Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 110

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 4: True Person
Chapter 4: The Life Course of True Men and Women

Section 3: True Love Between Man and Woman and True Marriage, 08-19

8 All of nature is an exhibition hall of love. When Adam and Eve, who are meant to be the owners of all things of creation, stand at the center and look in all directions, everything they see serves as a textbook of love. All plants and animals become partners to Adam and Eve. Even the insects are like exhibits in a museum that teach the man and woman to follow the ideal path of love. Our environment is one great natural museum for the lessons of love. It is all for Adam and Eve. Thus a person who cannot love nature cannot love people, and a person who cannot love people cannot love a family.

9 Man was born for woman, and woman for man. This is why the reproductive organ of the man is not his own, and that of the woman is not her own. God, being very wise, exchanged their ownership. In the Unification Church the greatest sin, for which it is most difficult to be forgiven, is to be unfaithful to one's spouse. When you talk about the right side, you are implying that the left side exists. When you talk about above, you are implying that below exists. Therefore. when you talk about a woman, you are implying that a man exists. No man was born for himself. What the convex needs is the concave part; thus, men are not the owners of their convex part. The reproductive organ is extremely sacred. The life and love of God connect to it. It is the source of love, where eternal love is revealed and perpetuated. It is the source, and without going through it, a man and a woman cannot approach the love of God. That spot is the source of love, the source of life, and the source of the bloodline. When love moves, life pulsates and the blood stirs. This happens when the love of the mother and the love of the father are brought together, fully exchanged, and intermingled, thus forming a perfect sphere.

10 God wanted to dwell in the most holy place of love. If human beings had not fallen, their reproductive organs would have been God's holy of holies. Human beings did not make that holy of holies. Of all the things God created, it is the most complex, the most stimulating, and the most sensitive. It is the zone of contact through which a man and a woman can be fulfilled in love. When lightning hits a lightning rod, it strikes the very tip. It can feel as if every nerve in a person's body is concentrated in the tip of the one organ that determines the key difference between a man and a woman. Even if I do not name it, you all know what that one thing is. It is so precious. If not for the Fall, it would have been the holy of holies where God would reside and where His love would dwell.

11 The holy of holies symbolizes perfected Adam and Eve. Moses' two stone tablets, the manna and quail, and Aaron's rod that budded all symbolize Adam and Eve. Of the many cryptic stories in the Bible, a large number are allegories of Adam and Eve. The pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire represent Adam and Eve, and the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil also refers to Adam and Eve. The secret of Adam and Eve's love has been recorded in allusions, but it has never been revealed. If Adam and Eve had not fallen and instead had reached maturity and become husband and wife, everything about God's Will would have been fulfilled. From there, the kingdom of heaven would have begun. On the foundation of God and His children having realized true love, the kingdom of heaven would have unfolded. However, because of the Fall, there is no foundation for that love.

12 If you ask why a man is born, I will answer that he is born not for himself but for a woman. The most important thing to a man is a woman.  A woman, too, is not born for herself. The purpose of her existence is not for herself but to unite with a man. A woman's innate beauty is actually not her own. Do her breasts belong to her? Do her expansive hips? Was she born to have them because of herself? No, it was for a man. Likewise, a man was born to develop large shoulders, not so that he can show off and exert his strength and be a violent beast, but rather to protect a woman. The woman has big hips and the man has big shoulders so they can create balance. They were not born for themselves. If they insist that they were born for themselves, they destroy true love. True love begins from God, who exists for humanity and whose love is such that He gives, gives, and gives again, and then forgets. That is true love.

13 The reproductive organs are the source of life, love, and lineage. Because their true purpose was subverted, they have come to be described by the foulest words in the world. If their use had not gone awry, we would not call them by the foulest words but by the grandest. They would be holy words. If human beings had not fallen, man and woman's reproductive organs would be the palace of love. Therefore, they are not to be used recklessly. They are the palace of life. They are where life comes into being. What's more, they are the palace of lineage. From there new life is born and lineage is bequeathed. They are the source of our life, our lineage, and our love.

