduced. What evolutionists say would mean that action leads to beings having higher energy. But they have no formula to justify this. If such a formula existed, the world would turn upside down. Therefore, evolution from lower to higher species requires another source of energy.

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