Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 99

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 1: Registration of the Holy Spirit Association and Expansion of the Internal Foundation
Section 3: The Students’ Association and Collegiate Association, paragraph 6 - 15 

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6  Our young people must not despair, saying that they do not have anything of value. Instead, you must live with the belief that you will create that which has greater value. When we live such a life, we come to cherish a second hope, and we advance toward that hope. You must have the faith that you will go out and re-create young people, who are like rotting tree branches, and that you will put the environment in order. Among Seonghwa students, some may have come here after overcoming opposition from their surroundings. You ended up here after passing through various circumstances, but from now on you need do nothing other than achieve God’s ideal of creation, a better and worthier environment.

7  The trustworthy person who can take responsibility for God’s Will and resolve this age is not a passive person, but a prime mover. Because we came out and went through the ages of planning, preparation and practice, the Unification Church set its standard at a certain level. Therefore, the Unification Church family members are not passive; rather, they have the position of prime movers.

Nonetheless, even in that case, you cannot lead on the individual level without laying the foundation of victory on the individual level. Furthermore, you cannot lead on the levels of the family, tribe, people, nation and world. Therefore, Seonghwa graduates must understand this age from the providential perspective. In keeping with the age, you have to establish the victorious foundation on the individual level. Now is the age when we need to place people on the victorious tribal level after they connect their tribe with the people.

8  There are people who have left the church after graduating as Seonghwa students. They are like the congregation in the wilderness with Moses going to Canaan, people who murmured, complained and opposed him. They said they could not go on and drove him away. You need to lay the victorious foundation after fighting a spiritual battle in the internal world of your own thoughts. You have to pledge your life from that position and constantly prepare to embody goodness itself. By doing so, winning a great victory, you fight on the final stage of practice, the world stage, and secure the highest and most glorious position.

9  The owner of history does not complain and fret. A person who merely complains and frets is disliked by God, friends and even their family. No one likes a person who complains. You ought to change your complaining mind and be grateful, with a heart burning with desire and overflowing with hope for a new tomorrow. You must think that you were born for the sake of the country and the world.

Have the mind that wants to share all you have, wants to give all you are wearing and wants to share all you are eating. Even if all you have to eat is boiled millet and gruel, you must want to give more to others. The person who has such a mind-set while feeling sorrow for those who are unable to give, who prays and plans for action, is the owner of that country. Therefore, when you study, you are not studying for your own sake, and when you were born, you were not born for your own sake. You were born for the sake of the world and for the sake of history.

10  We need to broaden our narrow heart. We need to make it broader and broader. We need to liberate God, liberate Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and liberate all the millions of saints in the spirit world. Also, we need to accomplish the unification of North and South Korea with our own hands.

The mission of setting the direction for this confused world, which has been divided into left and right, and changing it into the united kingdom of heaven on earth, lies on the shoulders of you young people. When you go to bed as such a person, and when you wake up in the morning as such a person, you will realize that the important duty you have shouldered is weighing you down.

Resolve that you will not become a defeated or a foolish person and collapse on the way. Determine that you will work your way up through it all and contribute something to this task, so that you leave a legacy of something for God and your descendants that has become brighter and worthier through you. This is the mission of the young people of the Unification Church in this age.

11  Young people try to be victorious under any circumstances. They absolutely dislike being losers. As young people standing on the side of heaven, you must bring about the development of the Republic of Korea. Leave a legacy of historic achievements in each field of society. You must renovate those fields. That is the position you are in. You are all young people.

Most young people in today’s world, especially college students, behave in a self-centered way regarding how they can establish a successful career in their country and how they can create a happy life for themselves. However, the young people of the Unification Church should not do that. Rather than thinking only about their own happiness, they ought to consider the needs of the people and the needs of the world, based on a higher ethical viewpoint. You must have a higher and broader view of happiness, and you have to practice that view. You need to have such a central sense of mission.

The National Collegiate Association

At the Second Special Workshop for College Students and Young People, held on January 9, 1966, True Parents said, “From now on, you must take great interest in college campuses and invest your efforts to enlighten and bring together college students who are wandering around without any idea of where they ought to go.” Motivated by these words, the young people attending the workshop all resolved to become standard-bearers in the Divine Principle movement on college campuses. In this manner, the National Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles was inaugurated on January 10, 1966. After being registered as a club in colleges across Korea, CARP took the lead in teaching the Unification Principle and conducting Victory Over Communism activities.

12  Our mission is to unite the two camps, democracy and communism. To do so, we need to deploy at least one person to each of 2,400 townships across the nation. If we are going to deploy people in teams of three, we need more than 7,000 people, and they ought to be college graduates or higher.

Originally we were going to do this focusing on Ehwa Woman’s University and Yonsei University. But after that broke down we had to change our direction. Accordingly, we focused on middle school and high school students.

The first three years of the first seven-year course was the period in which we had to show people that they need to work together with Unification Church members. Under the current circumstances, South Korea has no way to block communist infiltration of the lower classes. Accordingly, we distributed the Divine Principle to people in rural areas and followed this up with practical guidance and education.

In each township, trinities had to take charge of leadership guidance, daily-life guidance, and education. If college students who are sent out for one year to these locations take responsibility for providing secondary education, they will experience life in the rural communities and come to love their country. To bring the true teaching of self-sacrifice for the sake of the people to university campuses, we need to have young people who have borne the responsibility of conducting matters for village development. This is the purpose for establishing the National Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles.

13  The rise or fall of a nation depends on the young people of that nation. We are conducting national university student training for the sake of the spiritual formation of those students. We have to prepare the proper environment for the students to sprout and grow. They must be able to adapt to that environment. Any ancestor who stood on the front line of historical progress was a happy person. What will be done about the future that comes after you and me? If my descendants and I can march forward sharing one coherent goal, we will be on a blessed path. In history, you can advance further when you are facing in the right direction.

Today numerous people who have one goal are living in this world. This is the same as many plants facing the light of the sun. God has continued to weave history by establishing the stalk of a sprout and forming the horizontal environment. Even now, God continuously searches for the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world that can become that sprout. Korea needs to be this sprout, but to do so, it has to undergo hardships. The sprout experiences every trial that the different branches experience, and it must overcome them to make progress. Likewise, we must overcome the trials we face in the world.

14  Unification believers must become gushing springs of water. This is the opposite of a waterfall. Spring water wants to flow to the place where its purity is not defiled. Even wild animals visit the spring to drink. Pure spring water runs through a huge rock. Mountains that have no springs cannot become famous. Everyone desires to drink that water. You college students especially need to become like a spring that can clean up the corruption in the Republic of Korea. For spring water to hold value for the life of human beings, it absolutely must keep its purity. I hope that you will all become springs of water.

15  The question is, how many core members of CARP are there? In this regard, I decided to establish and manage centers to carry out social activities on college campuses. We need to establish a center in every university. By taking this approach, we will gain results. In this manner, through CARP, we should strengthen the relationships of the Seonghwa students in the centers. By their junior or senior year, college students can be leaders and give Divine Principle lectures. They will enroll in every course of university study and teach others about our principles. If we strengthen our organization like this, we will see rapid development in a short period.

I also plan to station college graduates in all parts of Korea. University students need to play a leading role in society and in the church. They must take ownership in the church as they fulfill their responsibilities. You need to understand the atmosphere of the church and create your own atmosphere where young people can become the standard of hope in the church.

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