Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 102

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 4: True Person
Chapter 3: The Path of Restoration toward God's Original Ideal
Section 1: Restoration Through Indemnity, 15-26

15 Although we may live for the sake of our families, we must also become people who live for the sake of something greater, our tribe. And although we may live for the sake of our tribe, we also must strive to live for the sake of our whole people. In this way, we need to climb up step by step. We need to continue climbing, even beyond the world. The world in which we live is the fallen world. In it, there are realms of fallen individuals, fallen families, fallen tribes, fallen peoples, fallen nations, a fallen world, and a fallen cosmos. We can reach God only when we have gone beyond these seven stages. How great it would be if we could leap beyond these stages all at once! That would be ideal. If Adam had gone beyond the twenty-one years of his growing period without falling, he would have gone through all these stages at once, automatically.

16 The reason we human beings start from the position of the servant of servants is because we need to walk an internal course of separation from Satan through indemnity. Satan will not have a condition to attack if we fulfill all the vertical indemnity conditions that exist in Satan's world. That is why I have walked the course of restoration through indemnity through all the positions, starting from servant of servants to servant, adopted child, and stepchild. After that, I had to restore the son and the mother to arrive at the position of Adam. One man and one woman have to reach the highest position possible as a man and a woman; only then can they fulfill the position of the Parents. This does not just happen. They must completely fulfill the requisite internal indemnity conditions.

17 During the course of restoration, world-level persecution and even bloody sacrifice are inevitable. To rise from the position of servant of servants to that of servant, or from the position of servant to that of adopted child, you will have to face persecution. The same principle applies through all seven stages of restoration, and if God is included it becomes eight stages. People change, but God never changes. Thus, among the various religions of the world, there are religions in the position of servant of servants, servant, adopted child, stepchild, son, mother, father, and true parents. Religions have remained at these different stages, even as they continued through their long histories. In the Last Days, the religion of true parents centered on the True Parents will emerge.

18 The Unification Church explains that we return to God by going through the stages of the servant of servants, servant, adopted child, stepchild, child, mother, father, and God. These eight stages constitute the vertical standard.  The horizontal standard consists of the restoration of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos, and God. These vertical and horizontal standards must match. We must set the standard of indemnity for both. You do not know all this, but if I did not know it, there would be no way to restore this world. It would turn into a den of the devil. I am doing everything possible to survive while the devil is coming at me from all four directions. He is trying to destroy me. Satan is in the position of the father, based on lineage, and he is the chief of all the enemies who oppose God. Yet people act as servants of this Satan, without knowing where they originally came from. Now I have come and finally revealed the root of Satan. I am now leading the movement to lay bare the roots of history.

19 We have to go through the eight-stage restoration process, even if we do not complete it. Have you ever been in the position of a servant of servants, as taught in the Unification Church? When you are a servant of servants, a servant is your master. You follow the orders not of the master, but of his servant who is above you while longing to be in the position of a servant. Once you reach the position of servant, you have to move on to the positions of adopted child, stepchild, and child of God's direct lineage. Then you have to pass through the stage of the mother, and then the stage of the father as you are climbing up to the stage of God. Only when you reach the stage of God and unite with Him can you enter the world of love. The kingdom of heaven is the world of love.  Longing for that final stage, you should overcome and go over all the preceding stages and enter the world of love.

20 What is the Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages? It is a ceremony that marks the victorious completion of eight vertical stages—the servant of servants, servant, adopted child, stepchild, child, mother, father and God—and eight horizontal stages—the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos, and God. The Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages signifies that I have gone through the vertical and horizontal courses of indemnity according to those eight stages and settled, and thereby the restoration of the right of the first son is completed and the course of indemnity for all the people of the earth is resolved. That is the result I brought by conducting this ceremony. The right of the elder son is restored, and True Parents can embrace all humankind. This ceremony brings an end to the history of wars and struggles that were necessary to restore the right of the elder son in the realm of the True Parents' love. Now the time has come when indemnity is no longer needed and we can have harmony in love. In order to achieve this, I had to hold the Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages. Through this ceremony True Parents forgave both the older and younger sons, so we can now enter the age of the realm where fallen parents are forgiven.

