Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 131

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 5: True Family
Chapter 2: Blessed Marriage and Original Love between Man and Woman
Section 4. The Significance of the Blessing Groups, 49
Section 5. Registration and the Responsibility of Blessed Families, 07


(49)  If you couples who are already married cannot outperform those who were blessed while still single, you will not be able to uphold the dignity of already married blessed couples. Was there such a thing as the Blessing of already married couples in the garden of Eden or within God's Will? In order to save you, I have opened the gates through which everything ragged and false can be patched up. This became possible through the inclusion of already married couples in the 36 couples Blessing.

(50)  It is a wonderful grace to be able to receive the Blessing as a couple on earth rather than as a single person. Originally it would not have been possible to receive the Blessing as a single person. The Blessing in the garden of Eden meant there should be a man in front of a woman and a woman in front of a man. It is a principle of the ideal of creation that a man and a woman should receive the Blessing from God. Thus, the single Blessing is not normative. If you receive the Blessing as a single person, in the spirit world you will have the right to choose your own spouse. Ladies who receive the Blessing from me can choose a partner from among many men in the spirit world. So in the spirit world I have to do the ceremony again. We have permission to do this kind of thing only in the name of True Parents on earth. In the spirit world there have been no married couples until today. You can be married after being born as the children of True Parents, but those in the spirit world were not born as children of True Parents on earth. They were all born of the lineage of Satan's world. They must be engrafted by True Parents and become a family of a new lineage. Receiving the single Blessing is a condition for a future relationship between you who are on earth and your bride or bridegroom who is already in the spirit world.

(51)  The time is coming when widows or widowers who have received the Blessing as single people on earth can be blessed with their spouse in the spirit world. In the era after we transcend the national and global levels, when they go to the spirit world they can finally be blessed with their spouse. Until now such things have been impossible. Those of you who received the Blessing for married couples lived separately for some time before being blessed. But from now on, married couples can remain together and receive the Blessing. Since this privilege has been granted on earth, when a married couple with one spouse on earth and the other in the spirit world receive the Blessing together, they stand united in an equal position. The one on earth therefore receives the Blessing with his or her partner in the spirit world.

Section 5.  Registration and the Responsibility of Blessed Families

(1)  True Parents are the center of each blessed family. In the garden of Eden, there never was a family that lived with True Parents. It is for you to resolve this. To do so, you must absolutely follow the commands of True Parents. You cannot insist on your own opinion in front of True Parents. Only when your personal concepts disappear can True Parents settle within your family. If this does not come to pass, you cannot realize ideal families. This is not an idea I came up with; it is God's original concept of creation.

(2)  Through fallen Adam and Eve, the eight members of Adam's family, including Cain, Abel, Seth, and their spouses, all fell. Therefore, we must proceed toward the completion stage by setting conditions of indemnity. This you must do while feeling your parents' love. Our lives originate in our parents' love. Only when you go through experiences that lead you to respect this value in life, more than anything else in the world, can you proceed to the new path.

(3)  Individual perfection today is not the absolute and complete perfection of the individual but is a conditional perfection. You must understand that during the process of restoration, perfection is conditional. Even though people stand in the position of parents, they do not know the realm of God’s heart. Husband and wife have not experienced the power of loving each other so much that they would never trade each other even for the entire universe. Families who have received the Blessing must bear in mind that until they cross over from this fallen realm, they are not in the realm of the perfected kingdom of heaven but the realm of conditional perfection. Once they pass into the spirit world, therefore, they need to go through certain formalities. Only after they pass through these formalities and are approved as having reached perfection can they receive their passports and enter the kingdom of heaven.

(4)  The true freedom that God gave us comes with the precondition of responsibility. How much chaos and destruction would occur if people were to insist on and practice the freedom of love only as individuals, without fulfilling their responsibility? The perfection of human beings, who are destined to realize the lofty ideal of love, is possible only when they take responsibility for love. That responsibility has three components. The first responsibility is to become the master of the freedom of true love, knowing how to cultivate and control oneself and be truly grateful to God for granting the freedom to love. This responsibility for a love relationship should not be undertaken merely because of law or social convention. Instead, a person should take responsibility through self-control, self-determination, and life in a vertical relationship with God. The second responsibility is toward one's object partner. By nature, people do not want to share the love of their partner with anyone else. The horizontal relationship between husband and wife is different from the vertical relationship between parents and children. When it is divided, its perfection is destroyed. This is because of the Principle of Creation, which is based on the absolute oneness of love between couples. People have the responsibility to absolutely love their partner. The third responsibility is to love one's children. Parental love is the foundation of a child's pride and happiness. Children receive life from their parents, who have created harmonious oneness through true love, and they want to be raised in such love. The most precious responsibility toward children is not only to raise them externally but also to provide the life elements of true love that will complete their spirituality. This is the reason the family is important. The heart of a true child, true brother and sister, true husband and wife, and true parents can be experienced only in such true family life.

(5)  If you use your reproductive organ in an aimless and directionless way, you will go to hell. But if you use it the opposite way, in accordance with God's absolute love, you will go to the high kingdom of heaven. This is a clear conclusion. Now we have a serious problem with youth. In the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve fell through illicit love in their youth and planted the seed of free sex. In the Last Days, which is the time of harvest, the phenomenon of free sex among adolescents will be an expanding trend.

(6)  If you use your love organ recklessly, you will be punished. Your love organ is the royal palace of love, the ancestral garden of love. Love, life, and even history begin from there. It is the origin of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in the spirit world. The origin of God's happiness and the basis for Him to laugh are found there. It is the very place where God can find love and dance with joy. You have to search for and find that place.

(7)  Without a nation, there can be no nationality, no foundation upon which you can be registered. We need to create a people and register anew. We have to establish the kingdom of God on earth and, as its citizens, love that kingdom and its people. We are to live on earth together with our tribes and family members as the victorious sons and daughters who have inherited the true lineage of the Parents of goodness. Only after doing so can we enter the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world. This is all according to the Principle.


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