Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 161

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 6: True Creation
Chapter 2: The Essence and Order of the Universe
Section 2: The Principles of Existence and Action, 30
Section 3: Order and law in the Universe, 10


(30)  When we look at the world, we see that everything follows the principle of revolving. If energy moves in a straight line, it is constantly dissipated. The first principle God employed for the purpose of creating the world was to utilize the energy emitted in a straight line and make it revolve. Therefore, the principle of the world is the principle of revolving. At the same time, its the principle of motion. When you study chemistry, you research and analyze materials and observe the phenomena of their motion and action. You come to know that nothing goes against the principle of revolving. Everything is turning 360 degrees. The universe revolves, society revolves, and our mind also revolves. If anyone knew how to revolve around the heart of God, who is the center of the universe, that person naturally would revolve when God revolves. As long as God revolves, the universe will revolve. When God revolves, we revolve and all creation revolves as well.

Section 3.  Order and Law in the Universe

(1)  Earth, on which we live, is orbiting constantly around the sun in accordance with the law of the universe. The sun rotates on its axis just as Earth does. The sun, with a volume 1.3 million times greater than that of Earth, is moving constantly. There are vast galaxies in the universe whose mass is hundreds of billions of times greater than that of the solar system. Such galaxies, which we call micro-universes, constitute the countless star clusters of the universe. Considering them together, we call them the macrocosm. God, who created this enormous universe, whose radius spans billions of light-years, has moved this great universe along for millions and billions of years in accordance with unchanging laws. God is moving all these celestial bodies with a power that goes far beyond our imagination and senses.  The more we think about God, who created this universe, the more we naturally come to bow our heads before His grandeur and greatness. The Creator of this great universe is our Father, who looks after us, our God who protects us, and our great living Master.

(2)  We can see that the universe is not devoid of order. It is in motion based on mathematical formulas. That is why it has been in motion without error for countless eons. The development of science today involves the development of formulas. In engineering, we solve problems through mathematical formulas.  Likewise, scientific civilization has developed based on formulas. A formula is the perfect organization of units. Units must be connected. A formula means that the beginning and the end connect and fit together perfectly. When you are solving a mathematical problem, you have to produce the outcome using the formula you had at the outset.

(3)  The universe is not a nebulous construct. It has order. It rotates in an orderly way. There are many types of movement, but there is one main type. It is like the movement of a major river with many tributaries. In the great universe too, centered on one axis, all movement follows the flow of the mainstream. Since our world stands at the finish line, we inevitably conclude that all the movement of the universe is centered on one purpose.

(4)  God has to be an absolute being. He has to be unique, unchanging, and eternal. The laws He established also have to be absolute. We come to this conclusion because this universe has continued to move for myriad years, for billions of years, according to those laws. The animal world, the plant world, and the world of microorganisms continue their existence based on formulas and laws scientists can discover. Mathematics can explain all this. We find that microorganisms, animals, plants, and everything in the whole universe move in an eternal orbit according to law, and this sustains their existence. So do you think it is acceptable for people, as the lords of creation, to exist randomly, with no law and order, merely counting on their fingers? That is not how it should be.

(5)  The vast universe moves according to a principle expressed as a formula. The formula is based on units and combinations of units. God created the universe from an archetype based on a formula that it follows exactly. That is why it can be expressed using mathematics. Electricity can be explained by mathematics, can't it? We can solve problems by applying mathematical formulas. Formulas involve units and quantities based on one, two, and three. The units should be appropriate to the problem and correspond to the formula. Otherwise, you can't find the correct answer.

(6)  When we consider the natural world, even though we cannot see the movement of our world and the vast expanse of the universe, we know it all exists eternally following universal laws of rotation and orbits. Who knew that after summer, autumn would follow, and after autumn, winter would come? Who knew that spring would follow winter? The universe adheres to its course, maintaining its self-existence by keeping everything in orbit through all seasons.

(7)  The universe is an expansion of the family. A family has a top, middle and bottom, left and right, and front and back. This is a principle. When we talk about top and bottom, we mean parents and children; when we talk about left and right, we mean husband and wife, and when we talk about front and back, we mean elder and younger siblings. Through what do they become one? It doesn't happen through power, knowledge, or money. Then what can bring it about? It is love. It is not ordinary love; it is true love. This is an absolute truth. Otherwise, they cannot form a sphere. Then what do the top, middle, and bottom in a family serve as? They serve as a textbook of love, a textbook through which we can encounter universal love. Having a textbook means we can go out into society and put it into practice.

(8)  If we think that the universe exists to establish the law of love, we will look at this world in a different way. What would be different? When we see a pair of sparrows chirping in the springtime, we will wonder, "Is our couple better than the sparrows?" When we see the sparrows feeding their babies, we will think, "Oh, loving our children like that is a basic principle." It is the same law for everything. Do you think a mother bird feeds her babies because she is too full to eat? She will feed her babies even if she is hungry. Where do you find this universal law of love in the world of humans? You cannot find it through your teacher; you cannot find it through your king; you cannot find it through your husband; you cannot find it through your wife. It survives only in the place where mother and father love their children. This is because parental love reflects the love of God for human beings. Parents' love for their children comes from that love.

(9)  No matter how great you are, you have to adapt to the four seasons—spring, summer, autumn, and winter. In winter, if you say, "Oh, I like summer, so I will keep wearing my summer clothes," you will suffer. You have to march in step with the seasons. When spring comes, you have to wear spring clothes. Unless you change your clothes, some problem may arise or you may be caught out in some way.  When winter comes, you have to wear winter clothes. Likewise, you have to follow heavenly law and adapt to the environment in order to receive the protection of the heavenly principles. If you can adapt and survive in every environment, you can face the universe from the position of an eternal subject partner.

(10)  The universe began with the principle of motion and the action of energy.  Everything needs to conform to the law of heavenly fortune, which is in rhythm with the universe. The principle of the four-position foundation accords with the law of heavenly fortune. Therefore, we have to support and protect the law of the four-position foundation and adapt ourselves to this law. If a robust result does not appear, it means we have not succeeded at that.  In other words, no matter how much a husband and wife give to and receive from each other if they have no children, they are disappointed. The universe turns based on the four-position foundation. If you cannot accomplish anything beyond a three-position foundation, you are not one with this law. In this case, you naturally will feel sad and distant from God.


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