Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 122

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 5: True Family
Chapter 2: Blessed Marriage and Original Love between Man and Woman
Section 1: Coming of Age and the Love between Man and Woman, 03-13


3   When young men and women meet as young adults, their hearts leap. When these feelings arise, their hearts go through a change. However, if their minds are not fixed on God and they stand on the opposite side, they fall into evil. Our minds must be fixed on God. Love is what allows our mind and heart, when focused on God, to rise to the position of oneness with God’s heart. Since people have to go through their lives in that position, they absolutely must have dreams and hopes, with love as their center.

4   In terms of perfecting a man and a woman, the power of love builds a relationship between a subject partner and an object partner. The power of love emerges after adolescence, at the time men and women attain perfection. The power of love is greater than both man and woman, so it can unite them. A man and a woman inevitably become husband and wife. On the path of love, one can even discard one's own life. Love is stronger than life. As men and women grow into young adulthood, this powerful force makes them long for a partner.

5   The place of greatest happiness for people is the place in which human morality and compassion conform in oneness to heavenly morality and heavenly compassion. God created human beings as His object partners. The time that God as the subject partner recognizes the perfect value of people as His object partners is when they become mature. It is the time when we can give and receive based on God's love. I am saying that when an object partner comes to recognize his or her subject partner, that person has reached maturity. This is when a man or woman becomes a young adult.

6   When women think about a man during their youth, they want to think of that man as someone who represents the world. During our youth, we want to pull the entire world to us and drive it into our hearts, and we want to walk with the great ocean in our embrace. This is why the time of youth is a wonderful one. It is wonderful because from a horizontal perspective it is when the subject and object partners meet and thus become closer; and from a vertical perspective, it is when God and human beings become closer. When a mature man and woman are bound together through genuine love, everything that was invested by God at the time of the Creation ripens and returns back to God for the first time. At such times, everyone becomes a poet and lyrical writer.

7  No matter how pretty a young lady may be, she will have her youth only once.  It is like the blooming of the most beautiful flower, a most precious time in her life. Is there any woman who, when reaching young adulthood, would rather live alone? Such a person is not a woman. Is there any man who, possessing a fine figure and being in the middle of his energetic days of youth, wants to live by himself? At such a time, men or women always seek their partners. Who do they resemble by doing that? They resemble God.  How could such a person seek partnership if God were not like that Himself? God is like that. It is the same for both men and women, in that they seek out their eternal partner during their energetic youth. That's the most precious time of life.

8  Are you able to love freely or not? Just because a man calls to you on the street does not mean you should follow him. You must protect your body well until the proper time. I am saying that you must not entrust your pure heart to troll-like men. Men who strut around the streets frivolously are all little devils.  Would you place your destiny in the hands of such a man? This is not an issue to take lightly. Finding your spouse is something that occurs only once in your lifetime. On the day you make one misstep, you put your entire life at risk. It's the same for men. Until now, women were told to protect their chastity, but men must also protect their chastity. No matter how evil or heartless the world may be, you must not commit an act that deviates from the proper way.

9  Your youth is a precious time in your life when you can take the grief of Adam and Eve, who lost their purity in their adolescence and indemnify it. So you should protect and preserve your purity during your youth. You need to have the resolve that you will preserve your purity as something clean and precious. You should say, "Even if I may have to live alone for all time, I will absolutely never allow my love to be violated." Unless we love our people and our nation, we cannot meet the person whom we can love. Unless we love the world, we cannot have a person to love. This thought is the tradition of the Unification Church. Therefore, you can love your wife and love your husband after you have loved God, loved the world and loved your people.  This is a matter of principle.

10   It is said that human beings are the most precious of all created things and that they go through a spring season and an autumn season in their life. From this viewpoint, it can be said that young men and women who are in the growing period lasting until their marriage is in their spring season. In the spring season, the cold weather gradually warms and a green garden forms in which flowers bloom and spread their fragrance. Thus, all things are prepared for welcoming the abundant summer. After passing through such a summer season, we welcome the autumn and the time for harvest. For people, the time of spring is adolescence, when we are at the height of our growth.

The love between a man and a woman in the original creation

11   You need to understand that the reason for your birth as a woman or a man is to join your partner in virtue through true love. When we examine this, woman and man are each composed of yin and yang. From the viewpoint of the Divine Principle, yin and yang are called characteristics of sung sang or internal nature and hyung sang or external form. When we look at individual beings, we can see that each of us has yin and yang aspects. Yin and yang correspond to the attributes that enable us to receive internal nature and external form. God divided yin and yang because of love.

12  What do the subject and object partners—in other words, yang nature and yin nature—have as their central focus when they unite? Love is not just a concept. It is a reality. What is the reality through which love can be established? We did not know what it was that made a man a man, and a woman a woman. Quite simply, it is the reproductive organs. The world is perishing, however, because all men believe their reproductive organs belong to them, and all women believe the same about theirs. Both men and women have a misconception about who owns their reproductive organs. Everyone says that love is absolute and eternal and thinks of it in an idealized fashion, but if people only knew clearly that the ownership of eternal love has been vested in ones loving counterpart, then the world would not be as it is today.

13   If you want to realize love, you must invest and forget, invest, and forget. Why must we possess such love? It is because love grows larger and larger—not smaller—the more it moves. Natural phenomena in the world of physical dynamics are such that the more things move and the more they act, the more they are diminished. But in the world of true love, the more things move, the more they grow. Because God knew that, He was able to initiate the process of Creation with true love as His central focus. When a person matures and begins to interact in a certain way for the first time, it is love that is behind this. Once they are fully grown, young men and women seek to interact focusing on love. Their eyes, which had been only for themselves, change, and they now look outward. Even self-centered and prim young women glance to their sides when they reach their adolescence. Their eyes, which had previously been only for their mother and father, start to stray elsewhere. This is not a bad thing. Rather, it is natural. It permits them to grasp the larger world of their future spouse, in order to maintain their course in life.


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