Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 109

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 4: True Person
Chapter 4: The Life Course of True Men and Women

Section 2: The Path to Individual Perfection, 13
Section 3: True Love Between Man and Woman and True Marriage, 07

Achieving the state of mind-body unity

13 Adam and Eve each have the dual structure of mind and body. The mind's position is internal and the body external. Each individual exists to attain unity between the internal and the external. A man and a woman who have attained that unity then can become one horizontally, in a relationship of subject and object partners. In other words, a man's mind and body unite with each other, as does a woman's. Then these two unite in love. How were our mind and body originally supposed to unite, had there been no Fall? They were not meant to unite around a concept or idea, nor by power. God divided the mind and body in order to substantiate love. He divided them so that love could form a sphere.  Mind-body unity is what enables love to manifest in all directions, not just at a single point. God wanted to create an environment in which love would spread everywhere. That is why He needs us to love.

14  People always think about their parents. They always think about their parents' love. Then, what is the direction of our parents' minds? Their minds want us not only to connect with their love, but also to connect with the love of our brothers and sisters, with the love that concerns our nation and world, and with the love that concerns heaven and earth. In this way our parents' minds strive to have us connect to love expressed in relationships of front and back, left and right, up and down. Why so? The place of love where mind and body become one is not inclined to the north or the south. The mind seeks to stand at the center of north, south, east, and west. It wants to stand close to the center because that is where human beings form a relationship with God's love, the vertical love of the universe, the original love. The Creator, too, has one central way through which He can love human beings once they attain perfection. God did not divide human beings from Himself merely to observe them, but to experience their original love.

15 The desires of the flesh are contrary to the desires of the mind. The body wants, for example, to steal from others to fill its stomach. It is animalistic. If I am hungry, I could even take food out of my mother or father's mouth. The body has plenty of attributes like that. As long as all human beings are born as descendants of Satan; everyone has this trait equally. Indeed, the body is the problem. Why do peoples with higher-level religions develop? It is because effective religions promote unity between mind and body. When plus and minus become one, the result is light, new strength, and energy. This is the principle of heaven and earth. Taking the example of a magnet, it has plus and minus poles. Likewise, when our mind and body become completely one, we become like a magnet. Even a man's body and a woman's body can be like magnets with plus and minus poles. That is why a man and a woman are attracted to each other to become one in body. We need not refer to love or anything else to explain this, as they are secondary.

16 When the mind, which is plus, becomes completely one with the body, which is minus, that mind has the power to participate in the original authority and power of the Creator. The Almighty's creative power and life force exist, and we have the possibility of connecting to them. If a person reaches the state of eternal mind and body unity, he or she can see and understand the whole world. There all of heaven and earth resonate. When our body resonates in perfect unity with a perfect mind, we can connect to everything. We can even hear the sound of the universe moving. In proportion to that sound, our laughter bursts forth and our joy explodes. When we arrive on that plane, we can connect infinitely to that superlative power, the power of the ideal of creation.

Section 3.  True Love between Man and Woman and True Marriage

1 Man came to exist because of love. A man's love does not come from the man himself. It comes from a woman. Likewise, a woman's love comes from a man. From the standpoint of love, a man is not born for himself. He will never be able to find the path of true love if he is self-serving. He will not be able to advance and will end up fixed to one spot.  Since God invested everything for the creation of the universe, a man should also follow the same path. This means a man is born to live for someone else. He is born for true love, but if he insists that he is born for himself, he will not find true love. Thus we can conclude that a man is born for a woman. And based on true love, a woman is born for a man.

Man and woman exist for each other

2 In order for God to be happy with love, what kind of universe would He make? Since God cannot enjoy love by Himself, He designed the entire universe as a system of pairs. Even the mineral kingdom is composed of pairs. You can find symmetrical crystalline structures that are attached together. These pairs connect to each other according to a principle of partnership. Though we may not be able to see it with our eyes, everything functions like this. Since this universe was created with love as its guiding force, all things are made to pursue relationships that can harmonize with love. In order for all things of creation to harmonize with love, they must be in subject-object relationships. One entity alone cannot love. To connect everything through love based on the principle of subject and object partners, the universe was made as a pair system.

