Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 16

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 1: God
Chapter 3: God the Creator
Section 2: The World God Created, 1-16

(1) In the Bible, Genesis 1:27 states, "God created humankind in His image; in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them." Therefore, we can deduce that male and female exist within God. God is the one subject partner who manifests these two beings as one. Adam and Eve are the ones who were to resemble His dual characteristics.

God is a harmonious being of dual characteristics

(2) God exists as the subject partner with dual characteristics. He manifested His internal masculinity to become substantially visible through Adam as His counterpart, and He manifested His internal femininity substantially through Eve. In other words, human beings represent the investment and substantial embodiment of all that is within God's internal nature.

(3) The Unification Principle defines God as the incorporeal, absolute subject partner, the subject partner with dual characteristics in harmony. As a being with dual characteristics, God created Adam and Eve as His substantial second selves to reflect His characteristics individually. He intended to become the center in the vertical position when they fully matured and became one flesh with each other horizontally through love. What this means is that when Adam and Eve reached full maturity, God's masculinity was to reside in Adam's heart and mind, and His femininity in Eve's heart and mind. This, however, does not mean that God is divided. He is the subject partner of these dual characteristics. He can dwell in the heart and mind of both Adam and Eve.

(4) From where do subject partner and object partner arise? There must be a base for their existence. In the Unification Church we call this base the "dual characteristics." Human beings themselves do not create the subject and object partners. Energy is always in motion. Yet in order for energy to be in motion, there must be a circuit through which it can flow. Energy cannot continue without a circuit of giving and receiving. For instance, the heart operates within the circulatory system, made up of veins and arteries. All action requires a reciprocal relationship between a subject partner and an object partner. Before energy can exist, there must be a subject partner and an object partner. All subject and object partners must have a base for their existence.

(5) When we look at the cosmos, we see that all beings exist in order to participate in relationships of love. In the mineral world, there are plus and minus; in the plant world there are stamen and pistil; in the animal world there are male and female; in the human world there are man and woman, and there are heaven and earth. All of this is because God is a being of dual characteristics, who exists as the harmonious unity of plus and minus within Himself. When God relates to His creation, this harmonious being of dual characteristics takes the masculine position.

(6) Adam and Eve are the fruit, the visible substantial image, of God's internal nature. When they form a union, it becomes the base on which God's internal character and external form are united in substance for the first time. This is where the realm of heart begins. Based on this family realm of heart, the realm of heart opens and expands to the tribal level. Hence, Adam and Eve were to become the representatives of the individual realm of heart, family realm of heart and national realm of heart. The model for all these roles was to have been established in Adam's generation.

(7) Why did God create human beings? In order to answer this, we need to answer the fundamental question of why we were born. God is the subject partner of love. The Divine Principle refers to Him as a harmonious being of dual characteristics, but it does not explain that He is a unified being of love. It should add that He is a unified being of love.

(8) The Unification Principle sets forth that God exists as our subject partner, with dual characteristics in harmony. We base this on undeniable facts drawn from scientific analysis. When subject and object partners are totally united, God's power will be with them eternally. A place where subject partner and object partner do not exist is void of power. Then how does God exist? He exists forever by the power that is generated by the giving and receiving between the subject partner and object partner positions within Himself. This is how we can explain God's existence logically.

(9) Consider God's dual characteristics.  All the ideal elements of His first characteristic, everything that God imagined and planned, are substantiated in each man.  When each man reaches maturity according to the ideal of love, then the male realm of the universe reaches maturity.  So who can bring this male realm to maturity? It is Adam, who should have become the True Father of humanity. This is something that Adam could have made possible. Likewise, through Eve, the female realm could have come to maturity. Then these two should have become one. For this reason, a man has to relate with a woman, and a woman has to relate with a man. The two have to make a relationship and become one. On this foundation, they should bear children. Only then can God finally dwell on the horizontal plane.

