Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 103

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 4: True Person
Chapter 3: The Path of Restoration toward God's Original Ideal
Section 1: Restoration Through Indemnity, 27
Section 2: The Path of Restoration through the Blessing, 12

27 It is fortunate that I came into this world. You have no idea how hard it has been to sort out all the tangles of mistakes in the bitter grief of human history. This wretched history has been rolling on incessantly, so the question is, who will pave the way and turn it back to Heaven? Behind the few years of Unification Church history stretches a human history that spans thousands of years and hundreds of thousands of years. All that history is connected to the history of our church. Do not forget that the Unification Church has embraced the bitterness of indemnity to restore this sorrowful history.

28 God's eternal hope, the moment that God has been yearning for, the one moment that all religions in human history have awaited, has arrived within your lifetime. That long-awaited moment is the moment when the True Parents, who represent Jesus Christ, come into the world. Therefore, it is your responsibility to offer sincere devotion and to welcome that moment without any wavering.  Many nations fell, many religions rose and fell, and many sages and saints were sacrificed in order to welcome the Enthronement Ceremony for God's kingship.  On top of that, the Lord at the Second Advent had to take on the portion of responsibility that Jesus, who came as the only begotten Son, had left for his return, and conclude restoration through indemnity. Amid all this misery, God has been unable to maintain His dignity as the Creator. Yet you must know that He is none other than our True Father. He is the owner of love, the owner of life, and the owner of lineage. His relationship with us is destined to become a relationship of Father and children, a relationship of inseparable oneness.

29 Except for Jesus, even the founders of religion never thought of God as their Father. We understand that He is, but the more serious question is, how shall we take this reality and experience Him as our Father? I can represent heaven and earth today because, ever since I knew God and the spirit world, I followed Him, enduring any kind of persecution as if it were nothing. Unless you also live such a life, you cannot become the people whom God will remember forever as victors. True Parents are in this position. As the Savior, this has been their life course. You who received the Blessing also have to follow this course.

Section 2.  The Path of Restoration through the Blessing

1 If you want to receive God's love, you have to deny everything of this world and offer your life in loving God, which means entering into a love relationship with God If you want to receive God's love, you must invest your life; the force of life will enter you in proportion to your investment. If you thus unite your life with God's life, you can finally be restored to the position of a son or daughter before the Fall, a son or daughter whom God can trust. This is the way you build the foundation of faith. Once you have built the foundation of faith, it means that you have conditionally moved from the position of Adam who fell due to his disbelief, to the position of Adam who can be trusted by God, namely, the position God had hoped Adam would take. Afterward, we have to fight against Satan's temptations and create the foundation of substance.  From the position of Abel, we must bring Cain to a natural surrender. We do not fight against Satan with fists; we fight with love. This is because the human ancestors fell through love. If the level of Satan's love is ten, then the level of our love must be fifteen. If Satan's love is fifteen, our love must be twenty.

Change of lineage through the Messiah

2 Because of the Fall, human beings lost their Heavenly Parent, received Satan's lineage, and came under Satan's dominion. Restoring what was originally intended requires going in the reverse order. We can receive the Messiah only when we have laid the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance. This is what the Divine Principle teaches: we, in our lifetime, have to establish the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance.

3 Since Adam lost both faith and substance, he can recover love only after he has restored both the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance. What did Adam lose? First, Adam lost faith, next, he lost substance, and finally, he lost love. He lost these three; therefore we need to restore them.

4 In order to go the way of restoration, you first need to establish a foundation of faith. The foundation of faith is necessary to create a solid foundation upon which you can secure your place and stand in the subject partner position. This will enable you to pursue Heaven's goals by yourself; however, that is not enough. You still have to establish the foundation of substance. The foundation of substance is the foundation that makes Cain surrender to Abel. Cain is the son of the enemy, Satan. It was by the hand of Cain that struggles in history came about. Through him, evil took root, and waves of death swept through history. To block these evil actions and stop the evil side, a person in the Abel position, that is, a person on God's side must win over a person in the Cain position.

5 There are two paths we must take. One is for our sake; the other is for the sake of Cain. That is to walk the path of serving our enemy. This means that, in order to go our own path, we must deal with Cain. What is the foundation of substance? Even Though Abel has paved his own way, he cannot stand before God unless he totally wins over Cain. Abel should bring his enemy with him. He should not attack his enemy; rather, he should lead his enemy and bring his enemy with him.