3 Man and woman were born for each other. A man has no way to find love without a woman. Therefore, a man is born for a woman, and a woman for a man, for the sake of love. This is what makes them precious to each other. True love cannot co-exist with self-centeredness. It exists where one lives for the other. Therefore, a man was born for a woman, and a woman was born for a man. Since God is the being of true love, He always lives for the sake of others. God made human beings for their sake; He did not create them for His own sake. True love exists for the sake of the other.

4 Man is born for woman. You may not like hearing it, but this is a heavenly principle. Unto eternity, this truth cannot change. Yet most human beings do not know it. Love is the most treasured and important thing for human beings; hence, a woman is absolutely necessary for a man. When a man and a woman marry, based upon what do they marry?They are physiologically different; do they not marry based on that? Women might be able to marry each other, but why do they marry men? It is because their physiological structure is different. That is absolute. Through this structural difference the way is opened for a woman to inherit the precious lifeline of a man's love; through this transmission of love a relationship with the universe is secured. The path of love that a man seeks comes through a woman. The path of love that a woman seeks comes through a man. This is man-woman marital love; it alone is what establishes the ideal foundation and standard of all values.  When we come forth in oneness with this love, the universe will welcome us. This love endows us with the ability to gain universal power, by which we can overcome obstacles anywhere—east, west, north, and south—and become owners. This love possesses great power.

5 When spring comes and pigeons call out, "coo, coo," they are singing a song of love. That is a wonderful thing. Everything in nature is a textbook that teaches us. All birds and animals exist in pairs, and they come together through love. This reflects the harmonious relationship of heaven and earth. The opposite poles of the universe come into harmony centered on love. It is the same with migratory birds. Birds that had been living in the south fly to the north, and birds that had been living in the north fly to the south, the males and females within each species loving each other back and forth across the regions. Thus, they go round and round endlessly. Human beings are to learn about love from this textbook of love—the museum of nature—that God created for them. When human beings and God love each other in joy, all things of creation in heaven and on earth will harmonize with their rhythm. When God loves and rejoices, the angelic world also rejoices, and the entire created world applauds and offers joyful praise.

6 Art is worthless unless an emotional context is deeply embedded In it. If a painting created more than a thousand years ago can still arouse strong emotions in its viewers, even stronger than the emotion at the time of its creation, that work can be called a masterpiece. Of all the works of art created by God, His greatest masterpiece is human beings, especially because of the love in their hearts. When something with the beauty of an object partners love stands before its subject partner of ideal love, God’s eyes brim with tears. The beauty of love is such that it melts you and mesmerizes you without your realizing it. When the warm spring comes, even tiny insects we can hardly see make love as male and female. When we see that, it is truly wondrous. When there is a female, a male comes, and they know how to love each other. We do not know who taught them to do so, but they know how to make love and reproduce. All such things are part of the museum of love God created to teach human beings about love.

7  When Adam and Eve love each other, God rejoices. This is because He participates in their love. God divided Himself into Adam and Eve, man and woman, as partners of love. When the two come together in love, they collide and explode. And when God feels that exciting explosion, He is thrown on His back, intoxicated in love. When I say such a thing, it is not blasphemy. There is no blasphemy when it comes to love. All it takes is love, which God relishes so much. In this world, what a woman likes most is a man. Even if a woman is so remarkably beautiful that she is the envy of all of heaven and earth, if she does not have a man to love her, she feels like nothing. When she returns home she is lonely and everything is a bore. Even if her bedding is made of silk, she will despise it. But if her man is with her, she will find it pleasant even if she has to lie down on a ragged quilt.


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