Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 150

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 6: True Creation
Chapter 1: The Significance of the Creation
Section 1: Learning from the Creation, 01-09


CHAPTER 1 The Significance of the Creation

Section 1.  Learning from the Creation

(1)  Whenever I look at nature, I think deeply about how God created all these things. I have such a sense of awe and wonder when I think about how all the trees and plants were created. We should have a sincere concern for and interest in everything around us. Only after we grasp the details of things can we manage them well. But even through simply appreciating the original value of nature, we will receive a great blessing. Then we will comprehend the fact that nature was made for us. However, people don't know how to look at nature. Nature is truly a mystery. When we come to know nature, we can hear wonderful music even in the sound of the wind. This also helps us greatly in our life of faith. Nature is the closest thing to our own bodies.

Nature is the first scripture

(2)  Since human beings were fashioned to be the lords of creation, we need to stand as models in front of all things of creation. From the position of children attending our Heavenly Father, if we find life's lessons in all things of creation and harmonize with them, we will be naturally attuned to the principles of heaven and earth. Animals cooperate with one another to protect their own kind. When a lion approaches a herd of zebras, they form a circle around their young and protect them by kicking with their hind legs. Lions too, even though they may fight over their prey, still share it. Thus, we learn from nature how to harmonize with one another and how to live together. That's the way of our life.

(3)  I have a love for literature. I truly enjoy reciting poetry. Nature provides a setting in which everyone can feel inspired to recite poetry. People should be proud of their environment before they are proud of themselves. They should say, "The mountains are good, the water is good, the fields are good and my house in these surroundings is good. Therefore, I feel good." God created the environment first, and only after that did He create Adam. Everywhere in this environment are subject partners and object partners. There is nothing in nature that does not exist in pairs. Those who can feel, in the midst of nature, that they are model representations of the universe and owners of it, are happy people. I found the Principle in nature.

(4)  When I step outside in the morning, I listen to the twittering of the birds. The sounds may seem much the same, but I wonder, "Why is that one chirping like this?" If a bird is chirping alone, I can discern without a doubt that it is singing to call its partner. Often I will hear a bird call from here, and then one responding from over there. They tweet back and forth and then come together and meet. I am so sure when a bird is chirping alone that this will happen. Its always like this. That's why I truly love nature. I am saying you should take an interest in nature. In the course of seeking out the Principle, I took great interest in everything. I would have a question, and then pay attention to a myriad of things, and from among them, the answer would emerge. When that answer aligns with the east, west, south, and north, I know it is correct. This is the Principle.

(5)  When I go to a beautiful, scenic spot, I look at that place and evaluate it from the viewpoint of heavenly fortune. I try to connect that place to heavenly fortune. That is why, in the early days of our church, I visited many mountains. When I see a country's mountains, earth, and water, I can intuit the character of its people. You can drink the water anywhere in Korea; it is so clean and pure. We must restore nature first. Before we go out overseas, we must deeply love our country's natural environment. The one who knows how to love the land where he was born knows how to love his own body. The one who knows how to love his body knows how to love his own mind. The one who loves his own mind is the one who also loves God.

(6)  You should go into the deep and mysterious world of God's heart through the spiritual path, thereby becoming able to appeal to nature in tears. You should say to nature, "Before my circumstances, there are your circumstances. I know you are in this pitiable situation because of me, and for this I am sorry. Please wait a little longer." You need to become a person with this attitude and heart. We travel the path of the spiritual seeker to learn this attitude and heart. In the past, people of prayer described nature as the "first scripture." They affirmed that we should study nature, which was created by God before we read the Bible.

Nature is our textbook

(7)  All of nature was the model to teach Adam and Eve how to practice ideal love.  It was a textbook of love and a natural museum of love—a museum to teach love. Thus, nature serves to carry people toward their completion and perfection. Nature exists in order to perfect love. The mineral world pleads with us, "Please complete your love;" the plant world begs us, "Please make your love perfect." The animal world says the same thing. They all want to see people completely ripen and mature their love—that is to say, they want to see God’s love perfected. When that time comes, a world filled with abundant love, a world that can become one, will come about. That is why they want to see the perfection of love. When God’s love, human love and the universe's love are all perfected, everyone will be able to say for the first time, "Oh, we are happy!"

(8)  God manifested the world and all things of creation as a model all people could follow. Human beings were meant to become the lords of creation. Isn't the fact that we were unable to become such lords shameful? When we hear male and female birds calling out to find their young, we cannot help but feel how contradictory our human lives are. I am telling you to go out in the morning and look at where the birds are flying. The male flies to where the female is, the female flies to where the male is, and both of them fly to where the fledglings are. If you go to South America, you will see thousands of parrots flying around, gathering together in one place, and singing. It is the same with geese. Other kinds of birds, such as magpies, also gather to feed in the morning.

(9)  In the beginning, Adam and Eve, born as God’s children, were meant to gradually grow in the realm of God's protection. As their intellect developed, they would have come to realize why God created all things, and God would have educated them through the created world. The created world, where everything is in motion, provided resources for the education of Adam and Eve, who were our original ancestors, and it was a textbook teaching them how to live. The world was a model and a museum showing them how to lead an ideal life. By observing all things around them as they grew, they would naturally have learned how to relate to each other in love. Whether they looked at the insect world or the world of higher animals, they were meant to discover that these living things are made in interacting pairs, in order to do things for each other, call to each other and love each other. Even though Adam and Eve were immature, by looking around them they would have learned the principles of the world as their intellectual capacity developed. As they grew toward maturity, they would have come to sense the reality of love. On coming to know love, they would have mastered everything.

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