Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 151

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 6: True Creation
Chapter 1: The Significance of the Creation 
Section 1: Learning from the Creation, 10

Section 2: The Meaning of the Creation of All Things, 03


(10)  Children's favorite toys are usually things that move. They intuitively like lively creatures such as puppies and insects. Children like moving, dynamic things, such as flying creatures and wild animals. This is how people are. Their interest is aroused when they see the natural world and the earth in motion. Of course, their level of interest in different things varies, but people find it interesting to contemplate these things. In this way, they learn about the attributes of love in themselves. Observing how insects and higher animals live, we see that they all exist in pairs. Considering this, we can see nature as a museum and a textbook to educate human beings, the object partners of God’s love, about the ideal of reciprocal relationships.

(11)  People were created as subject and object partners; they were created to have mutual relationships. The world too, full of all things that were created for the sake of humankind, exists in harmony under the principle of love; it fulfills its purpose of life and God’s ideal when it receives people's love. For people, as they grow, especially for the maturing Adam and Eve, the created world of all things was made as a textbook of love and as a museum that endlessly displays the essence of love. Adam and Eve, representing God’s masculine subjectivity and feminine receptivity, would have learned how to love through nature, the textbook of love, grown to their full perfection, and united with each other horizontally. The horizontal unity of Adam and Eve would have represented the completion of the ideal of the object partner, and this was God's universal hope of creation.

(12)  From the perspective of the standard of true love, Adam and Eve were meant to grow up observing and learning from nature's garden of love, created according to the pair system. They were to have become aware of what they were to do as they grew up, through all the natural things and events around them. The creation existed as the museum of love for the education of Adam and Eve. As they grew, they would have watched the birds and butterflies, noticing that all these creatures exist as male-and-female pairs. Eventually, they would have come to understand how these creatures developed affection for each other and brought forth their young. When they reached full maturity, Adam and Eve were supposed to realize for themselves that man is the prince of God's love, representing plus, and woman is the princess of God's love, representing minus. Then the woman would have come to believe, "That man is the very man I need!" and the man would have thought, "She really is the woman I need!"

(13)  In spring, the trees blossom and butterflies and bees dance in and around them. They do this in accordance with the principle of love. When new buds open on the trees and the branches start to grow, they quicken in order to whisper in love. The trees grow and, when the time comes, they bear fruit. Relationships expressing the principle of love are evident in the plant world. All this is educational material for us. When you look at nature you can see that what I have said is well-founded. Even God moves based on the relationship of love between subject partner and object partner. Accordingly, whatever plant you consider, it acts based on the principle of true love. The mineral world is the same. Therefore, we have veins of gold and of silver in the earth and veins of blood in the human body. The mineral world serves a purpose higher than its own.

(14)  All things of creation love each other. In the worlds of animals, plants, and minerals, such loving interactions are evident. For their partners they dance, they sing, they fly and they crawl. When you look at all this and ask, "what are they doing?" you can begin to learn from them. What is nature? It is the museum that was to educate Adam. It was a living textbook to educate Adam. Wherever Adam went, Eve was to follow; wherever Eve went, Adam was to follow. Adam's sphere of activity was broad because he was a man, externally active. Looking at nature he would exclaim, "Look at that! What are they doing?" He would pay careful attention to discover how animals got together, how their bellies grew bigger, and how they gave birth to their young. He would have learned from this.

(15)  When Eve became a teenager, her breasts began to grow. She would also have noticed how animals feed their young. As boys and girls grow, the strength of their attraction toward each other surges. For no apparent reason, teenage boys and girls feel marvelously attracted to each other. Likewise, we can imagine that Adam and Eve would have felt a strong attraction toward each other. They would have seen how male and female animals meet and kiss. They would have learned everything from them. Nature was supposed to educate them. The whole world of creation was to be the educational resource to stimulate Adam and Eve.

(16)  God created out of love. From the beginning to the end, He invested everything. Therefore, He said, "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end" (Rev. 22:13). Such total investment is possible only due to love because only love contains everything. God created the universe for love, and He lives for love. He created because He needed an object partner for His love. He created human beings as the model and then placed them in the east, west, north, and south. Thus, the entire creation, everything in the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms was created in pairs. Everything in the world, based on the pair system, constitutes a textbook to enable people to learn the process of seeking ideal love.  Even male and female insects make love. Everything in nature is educational material.

(17)  Everything in nature is scientific. The whole universe is a museum of science.  Even the four legs of a table are learned from nature. Human beings by themselves cannot create anything. The universe is the treasure chest of all knowledge. The universe is nature’s university. The natural environment in which fish and animals live is no different from that of human beings. They all breathe, they all see. Even small insects have eyes. If they didn't have eyes, how could they find their partners? They all have sensory organs, they exist in pairs and they multiply.

Section 2.  The Meaning of the Creation of All Things

(1)  God did not create all things of heaven and earth on a whim. He did not create them without a purpose or direction or without a specific philosophy. Rather, He created them with a great purpose, based on a magnificent, universal philosophy. Therefore, the philosophy inherent in God's heart is present in all existing things, from the tiniest creature to the incredibly vast universe. With such a philosophy, then, for what purpose did God create all this? Beyond any doubt, His deep purpose was to see an ideal world based on His love, that is, a world of true love in which we communicate with love, are joyful in love, live in love and die in love.

(2)  Why did God create heaven and earth? It is because, even though He is the Absolute Subject Being, a subject partner alone cannot experience joy. One cannot produce joy alone. Rather, it comes about only through mutual relationships. Peace also comes about through mutual relationships. Therefore, even God cannot play the role of God when He is alone.

The purpose for which God created all things

(3)  We understand God as the subject being of dual characteristics. But God needs an object partner for love, which is why He created everything in heaven and earth. That is why, for example, the atomic world has electrons surrounding the nucleus, the world of chemical compounds has positive and negative ions, the plant world has stamen and pistil, and the animal world includes male and female. Everything exists in pairs. Because of the nature of love, God made them in pairs. Everything in creation is born in love, lives for love, and must complete the purpose of love.

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