Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 130

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 5: True Family
Chapter 2: Blessed Marriage and Original Love between Man and Woman
Section 4. The Significance of the Blessing Groups, 35-48


(35)  The marriage of 3.6 million couples is the completion of the formation, growth, and completion stages. By passing through the Blessings of 30,000 and 360,000 couples, we have reached the completion stage. In terms of water level, imagine the tide that comes in over a six-hour period and goes out again by the time twelve hours have passed. The high tide six hours earlier and the high tide six hours later reach an equal level. And the tide that comes in later, which replaced the tide that came in first, can be said to be in front. Like this, we have entered the era of equalization.

(36)  Based on our blessed families, we are expanding globally. By forming a global domain of families based on the 30,000, 360,000, and 3.6 million couples, we have entered an age in which God can live on this earth without having to go through the vertical and horizontal eight stages. Not only God Himself but also God's family and the True Parents' family can settle on earth. I, therefore, declared the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth. The age in which the Unificationist families of the world can move without hindrance and be welcomed wherever they go is an age in which God can rest wherever He goes.

(37)  In order to surmount the final obstacles in the world-level providence, the national messiahs must lead the effort to accomplish the Blessing of 3.6 million couples. When we are victorious in giving the Blessing to 3.6 million couples, the newly blessed couples in each nation will become the foundation upon which the national messiahs can influence the cabinet ministers of that nation. UN ambassadors should be urged to support the idea that the United Nations needs to follow the guidance of the True Parents and work toward establishing the Women's UN and the Youth UN. Each nation joining the Women's UN, the Youth UN, and the Student UN will represent the unity of the Father, the Mother, and Cain and Abel. At that point, we will start to see the unfolding of one unified world.

(38)  Based on the family, we must go beyond the world level. In order to achieve that, the Unification Church has been carrying out large wedding ceremonies. Starting with the 36 couples and based on the number ten, we blessed the 30,000 couples, then the 360,000 couples, and then the 3.6 million couples in order to go over the peak. I'm saying we have gone beyond the turning point. It was difficult to reach that point, but now all the gates of the Blessing have been opened to the world. By widening and raising the horizontal standard through the 3.6 million couples, the vertical standard has also risen proportionally. Just as the Blessing is given beyond tribal, ethnic, or national groups, the heavenly world and even the realm of the archangels will all receive the Blessing.

The Blessing of 360 million couples

(39)  If Adam had not fallen but had instead received the Blessing, that would have been a historic, cosmic Blessing. However, due to the Fall, humankind was separated from God, so families in the world today are unable to receive the grace of the Blessing on the universal level. In order to recover that which was lost in Adam's family through the Fall, the 360 million couples Blessing will be held in order to stand in a position equal to that which was lost, on the worldwide level.

(40)  There were twelve peaks to surmount—passing through the formation, growth, and completion stages—up to and including the Blessing of 360 million couples. I never retreated from that path after I completed the 40 million couples Blessing. As a result, everything was made level. That is why there are 400 million blessed couples. The Blessing of 360 million couples was one of equalization—the Blessing of equalization for all citizens of the world.

(41)  Now that the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth has been proclaimed, God can come to the earth. Thus, now is the time for a great worldwide Blessing to take place through which all the foundations of families and tribes can be connected. We need to sever Satan's bloodline, manifested in all humanity, by blessing the 3.6 million, 36 million and 360 million couples. Not one person of Satan's bloodline should be left behind.

(42)  Once the Blessing of 360 million couples is complete, I will no longer conduct Blessing ceremonies. From that time on, parents will bless their own children. This will be known as the era of the liberation of the realm of the fourth Adam. There will be no indemnity. The first and second Adams failed in the Old Testament and New Testament Ages respectively. Even in the Completed Testament Age, we have been persecuted, but now we are entering the realm of liberation. We are entering the original world before the Fall, the age of the liberated realm of the fourth Adam. That's why parents who are not fallen can bless their own sons and daughters. Because they have become couples who have inherited the internal and external ideal created by God, the parents can bless their children. The parents stand in the position of True Parents. The world will thus inevitably become one.

(43)  Blessing 360 million couples will demolish all the walls that create blocks in our world. The walls of Satan's world around individuals, around families, around tribes, peoples, nations, around the world, around the cosmos, and even around the realm of God's heart will all be demolished.

The significance of Blessing ceremonies for already married couples and single people

(44)  Among those couples who were already married before receiving the Blessing are people who married by their own choice. Then there are those men and women who had love relationships but didn't marry. In the free world of today, I must save all those who have not formed families. Already married couples must be saved, as well as all those who could not form families and have gone the wrong way in their love relationships. After that, the direct children must be saved. It was the 36 couples who paved the way to make it possible to open the gates of the Blessing for everyone. Among them, there are three types of couples: Adam-type couples, Noah-type couples, and Jacob-type couples. Of these types, the Adam couples are the already married couples. Originally, the Lord at his Second Advent—the True Parent—was to have nothing to do with couples who were already married. However, those already married couples were born of the body of Adam before the Fall, and the Lord who comes as the perfect Adam cannot abandon what was born of Adam's body.

(45)  The people standing at the stage of imperfection, even fallen people, are sons and daughters of Adam. They are in the position to be returned to the heavenly side. That is why the perfected Adam must appear on the earth and bring all fallen people to a position equivalent to that before the Fall. All humanity can, thus, escape from Satan's realm. The already married couples are in a position of Adam's family that has formed a love relationship without committing the Fall.

(46)  From now on, the Unification Church should bless those in the Cain position. This is the time to bless couples who are already married. Those who married by themselves must receive the Blessing; otherwise, they cannot go to Heaven. Because people married in the wrong way, they fell. People are destined to go to hell through wrongful marriage based on false love, false life, and false lineage from false parents. To reverse that, the True Parents must come and marry them in the proper way. That is what the Blessing is all about. It is not only on the level of Korea but on the cosmic level; it transcends racial boundaries.

(47)  You must become tribal messiahs. The already married couples cannot imagine how precious is the term tribal messiah. Nothing can be done without tribal messiahship. Therefore, all of you should bring up your children and do all you can to have them receive the Blessing. Then your grandchildren will be in a perfected position before God. Through these third-generation children, you need to ask God to forgive your ancestors.

(48) The already married couples, the newly blessed couples, and my family need to come together to rescue this nation. Only when the nation is recovered can Jesus' desire be fulfilled. If Jesus' heart is not freed from all the pain over what he could not accomplish, the grief of the Son of God cannot be eased. If the grief of the Son is not eased, God's bitter grief cannot be eased either. Would there be any way to relieve the heart of the Parent? The grief of the Son must be eased first. Jesus came as God's Son on the global level, centering upon one nation. The grief and bitter pain in his heart must be relieved.


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