Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 124

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 5: True Family
Chapter 2: Blessed Marriage and Original Love between Man and Woman
Section 2. The Significance and Value of Blessed Marriage, 08-18


8    A man should know that the woman standing in front of him is God's daughter and the feminine aspect of humanity. Before she is my wife, she belongs to humankind. Only if you can love her as a woman who is loved by humanity and love her as God's beloved daughter, are you qualified to be her husband. Women are the same. Do not think, "He is my man." Think of him as God’s son and as a man representing all humankind. You have to love and serve him more than humanity does and more than God does.

9    God desires for husbands and wives to say, "The man will become the right foot and the woman the left, and we will find happiness through making a family that leaves footprints of love for humanity and for God." The right foot is the husband and the left foot is the wife. Do not become lame! You have to think, "We will surely move forward!" You also have to progress straight ahead. Only then are you qualified to be married. You have to think, "When I think admiringly of my husband, I am thinking admiringly of all people and thinking admiringly of God. When I love my husband, I am loving all humanity and loving God."

The significance and value of receiving the Blessing

10    In the Unification Church, we call marriage the "Blessing." The life of a married person is such that a man and woman who had been alone on their path to seek love abandon that path and stand as complements to each other—comforting each other when they feel lonely, sharing joy together when they feel joy, and giving each other strength during difficulties. In this way, one becomes the right foot and the other the left; one becomes the right hand and the other the left. Together they praise God, saying they are moving forward with God's love superimposed on the theater of their lives.

11  From the time of the Fall of Adam and Eve, our first ancestors, people have waited eagerly for the day when God would bless them. Religion has played the role of mediator between God and humankind until the day the Blessing is given. The Unification Church seeks to find legitimate children to whom everything can be bequeathed. Because of Satan, people cannot receive the Blessing without going through the process of indemnity. Even the lives of ancestors in the spirit world are determined by how much blessed couples on the earth are aligned with God's Will. I have been making the utmost effort and fighting for the sake of this day. The Blessing means we can inherit a relationship with the True Parents. That is why True Parents conduct the Blessing under the same banner they used while fighting against Satan's world.

12  The era in which the Blessing is given is the most important time. It is the time when God's wishes can finally be fulfilled and His grief of the past six thousand years can be resolved. It is also the time when the wishes of Jesus, who came to earth as the Son of God for all humanity, can be fulfilled.  Moreover, it is the moment when people can truly love for the first time since their creation, and receive respect, honor, and joy from the rest of creation. On that day, all evil will disappear and we will usher in a new era with the bright rays of the ascending sun. Nature will rejoice, everything in the universe will dance with joy and we will welcome a bright new morning, the new morning of victory.

13  The time of marriage is the time when one inherits the love of God. It is also the time we inherit the authority of re-creation. The joy God felt after He created Adam and Eve appears through marriage. After that, the right of dominion commences. Through receiving the Blessing in the realm of perfection, things of the greatest value are inherited. What we call our wedding ceremony, therefore, refers to the manifestation of love; it refers to our being given the right to create, and it refers to us as subject partner and object partner receiving the right of dominion over each other.

14   God’s reason for creating man and woman and giving them the three great blessings was to complete a family. The three great blessings—that is, to be fruitful, to multiply, and to fill the earth—are not something that an individual can fulfill alone. They can only be fulfilled within a family. Therefore the family is a secure environment in which individuals can establish themselves. It is the ideal foundation for that. No matter how great a man or a woman may be, there must be a father and mother, a husband and wife, and brothers and sisters in their family.

15  Why is it that women are absolutely needed by men and men by women? It is for the sake of absolute love. Why is absolute love needed? It is in order to possess God. If someone possesses God, God belongs to that person.  Within that love is the right to inherit from God, the right to live together with God, and the right to participate with God. Therefore within love, God becomes ours, as does everything of God’s creation.

16  The purpose of marriage is self-perfection and dominion over the universe. When one perfects himself, he seizes control of the universe and embraces the world of the future. Marrying is a statement that we will perfect ourselves and come to possess God. Thus, we will eternally remain as a counterpart of God, one who has assisted Him in realizing His ideal of creation. Since God created good sons and daughters, we should also give birth to and raise many good sons and daughters. Having children is a serious matter. Through giving birth to children, we infinitely expand the world that God governs, the world that God created. And we create the ideal world that God can enjoy. This is the content of the three great blessings.  When we perfect our individual nature, we attain the right of ownership of the world that God governs. When that happens, our joy is multiplied. When we produce children, joy overflows in the horizontal world.

17 If you look at a woman in the spirit world, you will see the smiling face of a man within her.  If you ask, "I see the face of such-and-such a man within you. Who is he?" she will answer, "He is my husband." When two are united into one, they cannot be separated afterward.  They live together for eternity after they die. In this way, the man whom the woman loved remains one with her in her heart. Likewise, within a man is his beloved wife. That is happiness. Eventually, this happiness will be shared with God. The right of substantial beings with dual characteristics is to stand as God's counterparts through true love and to return to God. This is the meaning of origin-division-union. The united internal nature and external form divide and then come together again as substantial beings. This is the Blessing of a man and a woman. God comes to dwell in them, becoming one with them. The man and woman become one, and everything is brought into unity.

18  You did not realize that a man's perfection is impossible without a woman. A man and a woman are each half of one being that is only completed when they serve each other. The two become one and live for each other, and thus, return God's grace, and they become the object partners of God's love. This is the reason that the woman brings perfection to the man, the man brings perfection to the woman, and the love of the two of them brings perfection to God's love. Thus, they are in a sense greater than God. All of us wish that the counterpart of our love would be greater than we are. We wish for our counterpart to be not just a thousand times greater but ten thousand times greater! Not ten thousand times but one hundred million times greater! Instead of one hundred million times, one hundred million times infinity times greater than we are! Instead of being one hundred million times infinity times greater than we are, we want the counterpart of our love to be eternally one hundred million times infinity times greater! From where does this desire come? It comes from our ancestors. Since the root of our ancestors is God, it comes ultimately from God. Even God wants the counterpart of His love to be many hundreds of millions of times greater than He. This is the imperative of heaven and earth.


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