14 Of the bodily organs we have, which is the most treasured? It is the organ that links to love, life, and everything involving the lineage of future generations of humankind. From the structural point of view, that organ is the most precious center of the entire nervous system. This is the reproductive organ. This being the case, anyone who desires true love needs to know how to safeguard his or her reproductive organ. Committing sin with that organ is to desecrate your ancestors, to desecrate God, and to desecrate the origin of life, lineage, and love. By that act, you trample on all humanity and on all human beings in all the ages of history, and you destroy all the ideals of love.

15 When do the blood and flesh of a man and a woman join in harmony? This takes place when they make love. The lifeblood of a man and a woman cannot mingle just by their looking into each other's eyes. It mingles through their living as husband and wife, that is, by making love. The place where they make love is the source of life. The lifeblood of the man and the woman does not intermingle anywhere else. There is only one place for it: the place where they connect in love-making. That is also the place where lineages are connected. It is the place where lives attach and adhere together. It is where lineage begins and where love settles.  And it is the only point where love engenders oneness.

Our portion of responsibility and our ideal partner in love

16 How can people receive blessings? It is by loving people, who are God's greatest masterpieces, in accordance with certain principles and rules. There is an order in loving. It begins not from children, but from parents who give love to their children. What is the most beautiful time for human beings? It is young adulthood, the time of youth when one's flowering is in full bloom. This period is roughly the seven years from age eighteen through twenty-four. This seven-year period is a time never to be repeated in your life, the time when the flower of your love blossoms. How treasured is this beautiful time that will come only once in your life! The buds of some peonies are of an unusual yellow color, and they are wrapped tightly in dozens of layers so they cannot be opened easily. The same is true for the love of men and women. When should you fully reveal the bud of your love, which blossoms like a golden flower? It is the time of youth, the time when beauty is best revealed in accordance with the harmony of heaven and earth, even to human eyes, it is the time when a person is most fully blossoming. It is a time when you shine as the centerpiece of God's masterwork. The period of youth is your best and most beautiful stage of life.

17 Love moves forward in a spiral. It should not grow smaller; rather, it should gradually grow larger. When It expands as it should, individual love naturally pursues family-level love. But our family alone is not enough; we need a tribe, as love develops and expands through a spiral motion. In the Unification Church, we say that the individual exists for the sake of the family and, moving on from this, that the nation exists for the world, the world for the cosmos, the cosmos for God, and God for love, which means that all beings that exist on this earth want to be absorbed by love. If a man lived a private life alone with his wife, even though he loved her very much, what would he do if a love greater than their conjugal love came along? The husband would follow that love. If a person who lived with his or her spouse came to learn that there was a world-level love that could embrace everything, that person would pursue that love, leaving his or her family. This is not a bad thing. This is the path of goodness because those who set out to follow that greater love come nearer to God's side.

18 God wished for Adam and Eve to reach their full maturity. They can be compared to chestnut burrs. Around June or July, the size of a chestnut burr is the same as it will be at the time of harvest. However, if you pry it open at that time, you find no nut inside. You may find something with the form of a nut, but it is not yet ripe and ready to eat. Adam and Eve were like that. There was no edible nut inside. God was waiting for them to ripen. When Adam and Eve reached maturity, they would have become the center of the universe. Everything that exists would then have known its own position in relation to that universal center, Adam and Eve. Therefore God was waiting for them to mature to the age of seventeen, eighteen or older. God did not create Adam and Eve as mature adults from the first, but following His laws of nature, created them as infants. If Adam and Eve had grown to maturity and then loved each other in oneness with God, humanity today would not be in such a wretched state.

19  Nothing is more precious than the love of God. Once I possess His love, the universe belongs to me. It belongs to God and me both. In like manner, a woman's organ of love belongs to her husband and a man's to his wife. That's why they can say to each other, "Your body is my body, and my body is your body." In this way, the ownership is exchanged.  Even though the man has his reproductive organ, it does not mean he is its owner, and even though the woman has her reproductive organ, it does not mean she is its owner. Therefore, if you use your reproductive organ however you want, you will be in serious trouble. This is absolute. For this reason, the Unification Church does not support premarital relationships or even dating. God's Will is for you to give your first love to your spouse.  This was true for Adam and Eve; they were supposed to have treasured their first love. God guides the first love. He connects hell and heaven through the bridge of first love. Hell will disappear when this bridge is built.


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