Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 101

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 4: True Person
Chapter 3: The Path of Restoration toward God's Original Ideal
Section 1: Restoration Through Indemnity, 01-14


CHAPTER 3 The Path of Restoration toward God's Original Ideal

Section 1.  Restoration through Indemnity

1 Life is precious. Jesus said, "For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his soul?" (Luke 9:25). One can be qualified to become the owner of the universe only after experiencing the truth of these words. Have you become an owner with that qualification? When did you love God so much that even Satan praised you? When did you do something that moved even Satan's heart? Because you did not do these things, God, out of His love for humankind, pioneered the course of indemnity and taught that we must follow it until the time we can return to the original world. That is the teaching of the Divine Principle of the Unification Church. The course of restoration is a course you have to seek and then accomplish by following the Principle. My life has been a course of seeking out the path of restoration through indemnity. This means that all you have to do is follow the course that I have already found.

Why we need restoration through indemnity

2 Why did restoration through indemnity come about? We understand that it was a result of the Fall, but for what purpose did it appear? If there were no portion of responsibility, there would be no need for the term, "restoration through indemnity". Human beings fell during the course of fulfilling their portion of responsibility. At that time, human beings handed over the realm of the portion of responsibility to Satan.  It was taken by Satan. Therefore we must regain the realm of the portion of responsibility.

3 If God had not established the portion of responsibility, the term "restoration through indemnity" that the Unification Church teaches today would not have appeared. Restoration could have occurred without having to pay indemnity. Why does indemnity have to be paid? It is because human beings have a portion of responsibility. The first human ancestors failed to fulfill their responsibility, and we, their descendants, have yet to fulfill it. To accomplish our given responsibility, we must overcome all the obstacles in Satan's world, and stand in a position to rule over Satan. That is, we must reach the point where we can eliminate the environment in which Satan opposes us and enter the state in which we can receive the love of God with dignity. When that happens, Satan will fall away.

4 Restoration through indemnity cannot be avoided. Why do we need to separate from Satan? It is because we need to fulfill the original portion of responsibility and establish the foundation for an environment of freedom. Then Satan cannot accuse us and we will stand in a place where Satan can have no relationship with us. That is why, logically speaking, restoration through indemnity and fulfilling our portion of responsibility cannot be avoided. That is why we must separate from Satan. Thus, we must have the attitude that even if we must go without eating, we will have no relationship with Satan's world. That is the dividing point, the borderline.

5 All of you have lived until now without knowing the importance of the human portion of responsibility. Restoration through indemnity is to provide us with the environment of freedom in which we can accomplish our portion of responsibility.  Satan seeks to invade, so we must protect ourselves against him. To protect ourselves against Satan, we must love God and humankind more than we love Satan. Satan hates God and humankind, but we must be able to say, "We love God and humankind." We cannot separate from Satan unless we stand in the position of human beings who have nothing to do with the Fall, and meet the standard whereby we can fulfill our portion of responsibility according to the one original way.

6 To fulfill our human portion of responsibility, conditions of indemnity are necessary, and I have already made these indemnity conditions. Therefore, if you adopt my viewpoint and purpose of life, when you stand proudly as flag-bearers of love in your nation, you will become patriots; when you go to your family, you will become filial children; and when you take your place as husbands and wives, you will be virtuous husbands and wives. In relating to the world, you will walk the path of saints, and you will attain even the position of princes and princesses who live in accordance with the laws of the Heavenly Palace. There is only one way to freely pass through all these gates: by a life of offering everything willingly for the purpose of love. This is an amazing truth.

7 Restoration through indemnity is not restoration that is merely conditional. I paid conditional indemnity. Now I am making actual indemnity conditions. This is not written in the Divine Principle. You may be hearing these terms, "conditional indemnity" and conditions which are for "actual indemnity" for the first time. When we look at the course of restoration to the present, we see that God repeatedly raised individuals from Satan's world who were most conscientious. Noah was precisely that kind of person. God called Noah upon the foundation of that one individual's life of absolute faith and settled His providence through Noah's family.  Today as well, God needs such men of absolute faith. He also needs women of absolute faith and four-position foundations of absolute faith.

