Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 123

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 5: True Family
Chapter 2: Blessed Marriage and Original Love between Man and Woman
Section 1: Coming of Age and the Love between Man and Woman, 14
Section 2. The Significance and Value of Blessed Marriage, 07


14   How do you want to live? The answer is simple. Is there something in this world you would wish to gaze upon until your eyes popped out, smell until you lost your sense of smell, listen to until your ears burst, and touch until your hands no longer had feeling? This thing is not money, knowledge, or power. It is love. The more you hold love in your hands, the more you want to hold onto it. And when you let go, you liberate everything fully at once. The thing that makes all things possible is love. Your eyes must meet at the correct focal point and your nose must also have the right focus. You can only hear well when your ears find the right focus. The balance or focal point between the ears' three semicircular canals must be just right so that you do not feel dizzy. Human beings all live with focal points. What is the integrated focal point for a person? There is the focal point of the eyes, the ears, the nose, the mouth, and the sense of touch. But what is the root of all these focal points? Love is the root of the creation and the movement of all the focal points. Nothing other than love.

15  Only your partner can stand eternally in the position of the owner of your love. A woman is the one who perfects a man. Only a woman makes a man an owner of love, and only a man makes a woman an owner of love. Any other kind of owner is false. There is only one key—one partner—to unlock a person's love, not two.

16  God’s Will is the fulfillment of His purpose of creation. Individuals can reach that point within the realm of God's love. However, fallen people—no matter how hard they try—have no way to pass through and succeed in any matters. But God, by adhering to absolute conditions, has established a path to love that will allow everyone to be recognized as scoring one hundred percent. Therefore, people have formed the religious realm in order to receive the privilege of that love, and a way of maintaining faith absolutely has unfolded through that realm. A man and woman who are united in mind and body, and who have the basis in their relationship that allows God's love to be with them, are to receive the Blessing and marry. In doing so, they will explode for the first time with the power of an earthquake. Love is established at the same time that heaven and earth vibrate.

17  Establishing a family in which God's love and the three great kinds of human love can blossom together is the desire of the world, of humanity and of the future. The love of husband and wife is a precious and beautiful thing that can finally spread the fragrances of history in accordance with the principles of heaven and earth and appear as a new flower.

18  The ideal married couple we speak of in the Unification Church is a couple who can realistically manifest the highest art and the highest literature. Before we encounter the highest ideal and the highest world of culture, the highest, sweetest love shared by a husband and wife must become the most sublime work of art in the world. The life of a husband and wife should inspire the most sublime work of literature. It should be the subject of a great literary work.

19  The place where a husband and wife share true love after marrying is the palace that is the origin of the love, life, and lineage of God and humankind. It is the starting point of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in the spirit world that actualizes the ideal. With true love as their center, the children born of this love become the perfect union of husband and wife, form a family attending God, and become the origin of peace and the ideal. The man and woman, who by themselves represent only halves, unite into one and complete the ideal love of God as His object partners.

Section 2.  The Significance and Value of Blessed Marriage

1 The literal meaning of our word for the Blessing, chukbok, is "praying for blessings." If you analyze the word chukbok, chuk means to pray or wish for something. When you are praying for blessings, what is most precious? The blessing of love is most precious. The core starting point of the universe's promise is a man and a woman creating harmony. So the Blessing is the most wonderful thing. Because the Blessing is the greatest blessing you can receive, the Unification Church refers to the wedding ceremony as "the Blessing." When we in the Unification Church say we have received the Blessing, we do not mean we have received some worldly, present-day blessing. When we speak of the Blessing, we mean that we have been joined in holy matrimony by the leader of the Unification Church.

The purpose of marrying

2  We marry to resemble the form of God. God exists with dual characteristics of masculinity and femininity. He is a unified being in whom both characteristics exist together in harmony. Men and women were created to reflect the dual characteristics of God. Therefore, a man and a woman should come together in complete unity and harmony, become like the seed, and return to the state of the original nature of God.

3   Men and women are each only half of a whole entity. Therefore, women must conquer the world of men, and men must conquer the world of women. That is how they are perfected. They come to resemble God by joining their separate manifestations of God’s dual characteristics back together through love. God and people are to unite based on the love between subject and object partners. The reason God has dual characteristics is also because of love. The most precious things for people are their sons and daughters, their brothers and sisters, their spouses, and their parents. You cannot perfect your love unless you go through the progression of child, sibling, spouse, and parent. That is why you must marry and give birth to sons and daughters. This is a formula.  It is a cycle that repeats.

4   Why do we marry? For Adam and Eve, it was not so that they could discover their mutual love. It was to make the vertical love of God as the nucleus and, centered on that, create a spherical form as the embodiment of the Father. God’s ideal of creation is also fulfilled by focusing on such a love, and only through the union of a mature man and a mature woman can love be fulfilled and connected to life. The connection cannot be made through life but rather through love. Based on vertical parental love, the seeds of original love can be connected for the first time through horizontal conjugal love.

5  People marry to give love to God. We love God because we need to become one with God. When we become one with God based on the eternal love of the absolute God, we can realize eternal life. This is not all. The world created by God through love belongs to Him of course, but that world can become mine through the right of inheritance. At the place where we come to meet with God, He bequeaths to us the right to inherit the entire universe.

6   If a man and a woman want to achieve individual perfection, they need to do so by perfecting their partner, and that is why they must marry. They cannot enter the realm of love if they are not married. The reason people need to marry is so they can relate to the love of God. A man and woman cannot fully connect to the love of God if they are not married. When they marry, the love of God resides with them, and they become one through this love. God can then bequeath the whole universe to them, including God Himself, His love, and everything that belongs to Him.

7  People marry to perfect their individual love while at the same time perfecting the love of their partner. Doesn't it feel good to know you marry to perfect both your love and the love of God? Men and women have to marry to prepare the foundation on earth through which God can love. The love of God cannot reside there until a man and woman unite together based on the foundation of love. In the final analysis, people marry for the sake of God's love, that is, to possess the love of God.

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