Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 153

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 6: True Creation
Chapter 1: The Significance of the Creation 
Section 2: The Meaning of the Creation of All Things, 15-24


(15)  God created all things based on absolute faith. Because God created all things existing in the universe as inherently precious, if people attack one another without faith in the inherent value of all things, then these people should feel ashamed in front of the creation. Such faithlessness is shameful in front of the flowing rivers; it is shameful in front of the flying birds. Even grasshoppers and other insects must be regarded as being better than fallen people. Even insects lead their lives with original faith and trust. When we think that all things, created in absolute faith, have that kind of value, it is shameful that we human beings fell and could not find faith and trust. This is shameful in front of God and in front of the plants and trees and insects in the fields. Even in front of microbes, we are shameful beings. Even microbes lead their lives faithfully. God became God because He set up absolute faith and acted with absolute love.

(16)  Have you ever seen the things of creation muttering and complaining to God? No, because they have absolute faith and obedience. They never complain, even though they sacrifice everything. Minerals do not complain when plants absorb them. It is the same when plants offer themselves to animals, and animals to people. And it should be the same when people offer themselves to God. The same. We need to offer our lives to God. Because God created everything with the tradition of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, if we remain self-centered, we cannot return to God.

(17)  There is not a single being in all of creation that exists entirely alone. Rather, all things exist in subject-object partner relationships. They were all created as part of a pair system. The concept of absolute faith derives from the fact that the universe was created according to a pair system, for the sake of love. That is why, based on absolute faith, you can connect to the way of love. Based on absolute faith, the seed of true love can be planted. It is the same for the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, and the human world. Adam and Eve should have reached perfection where they represented the full value of creation, in the place where true love could be planted. You need to be a substantial being of love, as God has been, with absolute faith. In front of God, you need to have absolute faith and absolute love.

(18)  God created all things in Eden with absolute faith. This was similar to farming—creating all the things His beloved sons and daughters would eat. For God, this meant absolute investment. God forgot His prestigious position while He was creating at the zero point. Since the universe's movement is spherical, when you keep pushing it, it turns. The universe has to be the perfect entity that fulfills the ideal of love. Once everything is interconnected, God will come to unite with it, and the worlds of heaven and earth, the worlds of mind and body, will move as one based on true love. The family, tribe, people, nation, world, and heaven and earth will be united as one. The spirit world and physical world will rotate eternally for one purpose. This is the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven.

(19)  The Principle of Creation predetermines certain relationships between human beings and all things of creation, among human beings themselves, and between human beings and heaven. First, nature is the synthesis of all things, all individual embodiments of truth, which are to exist in harmony and unity. The absolute role of nature is to enable people to realize their absolute value as subject partners, exercising a dominion of love over all creation in the position of absolute object partner. Second, when we consider relationships among people, we have three generations within the family. This is where we learn the personal relationships between up and down, right and left, and front and back, as well as between vertical and horizontal. Each person, as an individual embodiment of truth, is to substantiate his or her absolute value and pursue a life of harmony and love through the interaction between subject partner and object partner. Third, what about the relationship between people and God? God, as the Creator with an absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal nature, is in the subject-partner position over all creation, which is His overall object partner. He continuously interacts with all things in the realm of His own Principle of Creation. This is because, even though He is the Absolute Being, without a relationship of giving and receiving with His most essential object partner—human beings—He cannot feel joy.

The environment God created for human beings

(20)  Before God created heaven and earth, He must have spent some time thinking about His creation, and He must have spent some time in preparation. That is to say, before He finalized His plan for creation, He must have thought about it first. Then He would have gone through a process of preparation before executing His plan. This is how He created heaven and earth. Heaven and earth are like this, and that means that God Himself must be such a being. For God, there is a time of thinking, a time of preparation, and a time of execution. Through that process, He created all of heaven and earth.

(21)  From the point of view of the Word, and compared to the Word itself, the creation of substance represents a more developed form. Only when substance appears can joy spring forth. When joy flows, the harmonious work of creation blossoms. When substance reaches a certain level of development, finally love is added. This is the method of God’s creation of all things. So first there is thought, to which the Word takes a plus position and forms substance, and finally, love is added. Through this process of creation, all things came into being. When God moved from the thinking stage to the systematic stage of the Word, that is, from the stage of abstract thinking to the stage of concrete and logical formation inherent in the Word, He felt incredible joy.

(22)  When a writer sees her idea expressed in her completed work, she feels joy. Furthermore, if her work is made into a movie or a play, she feels even more joy. When her thought is developed into a more systematic theory and then formed into something substantial that many people can relate to and feel joy from, her work gains yet greater value. Looking at human beings with regard to God’s idea for the creation of heaven and earth, we can discern that He invested limitless devotion in their creation. God carefully considered the process and the forms He would use in creating us.

(23)  God created human beings through the Word. Before He created them, He searched for the right shape and, on that basis, He set up the connections they would have with all other substantial, created beings. When these substantial human beings stood as the central beings of the entire creation, wasn't God so joyful? He would have been ecstatic to see the value of His creation being established right there. Once Adam stood in that position, God created Eve on that foundation. From there, love came forth for the first time. Love will assuredly come when the value of the counterpart in love is realized on the horizontal plane.

(24)  When God created all things, what did He make first? He created the spirit world, then all things and finally human beings. He created human beings to become one with Him in love. First, He made the spirit world; second, all things of creation; third, human beings and, finally, love. Through love, God and human beings were to unite. In the process of re-creation, unless we fulfill the condition to reverse and indemnify this failure of love, we cannot find the path back to God.


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