8 The way of restoration through indemnity is the way to separate from Satan. We need to separate from Satan in order to recover the realm of the portion of responsibility. Originally Satan did not exist in the realm of the portion of responsibility. That was Adam's realm.According to the original standard, Satan should not have invaded the realm of Adam's portion of responsibility.  Each of you needs to clearly bear this concept in mind as you take this path. You must complete your portion of responsibility and be engrafted amid God's love. If you want to be engrafted amid God's love, you have to separate Satan. You must separate completely everything that is related to Satan.

9 Why do we need restoration through indemnity? It enables us to create a realm of freedom wherein we can fulfill our portion of responsibility. Why must we separate from Satan? This is to restore the original environment of freedom, untainted by the Fall, in which we can fulfill our portion of responsibility. This is logical. I, too, am bound by this responsibility. That is why I receive opposition worldwide. I am being persecuted and attacked on the world level. By suffering this worldwide persecution, I can separate Satan on the world level. That is what I did based on my incarceration in Danbury. In Danbury, I loved my enemy and loved my enemy's nation. With love, I attended God on the frontline and set all the conditions to declare that I loved humanity more than Satan does. Because of that separation, I declared that I had attained the realm where I can fulfill the human portion of responsibility.

The eight stages of restoration through indemnity

10 Because of His heart of love, God, rather than considering the archangel His enemy and ordering him around, has been enduring Satan since the time of Adam.  Due to humankind's ignorance of the secrets of Heaven and Satan, people have been living in confusion; but now the True Parents have come and revealed all those secrets. That is why I say that pursuing the course of restoration means finding the way while pursuing the course of the Principle means following the way.  I had to fight my way throughout the course of restoration, but you can speed along the path as though you were driving on a highway. We are entering the age when we can speed through in just a few hours what once took many decades. I have made everything clear; it is all based on this principle.

11 How grateful are you to be going the way of restoration through indemnity, the destined way to fulfill your portion of responsibility? You should not say, "I like the words of the Principle of the Unification Church, but I don't like restoration through indemnity!" In order to be admitted to a university and be allowed to walk through its gates, you must take an exam. That may not be something you want to do, but unless you make it through, you cannot enter the school. It is the same with us.  The course you must walk in the Unification Church is not easy.

12 The Unification Church has been walking the way of restoration through indemnity. In order to restore everything, I created the foundation that we have now. It required me to go through indescribable circumstances in my life. I endured and prevailed without being destroyed and without being caught by Satan's hooks. I made this foundation not for my own sake but for the sake of humankind. It is not to be kept within the Unification Church. The Unification Church will disappear in the future because everyone will belong to God's one sovereignty. This is what all religions have hoped for.

13 Persevering and overcoming means you must patiently endure. No one likes to patiently endure. However, we must do so, even if it requires unbelievable effort. It is difficult because human beings were not originally meant to patiently endure hardships. People have to patiently endure because of the Fall. It is because we must offer restitution. In fact, didn't our first ancestors fall because they failed to patiently endure? So to restore this through indemnity, we have no choice but to patiently endure. That is the rule of indemnity. Satan is helpless in front of those who persevere, and in the end, he will surrender to them. So be patient and endure until the very end. It is for this reason that God, our Father, has endured everything for six thousand years. We have inherited His heavenly character and His flesh and blood, so we must become like Him. Therefore, our philosophy of life in this fallen world has to be one of patience and endurance. Who is this for? It is for God. The ways of filial piety and loyalty start from this. It is where the movement to liberate the nation and the world begins. That liberated world will be a place that both the good world and the bad world will welcome, and thereby hell will disappear. That is why under this principle, we must be patient and endure.

14 The six thousand years of history unfolded from the individual level to the levels of family, tribe, people, nation, and world. The Unification Church is going through eight stages to restore love, on the level of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos, and finally God. When we pray, we should do so focusing on these eight stages. Individual restoration takes place within the family, family restoration occurs within a tribe, a tribe's restoration occurs within a people, a people's restoration takes place within a nation and a nation's restoration occurs within the world. The restoration of the world occurs within heaven and earth, and the restoration of heaven and earth is completed within the love of God. This means that everything in heaven and earth should become one, centered on God's love.


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