Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 132

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 5: True Family
Chapter 2: Blessed Marriage and Original Love between Man and Woman
Section 5. Registration and the Responsibility of Blessed Families, 08-17


(8)  Once a woman is married, her name is entered into her husband's family register and removed from the register of her birth family. Everyone on earth has a hometown. When you are born, your birth is immediately registered in your hometown. You have proof that you are the child of a certain family and the citizen of a certain nation. As long as that nation exists, and as long as the child's parents are recorded, a child who is registered cannot be uprooted and sent away.

(9)  A time will come when you will need to be registered. The era of registration is coming in which you will connect to the family of True Father, the royal family. However, even when the era of registration arrives, those who have been unable to restore their tribes will not be able to register. It is similar to the twelve tribes of Israel. You cannot register before you have restored your tribe. Once people come to understand the need for the restoration of tribes, they will swarm to the Unification Church to become members. What then will happen at the time of registration? Until this time, nothing has belonged to God—neither people nor any of the things of creation. The True Father, who has fulfilled God's Will, must rescue all that Satan, through selfish love, came to possess. He must rescue God's sons and daughters and all things of creation. I do not have a nation at present. The nation, therefore, must be found.

(10)  The time will come when you must be registered. Receiving the Blessing is not the same as being registered. The Blessing is only a symbolic registration. That is why we are seeking to recover the nation in which we can be registered. What kind of nation would it be? It would consist of a trinity: sovereignty representing parents, citizens representing children, and land representing all things of creation. In order for a nation to be established, there must be sovereignty, citizenry, and territory. The same principle is true for religion.

(11)  Because of the Fall of the family of Adam and Eve, everything was registered in the name of Satan.  Now, based on your families, your nations and everything in the world must be returned to God and registered in His name.  This completely follows the Principle.  The Fall occurred in the family.  This must be indemnified.  Since this principle exists, if there were a world president, he could bring his nations before God to be registered.  On the day of registration, every nation would be saved.

(12)  We have to be registered in the position of sons and daughters who can be loved eternally by God and True Parents. The registration will begin from this time forth. You will be registered in the Book of Life of the kingdom of God. A new form of registration has to take place centered on the new True Parentism and Godism. At the same time, the organization of tribes should take place. Corresponding to the twelve apostles of Jesus and the twelve tribes of Israel, we need to organize ourselves into tribes.

(13)  The Blessing of the Unification Church is a church-level Blessing, not a national one. There are three stages to pass through to arrive at the world-level Blessing. After passing through the era of the church-level Blessing, the reunification of Korea brings about one nation, giving way to the era of the national-level Blessing centered on God’s nation. After this comes the era of Blessing in which the physical and spiritual realms are united. We need to pass through these three eras of the Blessing. Originally, these three should have been accomplished in the generation of Adam but this did not occur and it has been postponed until the era of the returning Lord. This must be accomplished in True Father's time. By the year 2000, I must give a global Blessing to everyone at once. That is how registration will be accomplished on a grand scale.

(14)  The Blessing in the Unification Church goes through three stages: the church, national, and world levels. That is why the blessed families of today must go beyond their current position. Originally, liberated people should receive the Blessing without any indemnity conditions. However, we are caught by the need to offer indemnity conditions. Our church must face the nation, which is persecuting us, and beyond that, the world. We must overcome them all. Only after we overcome persecution and lead our families into the place of liberation, which is the unified world, can God bestow upon us the right of inheritance originally destined for Adam's family. Only then can there be true liberation. On that basis, there will be the realms of the church, the nation, and the world. We must go beyond the realm of the restoration of worldwide kingship, leave the realm of Satan's accusation, and liberate the physical and spiritual realms. After we have risen to that position, we have to receive the Blessing.

(15)  You cannot find the path of salvation through the ordinary, habitual lifestyle you have pursued up to this point. You must walk the path of complete indemnity. The providence of salvation is the providence of restoration, and the providence of restoration is the providence of re-creation.  Thus, in order to be re-created, you must attain the original position untainted by the Fall—the zero point. At the original position, our concepts and habits, our surnames like Kim or Lee, will not exist. You must go to such a zero point. Viewed from God’s original standard of creation, every created being began from the zero point.

(16)  Every one of you should stand in the position of practicing absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. The families in the garden of Eden have nothing they can claim as their own. When they become true sons and daughters, standing in oneness with God and His absolute love, everything in the whole universe will belong to them. Once you have become one in love, everything will become yours.

(17)  After receiving the Blessing you absolutely must not fall. What would happen if you fell? There would be no way to be saved, even by True Parents.  Blessing means changing your lineage and inheriting the right of kingship that represents the ancestors of three ages. This blessed lineage must never be defiled for thousands and tens of thousands of years to come. We must not pass on the stained bloodline. You must keep your purity. This is a very serious matter. You will no longer be able to ask for forgiveness, saying, "Please forgive us in the name of True Parents." You must pass on a pure lineage.

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