True Parents' course of restoration through indemnity

21 Most people who go to prison feel despair and discouragement from the first moment they step inside. However, I was quite interested in what would result from my time there. You all have learned about restoration through indemnity, so I think you understand why I wondered what would happen after I surmounted each obstacle. Therefore, to me, the pain I would have to go through was not a problem; instead, I always thought about what new historical gift might come after the pain.

22 Through the sin of the human ancestors and their failure to fulfill their portion of responsibility, a deep abyss of death came to exist. That is why I am now going beyond the national level in the course of restoration through indemnity, even Though the whole world stands against me. I must establish the foundation created by this world-level condition of indemnity when the United States, as the center of the Christian cultural sphere of the democratic world, comes into oneness with the original line of equilibrium, the realm of God's direct dominion. Then the restoration of Cain and Abel will be accomplished.

23 Unification Church members have to stand in the central position in their nations and in the world. The Divine Principle and the teachings of the Unification Church must become the center of the nation, the world, and heaven and earth. So what does that have to do with you? If you are to rise to the top and become leading families, you need to stand in a central position and eliminate everything that came about as a result of the Fall.  This is necessary. We cannot recover the nation unless we eliminate everything related to the Fall. Even if you are standing at the bottom, you have to rise again to the top, beginning with your family. Earlier in my life, I was unable to finish the seven-year course on the family level. Hence, I had to go through the eras of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation, and then reestablish a family in the ideal position by fulfilling the responsibilities of a filial son, patriot, saint and divine son. Because I went through this process, I had no family during that time. I had to do that course over again to recover the family. This has taken me forty years.

24 I have forgotten the names of all my enemies. When I go to the spirit world, who could be my enemy? You must love the sons and daughters and the tribe of your worst enemy. That is the way I have lived my life. When the children of my enemies had no money to pay for school, I sent them money. When they had nothing to eat, I bought them food. So my enemy's curse against me has no place to go. Even if my enemy curses me, it does not affect me. Since he will have to pay the debt created by my heart of love for him, his descendants will have to follow me, even if his clan comes to ruin. They will have to serve me as servants while wailing in repentance for his sin. So my enemies are people to be pitied.  Because God feels pity for them as well, He chose me to save them—to be the eternal center, the central person who could set today's world straight and, with God on high, regain the world.

25 Make one thousand spiritual sons and daughters, and take the position of their ancestor on behalf of God. Your role as their ancestor is to embrace all your spiritual children and live for their sake every day. That is the way I have lived my life. Because of this, I have shed many tears that no one knows about. I have shed tears for individuals, for families, and for tribes. I have shed tears not only for humanity on earth but also for all humanity in the spirit world and also for the liberation of God. Still, paying indemnity is not a simple matter. It is like water that has fallen to the ground and flows toward the ocean. Nevertheless, if people do not have grateful hearts for the Parents of Heaven and Earth, who have made such a contribution to history, I cannot be responsible for their ingratitude.

26 The fulfillment of the providence of restoration means the fulfillment of restoration through indemnity. True Parents have been taking responsibility for it because I know that God cannot intervene or take responsibility unless True Parents take responsibility. Likewise, you have to walk your course of restoration by paying your own indemnity. You can shorten the history of six thousand years to sixty years or even six years. You can do it during your life on earth. I have taught you everything. You must believe absolutely in what I taught you, and love True Parents more than you love your own father and mother. You must resolve that, as sons and daughters who were born in the state of purity that has nothing to do with the blood of Satan, you will make heaven and earth your homeland, your ideal nation. You also must resolve that among your family, you will establish people who will become filial children, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters by attending True Parents. By accomplishing this, your entire clan will enter the kingdom of heaven, beginning with your own family.

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