6 To remove the original sin, we establish a foundation for the Messiah by restoring the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance. Once we have done that, we are able to newly enter the realms of God’s life and love. To remove the original sin requires an engrafting process. In order to make a wild olive tree into a true olive tree, we have to prune it and engraft it with a branch from a true olive tree. Likewise, in order for people who are like wild olive trees to become true olive trees, they have to go through a process of self-denial and then welcome and completely affirm a new self.

7 People say they have reached a standard of perfection, but this standard does not straighten out the blood lineage. Since human beings have inherited Satan's lineage, their lineage is not pure. In order to purify it, they definitely need the Messiah. Therefore, fallen people absolutely need the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance as the foundation to receive the Messiah. The ultimate question is how to create the foundation to receive the Messiah and change your lineage through the Messiah.

8 What should be your standard in living your life of faith? Your goal must be to achieve a higher position than that of our ancestors Adam and Eve. To get there, you must fight. But against whom do you fight? Brothers are not meant to fight against each other. You must fight against Satan. When you are about to do something good, Satan is bound to appear, but so is God. You stand in the middle, between good and evil. In that position, you can become a person of goodness only by conquering evil and following goodness, until evil surrenders to you of its own accord. In the terminology of the Divine Principle, this is called completing the foundation of substance; it is accomplished by fighting with Satan and gaining victory. After you defeat Satan, you will be rewarded. In this world, accomplishments are recognized with plaques or money, but we are not talking about such trivial things. Our reward is unique and of inestimable value; it is the love of God.

9 Fallen people must seek the Messiah. The Messiah comes as the True Parents to give us rebirth.  It is a rebirth—not through life, but through love.  Where does that love originate? Consider the parent-child relationship: we think of our natural parents, but the original subject partner of love is God. If God is the subject partner of love in heaven, then it is Adam who represents God's love on earth. This means that True Father is in the position of the subject partner of love. Since True Father is in the position of the subject partner of love, True Mother must appear alongside True Father as his object partner.  For this, Christianity to this day has been seeking the positions of father and mother, but it has not found them. The decisive teaching that shows how to find these positions is the biblical concept of the bride and bridegroom.

The origin and value of the Blessing

10 In the Bible, we learn that the human ancestors, Adam and Eve, fell. The Fall means that they failed, and failing means that they did not pass their test.  Another way to look at it is that they contracted a sickness. Therefore, history began with sorrow and tears instead of joy. For sure it was not filled with blessings. Where was the word "Blessing" to have begun? The history of the Blessing should have begun with Adam and Eve. There should have been someone to receive the Blessing and someone to give it. If Adam and Eve were the ones to receive the Blessing, then God was the one to give it. In this sense, human beings were created to receive the Blessing from God.  By giving them the Blessing, God would have had continuous relationships with all people.  Therefore, the Blessing belongs to God and, at the same time, to human beings.

11 Since Adam and Eve fell at the completion level of the growth stage, in the course of restoration as well, the originating point of the Blessing from True Parents begins at the completion level of the growth stage. That is the stage when you receive the Blessing. After receiving it, you then have to pass through a seven-year course before you can stand at the level of perfection. Even I have to pass through this course just as you do. It is our common destiny to have to pass through this course.

12 The term, "the Blessing" did not begin with the Unification Church. It has been the hope in God's innermost heart—something He has pursued and strived to fulfill while leading the providence through history. God had wanted to fulfill this hope by giving Adam and Eve the Blessing of marriage after He created them in the garden of Eden. However, to this day, no one has ever received this Blessing. God has been in the sorrowful position of waiting throughout human history to see the realization of His hope for the Blessing.  After working in history for four thousand years, God sent Jesus to this earth for the purpose of finally realizing the Blessing that He had desired to give human beings. Jesus was doing God's providential work, but he was crucified before he could receive the Blessing. Throughout subsequent history, many Christians struggled and shed blood as martyrs, but still, God's hope remained unfulfilled.  God walked the path of suffering along with them to see His dream come true, but until now He couldn't find that day.  Only with the coming of that day will His bitter grief in history be dissolved, and the dream that He has nursed throughout history be fulfilled.


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