Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 152

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 6: True Creation
Chapter 1: The Significance of the Creation 
Section 2: The Meaning of the Creation of All Things, 04-14


(4)  When God saw everything He had created over six days, His joy was infinite. When God said, "It is good, it is good," over and over again with such a joyful heart, to whom was He speaking? He was speaking to all the things of creation. He was talking to all things with such an eager heart. However, all created things lost their original value that God had praised as good in the garden of Eden. To this day, God has not been able to realize His Will and take pride in His creation. When we think of this sad reality, God’s originally joyful words, "It is good to behold," became instead words of sorrow.

(5)  Why did God create heaven and earth? Although He is the Absolute Being, He cannot feel joy alone. No matter how much it is said that God is happy if He is alone He cannot be truly stimulated and so He can't really feel joy. No matter how much the Absolute Being may declare, "I am the Absolute Being, the master of love and master of life," if He is all alone He cannot feel the stimulation of love. By Himself and completely alone, God cannot feel all of heaven and earth stimulating life within His own body.

(6)  How could God create the universe and human beings? He could do so because He possesses heart. Life can arise only where there is heart. Where there is life, movement and development can take place. The work of creation must have a purpose, as it is the nature of heart to aim toward the realization of the original purpose. Therefore, it follows that the purpose of creation is to bring joy that will satisfy God’s heart. This joy is derived from the creation, especially from human beings when they resemble Him.

(7)  When God created the world, He was joyful. After the Creation, He said, "It is good to behold." God felt joy. What is joy? It is what you feel when you accomplish a certain purpose. God felt joyful over all the things He had created because His sense of purpose was embedded in them. So what kind of world is the restored world? Simply stated, it is a world where people live with multidimensional connections of heart through which they can praise God as they behold each individual entity in the universe.

(8)  Before the Fall our ancestors should have become the proud and glorious substance of original heart by bringing all creation to a glorious condition in front of God. They should have made all things into symbolic object partners of joy, object partners of beauty, and object partners that could stimulate God’s external and internal nature. That this never happened became God’s deep sorrow. You would be the happiest of people if you could live in the garden of Eden—in harmony with God’s heart, in harmony with goodness and in accordance with God's ideal, and if you could feel the stimulation of goodness from everything around you, and if you could experience even one hour of glory in which you could call God your Father.

(9)  This entire created world came into being for whom? It is for me. It is to bring us joy. Therefore, we should take the initiative to create an environment in which we can feel happy through the results of our efforts. It is God’s intention to develop a high ideal of love. When we love all things and, as a result, all things return beauty to us, we will become the center of harmony. The life that you intend or wish for is not the important thing. What is important is the center. You must find the center of your current life. But how can you find the center? How can we fallen people, who lost the center of harmony, rediscover that place? You are not required to be bigger than all creation to become the subject partner. Rather, you need to be confident, thinking, "I must become the subject partner." In other words, "Through the authority of love, I should stand above you." You need that kind of confidence. A subject partner must be absolute. The universe must unite and be in harmony with the one Absolute Subject Partner. You need to be in that place. You need to stand in the place where you can integrate all things.

(10)  How can we feel the joyful heart of God when He created all things? You must all experience that heart. Whether you like it or not is not the issue. If you want to feel that heart, you had better meditate in a garden from morning to sunset. You need to lose yourself in the realm in which you are unaware of the passage of time. Then, when you breathe in, the air of the cosmos will flow into you with the power of life. You should live like this, infused with the cosmic power of life. If you live like this, when you breathe out, all beings on earth will awaken. When you sleep, all beings will harmonize with the rhythm of your sleep as your responsive object partners. This is the position of the Absolute Being who governs the entire cosmos. In that place, you stand in harmony with all things. When you breathe out, all things will receive your breath; when you breathe in, all things will give to you. When you have this kind of relationship of love with all things, you are giving and receiving on a cosmic level. However, you should not stop at experiencing this kind of relationship. Rather, you need to continue until you become a central being of harmony.

(11)  The universe is so awe-inspiring. How wonderful is our world when you understand that God created the universe for us, that He did not create it just for His own entertainment or for fun, but through devoting Himself out of profound love for us! We should be deeply grateful in realizing that our Father created the entire cosmos just for us. With that heart, we need to walk through the garden looking at flowers, grass, and trees, listening to and appreciating the chirping of birds, admiring the flowing water, and the gentle breeze. Looking at all this, you cannot but realize in your heart how wonderful this world is!

The world created through absolute faith and love

(12)  Absolute faith, absolute love, absolute obedience! This was God’s attitude before He began His creation. God created all things with absolute faith, thinking, "This shall be as I say!" This is absolute faith. The things He created were the object partners of His love. God created everything, from the tiniest insect to everything in the plant and animal kingdoms, as the object partners of His absolute love. His sons and daughters were supposed to eat the object partners of God’s absolute love and grow. We owe our lives to the earth, to the things of creation, to the air, and the sun. Nothing belongs to us. There is nothing we can boast of. Since we have to live by eating the things that were created as the object partners of His absolute love in absolute faith, then not only must we treat them with absolute faith and absolute love, but also, standing as owners, we have the responsibility to digest these created things only after investing our lives for them.

(13)  When God was creating this world, even when He created a single flower, He imagined this as a beautiful object partner of His love in the future and created it with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute investment? and then forgot about how much He had invested. He invested everything, holding back nothing, because even the tiniest thing would become the flesh and blood of His beloved sons and daughters and therefore would be His own flesh and blood and body. So absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience are not vague terms. That is to say, before creating, God knew that even a single grain of sand could become a nutrient to form the flesh, blood, bone, and bone marrow of human beings, the substantial incarnations of His love. So God created even a single grain of sand with absolute faith, love, and obedience.

(14)  In the creation of all things, God sought to make the world His object partner. So He invested and invested without ceasing, and forgot how much He had invested. In this way, the great universe was born. When God invested endlessly with divine love that embraced everything, the original substance of His creation possessed unlimited power. That is to say, when the creation becomes an absolute infinite minus, absolute infinite power appears. Movement begins. Absolute minus creates a vacuum-like realm, and this causes a typhoon. When an absolute minus appears, it descends vertically. Once it descends, the whole universe turns upside down. The top becomes the bottom, the bottom becomes the top, and everything is mixed up completely. Because this infinite, eternal movement occurs endlessly, this universe exists forever.
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