Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 125

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 5: True Family
Chapter 2: Blessed Marriage and Original Love between Man and Woman
Section 2. The Significance and Value of Blessed Marriage, 19-30


19  If Adam and Eve had not fallen and instead had become perfected, they would have experienced their Blessing ceremony. In other words, Adam and Eve were to have been the substantial object partners of God. With Him as the subject partner, they automatically should have become the object partners. As the object partners, they should have achieved individual perfection. This would have been the foundation upon which they could have connected their objective love to God, the subject partner of love, and fulfilled the Blessing through marriage. In the end, perfection refers to marriage, and marriage refers to the manifestation of God’s love. If marriage did not exist, love would never have begun in the human world.  The owner of that love is not humanity; it is God. When that love of God appears within human beings, it becomes true love. When that heavenly true love is realized for the first time within humanity, it becomes the pride and joy of God. That is the feeling of God’s love.

20  The most precious of all blessings is to receive the love of God. The first thing is to receive the blessing of God’s love. Next, one is to inherit God's authority over creation. Just as God created Adam and Eve based on love, thereby feeling joy and hope, all people, equally and universally, are meant to have the authority of creation. They receive this same joy when they have children. Why is it that you cannot help but love your children? It is because having children is equivalent to inheriting God's great work of creation in the horizontal realm. People can feel the joy that God felt after He created Adam and Eve. We can inherit the love of God and God's creative power. God oversees the earth, the heavens, and all created things. Even though we occupy a horizontal position, God gives us the authority of dominion over all the creation.

21  You must know the value of the Blessing. In the age of the Second Coming, we should complete the standard of the Blessing. The new heaven and new earth begin when God resolves all the issues representing history, heaven, and earth, all people, and the entire providence. Then He will decide all things and transfer everything to one place. The gates of the Blessing are that astonishing. The Blessing is so great that you could not buy Heaven if you offered the nation of Israel, or the countless prophets and patriotic martyrs, or all the works of God for six thousand years, or all of Jesus' and the Holy Spirit's work for two thousand years, or even all the suffering endured by all humanity to this day.

22  I consider the Blessing to have been the most precious gift in my life. For you also, the greatest gift in human history is the Blessing. Those who have received God's Blessing represent God. Therefore, when you receive the Blessing, you must start a family and bring Satan to his knees. You have to bring Satan to judgment.  After that, you need to actualize the four-position foundation and become a victorious person with dominion over the creation.

23   The marriage ceremony is how the Heavenly Parent and the earthly parents become one through love. The man and woman join into one on the first day. You have heard the phrase "joining in virtue," haven't you? The place where you become one body is where God enters. Two worlds unite into one when God, who is the inner internal nature and external form, enters Adam and Eve, who are the outer internal nature and external form, through the power of love. The invisible internal nature and external form of the spirit world is the plus, while the internal nature and external form of the visible world is the minus. A large plus becomes one with a large minus for the first time. The place where they unite is the love organs. It is only when they unite that way that a baby born through the bodies of Adam and Eve will not only be God's child but also True Parents' child.

24  If you do not receive the Blessing after attaining perfection, you will lose the chance to be God's external form and also to be the object partner of God's love. For things to happen in line with God's Will, He must first take on an external form and find an object partner for His love. Then He needs sons and daughters who will serve the family, descendants, and nation. That is the family. On the day the family is perfected, God comes to have an external form. He comes to have an object partner for His love and sons and daughters. How is all this unified? It is unified through the lineage. The central root, stem, and buds are all one. You have to receive God's lineage. The root is one. You have to receive the lineage of the invisible God and the lineage of the visible God.

The attitude of those who receive the Blessing

25  The Blessing is the most precious thing in all heaven and earth. It is also the most frightening. If a husband and wife have different thoughts, they may do each other harm. It is from you that the good ancestors, good land and good nation will appear. Therefore, people who have received the Blessing should think of heaven and earth at all times. The Blessing is so that we can share blessings with others.  Husbands and wives must become mothers and fathers to each other in heart. They should inspire the people of the world to say to them, "We want to make families like yours."

26   The Unification Church honors the tradition of the family. That is why I am telling you there is something of value in the Blessing I give to you that cannot be replaced with anything else from any past age. If you leave a stain or a wound on your Blessing, it will be the shame of your family, the shame of your nation, and a shame throughout human history. With that in mind, you must give all your strength to the re-establishment of the family.

27  The Blessing is a magnificent thing. You cannot receive the Blessing based on your own desire. The value of a life is more precious than that of the whole universe. That is why when you make vows to take responsibility for a person, you should be ready and willing to do so forever. The Blessing is concerned with these issues. For this reason, if a person can receive the Blessing during his or her lifetime, he or she is truly a happy person. You must have a stronger resolve than ever before if you are to take part in receiving this great Blessing.

28   The occasion of the Blessing is where the most precious among your relationships is decided. The Blessing can only come once in your lifetime.  Therefore, you need to pray a lot. I am telling you to offer your utmost sincere heart to God before you come to receive the Blessing. Don't even think of trying to find the person who is to become your spouse. You have to be willing to marry even the least attractive person. You should think, "I will live happily, even if it has to be with that homely person over there." It's problematic if your mind is all excited, without any foundation, and flies to one person and then another. People who pray for themselves are greedy. It would be better not to pray and instead think, "Heavenly Father, I leave everything in Your hands. Isn't there a partner even for an unattractive and foolish person like me? Please do everything according to Your wishes. Even if You tell me to grow old and die alone, I will do so gladly."

29  Marriage is not something you should enter into casually. It's not something people should do who meet just walking down the street. If people marry simply because they feel affection for one another, as soon as they wed, some misfortune may occur. You should definitely not stand in the position in which you try to succeed based on your own perspective. The Blessing is something we do for the sake of the nation and the world. It is also for the sake of future generations.

30  Whether it is men or women, when they did not know the Will, they probably lived just as they pleased. If you are a virgin only in name because you have some blemish from the past, you must repent with endless tears. If you do so, God will forgive you through the time of the Blessing. The most blessed thing is for a pure girl and a pure boy to be wed in accordance with Heaven's will, in a place where God can be joyful.  Such a person is lucky in front of all heaven and earth. He is a successful person in all matters in the course of human life on earth. If you cannot do that, you must repent earnestly to the point where your stomach hurts, your heart turns over, and heaven and earth are turned upside down. We say to God, with a clean body and mind, "Father, what should I do with this shameful body of mine?" The Father says, "I know your heart. It is my joy that I can forgive even worse than you have done and that you overcame such painful obstacles." You must participate in the Blessing with the attitude of receiving the power of Heaven's compassion within you, telling you that God knows everything you have done but is forgiving you. This is the principled attitude to have.


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