Adam and Eve as the body of God

(10) What was God's purpose in creating all things? First, since God does not have a physical body, it was to assume a substantial form. Before the Fall, God intended that Adam and Eve become perfect in love and manifest His inner image. That was His ideal for the perfection of Adam and Eve. God needed their forms in order to govern the physical world. Second, God needed a body as a base for multiplication. Once we go to the spirit world, which is the vertical realm, we cannot multiply. In the spirit world, we can only connect to a point oriented at ninety degrees based on vertical love, and multiplication is not possible on the perpendicular vertical axis. In order to multiply, a horizontal plane—a substantial space—is required. With the horizontal plane expanding in all directions, love can form a sphere, which creates the vastness of space. Within this sphere, entities can multiply without limit. This includes human beings, who are to multiply while on earth and then transition into the spirit world. In summary, in order to multiply and raise heavenly people, God created the physical Adam and Eve. Third, God wanted His partners of love to propagate forever. Do you think it would be sufficient for God to create Adam and Eve and love only them? His love relationship should not end just with the people of one generation. God needed their forms in order to propagate the object partners of His love through their lineage.

(11) God’s purpose in creating human beings was to exercise the dominion of love over both the incorporeal and corporeal worlds, through Adam and Eve. Accordingly, to express Himself as a personal God, He had to have a relationship with substantial persons, Adam and Eve. Through the perfection of Adam and Eve, God's image, namely His external form, was to have been perfected. Standing at the center of the incorporeal world when He created Adam and Eve, God envisioned that their form, appearance, character, and other attributes would resemble His own. Without possessing an external form within the world, He cannot have a dominion of love.

(12) The incorporeal God does not have a body. Without a body, God cannot govern the spirit world and physical world. In order to manifest Himself, He has to dwell in a body. The ones in whose bodies He would dwell, His representatives, were to have been Adam and Eve. If they had not fallen, God would have manifested Himself in them. Therefore, Adam and Eve were to have been the first good ancestors of humankind and were, at the same time, to have become God, who reigns over heaven and earth. They were to have been God in substance. That is, they had the responsibility to govern the world in the position of the Parents by assuming the image of God who dwells in the eternal incorporeal world. God intended to integrate the spirit world and the physical world according to the form of Adam and Eve.

(13) God has no form.  Even when you go to the spirit world, you cannot see God.  He has no form, but He needs one.  He created all things with form, and therefore to become the Lord and Ruler of all things, He should have a form. That is why God must incarnate in True Parents.  Only then can God be the center of both the visible world and the eternal world, and be the Parent, the King and the Owner of Peace.

(14) God is incorporeal and has no visible form. In order to manifest Himself, He needs to assume a form. That is why, in order to govern humankind and all things that have form, God needs to manifest Himself in the form of Adam and Eve.  Adam, Eve and God were to be one in the flesh, and God was to be the mind of Adam and Eve. Had God and Adam become one, and had God and Eve become one, then once Adam and Eve became husband and wife their marriage would have been one with God internally and externally. When, by loving each other, Adam and Eve gave birth to children, those children would have been connected to God's direct lineage. Love would have bound them together. The reason God created this world is because He wanted to experience such love. God created in order to love.

(15) Adam and Eve are God's body as well as God's object partners of love. You cannot love by yourself. Even the Absolute Being cannot experience love alone. Therefore God's purpose in creating the world was to prepare the realm of His beloved object partners. The world of creation is the museum of love and the garden of love.

(16) What good would it be for the incorporeal God to remain apart from His creation? For God to remain invisible is of no use to Him. To be the Parent of human beings, God should be able to feel with a body as human beings do. For the purpose of assuming a body, it was necessary for God to create Adam and Eve as beings of dual structure, of mind and body. Why was this? In order to be the same as the incorporeal God, they had to be able to achieve mind and body unity during the course of their life on earth, before departing for the other world. Without having done so, when they appeared in the spirit world, they would not be able to unite with God as His image. God created Adam and Eve with dual structures so that they could attain parenthood and substantial kingship in the physical world, and then become one with God, the incorporeal Parent, and manifest substantial kingship in the eternal heavenly world. In short, God created Adam and Eve so that through them He could take physical form.


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